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Today we are going to learn how to conjugate ER verbs.

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1 Today we are going to learn how to conjugate ER verbs.

2 Les verbes Verbs are action words. In French, the basic form of a verb ends in “er”, “ir” or “re”. E.g. sauter, choisir, comprendre The simplest form of a verb is called the “infinitif”  to + action sauter = to jumpchoisir = to choose comprendre = to understand

3 Conjugation What if you want to say “I am jumping”, “She chooses” or “We understand”? to jump  am jumping to choose  chooses to understand  understand We have to make a slight change to the “infinitif” form of the verb. This is called conjugating a verb (or conjugation). The conjugated verb looks very similar to the “infinitif” of the verb.

4 Pronoms sujets We conjugate verbs according to the person or thing that is performing the action. SingulierPluriel je  Inous  we tu  youvous  you il  heils  they (all masculin or masc. + fém.) elle  sheelles  they (all féminin) qui  who Note: “je” is lower case in French (unlike “I” in English) tu  a friend, someone the same age as you vous  group of people, someone you don’t know well, someone older, to show respect

5 How to Conjugate an “er” Verb 1.Take off the “er” ending E.g. marcher  march__ 2.Add the new ending SujetTerminaison (Ending)Exemple jeeje marche tuestu marches il, elle, qui, on, le, la, l’, un, une, one nameeil/elle marche nousonsnous marchons vousezvous marchez ils, elles, les, 2 or more namesentils/elles marchent

6 chanter = to sing jechanteIsing/I am singingnouschantonswe sing/weare singing tuchantesyousing/you are singingvouschantezyou sing/you are singing ilchantehe sings/he is singingilschantenttheysing/they are singing ellechanteshe sings/sheis singingelleschantentthey sing/they are singing

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