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Mrs. Palmer 6 th Grade Language Arts Reading and Writing.

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1 Mrs. Palmer 6 th Grade Language Arts Reading and Writing

2 Spelling/Vocabulary 15 words with definitions Introduced on Monday Practiced/Reviewed in class Packet for homework: synonyms/antonyms Test on Friday Expectation: Students utilize spelling words on written responses/writing assignments

3 Reading Mini-lesson on a specific skill: elements of plot, theme development, tone, point of view, compare and contrast, cause and effect… Practice through: Independent & Group Work Students read a variety of fiction & non-fiction texts (novels, articles, poems, newspapers, etc…)

4 Independent Reading When reading a novel, reading will often be done both in class and at home Written responses and/or notes throughout the week as classwork/homework End of book writing response/activities

5 Writing Mini-lessons to work on skill ▫(Focus, Content, Organization, Style, Conventions) Types of Writing ▫Narrative, Memoir, Informative, Argument, etc Pacing varies–set due date for final piece ▫Students given guideline to monitor progress Student/Teacher conferences

6 Units of Study Unit One: I Won’t Grow Up “What distinguishes childhood from adulthood?” Unit Two: Folklore “How is folklore simultaneously revealing and limiting?” (myths and legends…) Unit Three: Embracing Heritage “How does heritage define us individually and as a nation?” Unit Four: Courageous Characters “How are acts of courage revealed in writing?” Unit Five: Figure it Out “How do strategies for solving math problems compare with strategies for solving mysteries?” Unit Six: Winging It “How do literature and informational text reveal why people dream of flying?”

7 Unit 1: I Won’t Grow Up Key Topics and Ideas: ▫Reading a prequel and sequel ▫Nonfiction articles  Why did the authors write these books? ▫Compare and Contrast ▫Fiction Summaries ▫Theme ▫Writing a memoir ▫Writing a prequel or sequel to an existing story

8 Unit 2: Folklore Key Topics and Ideas: ▫Elements of Folktales ▫How cultures are related to folktales ▫Author’s purpose  For folktales and other types of writing ▫Different types of conflict ▫Core Novel ▫Folktale writing project

9 Unit 3: Embracing Heritage Key Ideas and Topics: ▫Develop an understanding of different aspects of heritage ▫Students investigate heritage through fiction and non-fiction texts ▫Guided and independent research ▫Informative writing piece utilizing class research

10 Unit 4: Courageous Characters Key Topics and Ideas: ▫Explore different types of courage through fiction and non-fiction texts  Compare/contrast ▫Core novel ▫Argument writing project based on a courageous character

11 Unit 5: Figure it Out Key Topics and Ideas: ▫Using textual clues to understand nonsense poems ▫Inductive and Deductive reasoning ▫Using inductive and deductive reasoning in reading mysteries ▫Core Novel ▫Writing a mystery

12 Unit 6: Winging It Key Topics and Ideas: ▫Learning about aviation through fiction and non- fiction ▫Informational text on famous aviators  What obstacles did they face?  How did they develop an interest in aviation? ▫Fictional stories related to aviation

13 Finding us on the WEB SV Main page, choose: Our Schools Middle School Academic Departments Sixth Grade Teams Individual Staff Directory Find the teacher by name Click on web page

14 Homework Calendar!

15 Homework Policy Homework assigned regularly Missed assignments should still be completed as many will count toward a grade Detention is assigned after 5 missed homework assignments ▫Across classes Second detention assigned after additional 3 missed homework assignments

16 Weekly Newsletter Sent on Friday Highlights events going on in the school Current and upcoming topics and assignments If you have not received the newsletter and would like to, please write your name and e-mail address on the paper on the clipboard

17 Thanks for your support! Thank you for attending Back to School Night. We look forward to a wonderful year with your children!

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