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Update Sidney’s Defense: pp

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1 Update Sidney’s Defense: pp. 1044-1083.
Focus on: The Poet as Prophet and Creator; Definition and Classification of Poetry; Poetry vs. Philosophy and History; Answers to the Charges against Poetry; Posted on syllabus on website

2 Book II Guyon—Knight of Temperance Temperance as Moderation
OED: “practice or habit of restraining oneself in provocation, passion, desire etc. Rational self-restraint Accompanied by Palmer--Reason

3 The Bower of Bliss Location in an artificial Garden (st. 42)
Enclosed, but how: st. 43 Genius and the Self (st. 47) Sexual Temptation Acrasia in the Bower

4 Guyon Reactions St. 55 St. 66 Guidance from the Palmer (69)

5 Acrasia Her name means “intemperance”’ Witch with her lover (st. 72)
Allegory: temperance conquers intemperance Witch with her lover (st. 72) Temptress who turns men into beasts (Circe) Sensual temptation (st. 77) Loss of masculine strength (st. 80)

6 Bower destroyed Guyon’s destruction of the Bower 83

7 Possible contexts New World Ireland The Elizabethan court itself

8 English Drama Medieval Drama
Cycle plays/Mystery plays/Corpus Christi plays Morality plays

9 English Drama Sixteenth-Century Dramatic Forms
The Professional Stage (A-49) A-80 in 8th ed

10 Christopher Marlowe

11 Dr. Faustus Christopher Marlowe The Overreacher Marlowe’s Mighty Line
Blank verse= unrhymed iambic pentameter

12 The Faustus Theme Set in Wittenberg Historie u. Geschichte Dr Johannis Faustus Goethe Modern Adaptations….

13 Dr. Faustus Parodic Structure
Where else have we seen parodic inversion?

14 Dr. Faustus Prologue—Icarus Overreacher Foreshadowing of Faustus story
Prologue, line 15 ff. Overreacher Foreshadowing of Faustus story

15 Act I Faustus not content with his achievements Lines 10-11; 20-24
Drawn to black magic Line 49 ff

16 Dr. Faustus Faustus’ desires and expectations—turning things upside-down Divinity should be highest Act I, line 37 ff It becomes lowest Line 106 ff Good Angel/Bad Angel—form of allegory Line I.1.70 ff Medieval influence 7 Deadly Sins Sc

17 Scene 1 Faustus dreams of power
Colonizing the demon/spirit world Lines78-97 Lines 119 ff

18 Scene 3 Faustus conjures Anti-Catholic (line 25) He is curious
Further example: Scene 7 (Pope) He is curious Mephastophilis tells him of the nature of hell: Line 76 ff

19 Scene 3 Faustus expects great power for his bargain Lines 102 ff.

20 Faustus What is the nature of hell?
What does he get—is he already there? See Scene 5, line 115 ff; line 135

21 Can Faustus be saved? Scene 5, line 194 ff. He believes he cannot repent

22 Comic Scenes Parodic Carnival Mixture of poetry and prose
What is the purpose of carnival? “safety valve”? Stressing an essential humanity? Mixture of poetry and prose

23 Parodic pairings/Downward Spiral
Scenes 3 and 4 (Faustus conjures/Wagner conjures) Scenes 5 and 6 (Faustus pledges/Robin and Rafe conjure) Scenes 7 and 8 (F tricks Pope/ Robin and Rafe call Mephastophilis) Scenes 9 and 10 (Faustus is in both scenes!)

24 Parodic Pairing Some claim this is a later interpolation
But let’s compare to Simpson’s parody It’s ridiculous to sell your soul for a donut, but what does Faustus really get for his bargain? Scene 4, line 8—does Faustus really get more than these low characters?

25 Faustus and Tragedy Tragedy Tragic Flaws
Christian or Subversive Tragedy?

26 The Old Man (Sc. 12) Who is he?
Can we relate him to the Pardoner’s Tale?

27 The two versions of Faustus
Page (9th ed.) Page (8th ed.)

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