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Keene State College Purchasing Card Program Individual Travel Card – Excludes Air/Rail Revised July 2007.

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1 Keene State College Purchasing Card Program Individual Travel Card – Excludes Air/Rail Revised July 2007

2 Travel Process Individuals will contact the KSC approved vendor, (Milne or Accent)* and make his/her travel arrangements. *The travel agency can reserve hotel & car rental but the traveler must use their Pcard upon arrival at the hotel and/or car rental agency. Travel vendor e-mails itinerary to traveler and purchasing. Traveler forwards itinerary to responsible Budget Manager to obtain approval.

3 Travel Process (Continued) Please Note: The individual traveler cannot approve his/her own travel. The Budget Manager or Faculty Enhancement Manager must always approve an individual’s travel documentation. International – traveler obtains budget manager’s approval and vice-president pre-approval. If using Faculty Enhancement money, traveler obtains approval from Accounts Payable and pre-approval from the Budget Manager.

4 Travel Process (Continued) Approvals: Suggested E-Mail Process 1. Domestic Travel: Traveler sends itinerary to Budget Manager via e-mail requesting trip approval. Budget Manager forwards the itinerary to Purchasing with approval. 2. International Travel: Traveler sends itinerary to Budget Manager and Vice-President for pre-approval. Budget Manager and Vice-President reply to Purchasing with approvals.

5 Travel Process (Continued) E-mail must have: A. Stated Business Purpose of trip B. FOAPAL – Account trip is to be charged to Purchasing can not process requests without written (we suggest e-mail) proof of budget approval. Once approval e-mail is received by Purchasing – Purchasing calls in order and sends confirmation e-mail to Traveler.

6 Travel Process (Continued) Purchasing will charge the appropriate departmental account electronically. Charge will appear on departmental monthly budget reports. Advantages of this system: 1. Uses faster, more efficient e-mail communications. 2. Administrative Assistant does not have to call Travel Agency with release number 3. Administrative Assistant does not enter any documentation into Banner

7 Travel Process (Continued) Date of departure Date of return Originating City Destination city Number of travelers Names of travelers Passenger phone number Transfers to/from the airport Any physical disabilities Excess baggage requirements **Remember: No one can approve his/her own travel arrangements** NOTES: When the traveler calls the travel agency to make travel arrangements, the following information is needed:

8 Verify and Activate Purchasing Card Verify your name & spelling of your name on the Purchasing Card. Turn the card over and sign on the white strip. Activate the card today by calling (866)-602-8170. After activation, peel off the removable strip on the front of your card.

9 Cardholder Responsibilities Separate the lost & stolen portion of the tri-fold from your PCard name and number. Keep the lost & stolen number in a secure and accessible place. Protect the card – do not leave it in view. The card should be kept in a locked desk drawer or file cabinet when not in use. Comply with all policies & procedures. Remember, the Pcard is for your use only – do not loan your card or account number to anyone else to use, including your supervisor, others in you department or a student worker.

10 Cardholder Responsibilities (Continued) Stay within the established card limits and within allocated department budget. It is a violation to split a payment into more than one transaction to allow a purchase that is over your card limit. If you need your limit increased, please contact your Account Manager. Review transactions via email daily. You will receive email notification of each purchase, generally within 2-3 days. These notifications, as well as your monthly statement, come from “Banner Pcard”. Your must verify that each transaction is valid. A transaction that you do not recognize is often the first indication that your account number has been stolen.

11 Cardholder Responsibilities (Sample Daily Notice) Transaction Amount Foapal default account Vendor Name Sweep date

12 Cardholder Responsibilities (Sample Monthly Notice) Transactions Card number (last 6 digits) Foapal default account

13 Cardholder Responsibilities (Continued) Assist with the resolution of any disputes that might arise. Submit documentation for the purchases to your Account Manager in a timely manner as determined by your department. Statements are due in the KSC Purchasing Office on the 10 th of the month. Ask your Account Manager or the Purchasing Office questions in advance of a purchase, when in doubt. Purchase on contract (see Purchasing Website for list: – U-Save for auto rental; OfficeMax/Boise for Office Supplies.

14 PCard Program Limits Max dollars per transaction - $3,000 Max dollars per month - $10,000 Max number of transactions per day - 10 Max number of transactions per month – 100 All these limits are coded into the Purchasing Card REMEMBER! YOU (the Cardholder) are the ONLY person authorized to make purchases using your Purchasing Card.

15 Account Managers General Rule: It is sound and established business practice to have the Account Manager be the supervisor of the Cardholder. We will support this model but realize to achieve our goals of fiscal responsibility, Banner access and account redistribution processing we will need to grant exceptions to our general rule. Conditions for Granting Exceptions to General Rule: Active Banner User. Approved by Supervisor to make any/all Pcard Account Manager authorized changes in Banner.

16 Account Managers (Continued) Fiscally responsible for departmental transactions. Authorized person serving as Account Manager must review, approve and sign off on monthly Pcard statements.

17 Account Manager Role The Account Manager role in Banner can be assigned to the Supervisor of the Cardholder or someone identified in the department that is not the Cardholder. The “non-supervisor” person that is authorized to perform the Account Manager functions by the Supervisor is responsible to review and sign off on all monthly statements and must follow all KSC/USNH Pcard rules and regulations. Any/all violation notices will be sent to the Supervisor, Account Manager and Cardholder.

18 Account Manager Role (Continued) Account Managers in Banner can also be given the authority to reallocate funds within their budget limit. If your would like to be able to do this – please contact us for further information and training.

19 Account Manager Responsibilities Submit applications for new cards for your department when necessary. You can download the form from – /forms.cfm. /forms.cfm Maintain communication with your Cardholders. Review documentation in a timely manner and add any missing information. Remember – all monthly statements are due in the KSC Purchasing Office by the 10 th of the month. Reconcile documentation to statement for each Cardholder on a monthly basis.

