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Chapter 21 Section 1 A Republican Decade.

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1 Chapter 21 Section 1 A Republican Decade

2 What kind of leadership were American seeking in the early 1920s?
Americans wanted strong, reassuring leaders who

3 Communism Government owns all land and property 1 political party
Needs of the country more important than the needs of the individual

4 Free Enterprise System
Economic system characterized by

5 Red Scare A fear of communism and other radical ideas

6 Why did Communism seem to pose a threat to capitalist (or free enterprise) nations?
Communism goes against everything people in a capitalist system believe in

7 A. Mitchell Palmer A. Mitchell Palmer-Attorney General of the U.S.
Had bomb mailed to his home

8 What did A. Mitchell Palmer do in response to bombings that he suspected radicals to be responsible for? Conducted raids and arrests against suspected subversives

9 The Palmer Raids Palmer said there would be a general strike and widespread bombings on May 1, 1920

10 Why might some consider Palmer’s actions to be controversial or unconstitutional?
Arrested thousands, sometimes without evidence Many of them eventually deported

11 Sacco and Vanzetti 2 men robbed and killed 2 men working at a shoe factory in 1920 Police arrest 2 Italian Immigrants for the crime

12 Sacco and Venzetti Both men were carrying guns
Sacco’s gun matched the one used at the crime

13 What was Sacco and Vanzetti’s fate and why might there be a problem with it?
Both men found guilty Trial may have been unfair Note: modern technology proved they committed the crime…so don’t feel too bad

14 Isolationism Avoid economic and political alliances with foreign countries

15 How did the Red Scare contribute to America’s policy of isolationism in the 1920s?
Many of the suspected radicals swept up in the Palmer raids were immigrants

16 Nativism A movement favoring

17 What are 4 reasons why nativism flared up after World War I?
Patriotism- believed foreigners could never be loyal to the U.S. Religion- Protestants, Catholics, and Jews could not see eye to eye

18 Quota A limit 1921 law passed to restrict immigration

19 Disarmament A program in which the nations of the world would voluntarily give up their weapons

20 Kellogg-Briand Pact 15 nations pledged not to use the threat of force in their dealings with other nations

21 How did the Kellogg-Briand Pact reflect Republican foreign policy in the 1920s?
This pact reflected the republican desire to avoid

22 Teapot Dome Scandal Harding not involved…but his people were
Albert B. Fall (Secretary of the Interior) secretly gave oil drilling rights on government property to 2 private oil companies

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