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AUGUST 15 TH, 2012 FMIA Meeting with Cmbr Kristin Gisleson Palmer.

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1 AUGUST 15 TH, 2012 FMIA Meeting with Cmbr Kristin Gisleson Palmer

2 Introduction The Issue At Hand Key Events Neighborhood and Visitors Opinions Petitioners and Their Residences Myths vs. Facts F.M.I.A. Record Conclusion

3 Issue At Hand Elisio Lofts has requested four variances from the zoning ordinances:  Height  Parking  Density  FAR It is the F.M.I.A.’s contention that all other variances flow from the height variance and that if it is denied, all other variances are reduced in scope or are not needed.

4 Key Events Architect Review Committee failed to reach a consensus on the project, with one member emphasizing the project’s failure to meet HDLC criteria. City Planning Committee passed unanimously with little questioning of the project. Historic Districts Landmark Commission failed to give the project conceptual approval after extensive questioning of Mr. Cummings and the staff.

5 Sample Neighborhood Comments I am a business owner in the neighborhood. I have respected the zoning standards because they are appropriate for the area. I am vehemently against this project Enforce existing zoning ordinances which were reaffirmed in the master plan meetings held in 2008-2010, specifically the 50 ft height limit. Protect the integrity of the long-standing Historic Marigny Zoning…that the residents have fought so long to preserve. The scale of the project is wrong for the neighborhood. Allowing this height would definitely be a detriment to this neighborhood. What good are zoning ordinances if they are not enforced? I am against this project in every way. I’ve owned a home a few blocks away for 20 years and now an individual wants to come in and ruin it for me? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. The variances requested provide advantages to the developer and problems to the neighborhood. Cui bono? Please enforce the 50ft height limit to save the character of our neighborhood! This developer has no right to demand changes in the zoning that was hard fought by the neighborhood.

6 Sample Visitor Comments High-rise condos are not what bring me to New Orleans a couple of times a year, nor will they bring me here permanently. Historic neighborhoods should honor and protect their height limits. I join Marigny homeowners and residents in asking that the city enforce the existing zoning standards and grant no variance for this project. (the Marigny) just becomes another over-developed region with a few historic hold- outs. If you want a chi-chi hi-rise live in Houston. I am a frequent visitor (and) this project is NOT in line with the neighborhood. This … violates both the zoning ordinances and the aesthetic and historic character of the Marigny. This... building would severely damage the identify and integrity of one of America’s most unique and beautiful neighborhoods. I am vehemently opposed to its construction. Historical neighborhoods are one of the reasons people return to New Orleans, as visitors and residents. Please preserve this jewel of a city… As a … frequent visitor, I love the character of the city and the Faubourg Marigny is an essential part of that. Please do not grant this waiver.

7 Petitioners Locations Insert Google Map from Chris

8 Myths vs. Facts MythsFacts Near Other Tall BuildingsBlock is composed of 1 and 2 story buildings. Only Hotel de la Monnaie and Christopher Inn exceed 50 ft. Supported by the Riverfront Vision 2005 City Council failed to endorse 75 ft. height when it passed Riverfront Vision 2005. Riverfront Overlay District hasn’t been approved yet by the City Council. Historic PreservationThe warehouse being preserved has no historic value. Alternatively the façade could be preserved and the center built up to reduce the 75 ft. tower. Provide Benefits to Community A luxury restaurant, inadequate parking and a dead-end “pocket” park are not considered benefits by the community nor on any list of desired amenities. Public Input / Overall Support Input by the FMIA board and membership made directly to Sean have been ignored. Only a selected few were invited to Sean’s working group. Sean never addressed FMIA main concerns. “Grand” Avenue75 ft. buildings on both sides of Elysian Fields visually and physically cut the Marigny in half. It would eliminate the cohesion of the neighborhood, impede the back and forth flow of residents, and foster and “upper” and “lower” neighborhood.

9 Our Namesake Avenue

10 FMIA Record: 2009 APA Top 10 Neighborhood Force Behind Significant Reduction in Blighted Buildings:  Down to 60 from 100+ in 2006. Initiated Innovative Zoning:  RDO (2002)  Arts & Cultural Overlay (2005) Support of Innovative Re-Use of Existing Stock of Large Buildings + New Construction:  NOCCA

11 Conclusion Per existing Zoning and Conditional Use requirements, height above 50 ft. is not permitted. The Faubourg Marigny is one neighborhood that cannot be divided by the Riverfront Overlay District. FMIA examines each redevelopment project individually to insure sensible redevelopment of the neighborhood. Request that variance to go above 50 height limit be denied.

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