20 Account Manager Responsibilities (Cont’d) Monitor Cardholder use and compliance. You will receive daily notification and monthly statements for each Cardholder. Communicate with the Campus Card Administrator when Cardholder violations occur. Request policy exceptions for Cardholders when necessary.

21 Lost or Stolen Card What To Do If your card or number is lost or stolen, the CARDHOLDER must notify JP Morgan Chase IMMEDIATELY. Call 1-800-316-6056 to report the loss. The number is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Also notify Tammy LaFreniere at 358-2494, and/or Shelly Palmer at 358-2493, in the Purchasing Office. REMEMBER – unlike a personal account, your department will be responsible for all charges made against a lost or stolen credit card, up until the time the card is reported as lost, therefore, it is very important that the call be made immediately.

22 Purchases the Travel Card Can Be Used For The following authorized travel expenses must be for the benefit of the University System of New Hampshire and its member institutions. Conference & registration fees Conference Packages Lodging – Reasonable telephone calls Business Meals – Meals eaten alone do not qualify as business meals

23 Purchases the Travel Card Can Be Used For (Cont’d) Vehicle rental - Departing from KSC utilize U-Save Auto Rental (Contracted Vendor) Gasoline – Fleet and rental vehicles ONLY Transportation from airline to hotel & back – Shuttle service, taxi, metro lines Parking lot fees.

24 Purchases the Travel Card Can Not Be Used For Air/Rail Alcohol Awards, gifts, prizes Cash Advances Donations Entertainment & hospitality Flowers Movies Non-Business Meals (per diem) Personal items (regardless of intent to reimburse) Room Service Services: professional or personal

25 Point of Sale Verification If a supplier requests a business address as verification of your account with the bank, the following address should be given to the supplier: Keene State College 229 Main Street, Keene NH 03435 (603)- 358_ _ _ _ (use Cardholder’s campus tel #) If your card is denied, call the bank’s customer service immediately: 1-800-316-6056 Contact Tammy LaFreniere or Shelly Palmer if the bank cannot assist you.

26 Hotel Reservations Usually the Administrative Assistant will make the hotel reservations for you. However your card may be required when you check in/out of your room. NOTE: When you check in at the hotel, it is strongly encouraged to present a second card that can be charged for items/services not allowed on the KSC travel card.

27 Hotel Reservations (Continued) Please use the following guidelines when making a reservation: When using the internet, be sure you are on a secure website. Print out your reservation information before closing from the site. Hotel room and tax charges, reasonable phone charges and internet hook up may be charged to the card. All other incidental expenses must be billed and paid separately by the traveler. These charges may include, but not be limited to: personal phone calls in excess of 10 minutes daily, room service, health facilities, mini-bar service, movies, spas, etc.

28 Business Meals Business meals are those with a clearly substantiated business purpose, i.e., those directly associated with active conduct of USNH business. Examples of business meals are: Group travel meals Departmental meetings Business meetings with colleagues Dinners with potential students, donors or prospective employees

29 Business Meals (Continued) You must provide an itemized receipt for meals as well as attendees names and the business purpose. The business discussion may not be secondary to the purpose of the meal. Alcohol is not allowed to be purchased with the Pcard. REMEMBER: Meals eaten alone do not qualify as business meals. These meals are generally reimbursed at the per diem rate. Meal expenses cannot exceed the current posted per diem rate for the city/area in which you are traveling.

30 Vehicle Rentals When departing from KSC use U-Save (our contracted vendor). If using the Pcard to rent a vehicle, the Cardholder must be listed as the primary driver on any/all rental forms. Generally the Traveler should decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) insurance coverage since our agreement with MasterCard provides for the basic vehicle rental insurances.

31 Vehicle Rentals (Continued) Some exceptions are: The rental period exceeds 31 days Cargo vans & high end specialty vehicles Traveling outside the U.S., in a country not covered by MasterCard as listed in the MasterCard Benefits Guide. Call 1-800-MC-Assist for more information. In the above instances, the traveler must purchase the vehicle rental insurance. If this applies, please contact purchasing.

32 Documentation Cardholder name and campus address MUST be on all documentation Block out card Number on documentation (The 7 required points) Who - Vendor or supplier name Where – Vendor or supplier address What – Brief description of goods purchased When – Date of purchase How many – Number of units purchased How much – Unit price and total order amount Business purpose – Very important Substantiate a clear business purpose for use of dept funds

33 Documentation (Continued) Travel Invoices are the preferred form of documentation Cardholders must verify that the seven points of documentation are on all invoices. Examples include: Invoices and hotel folios Itemized restaurant receipts – not just total bill Car rental invoices noting travel destination Clear business purposes: Business discussion Destinations Group names/team names Meeting attendees

34 Documentation (Continued) Substitute documentation is allowed in rare and unusual instances. However, lack of original documentation is a Cardholder violation and maybe misconceived as a personal purchase and subject to investigation. It must include the above information along with the following: Explanation of why original documentation is not available Vendor Identification (vendor name and address) Cardholder identification (name and card number) You can obtain a missing slip form by emailing either Tammy LaFreniere – or Shelly Palmer –

35 Document Retention Account Managers or Cardholders are responsible for filing the documentation supporting all purchases. Reconciled statements are to be filed by date in order to retrieve, upon request, with supporting documentation attached for all Purchasing Card transactions. Account Managers or Cardholders are responsible for maintaining all documentation for all their Purchasing Card transactions in accordance with proper documentation procedures. Records must be retained for at least three (3) years after the fiscal year end.

36 Internal Procedures (Paper Trail) Cardholder retains appropriate documentation as defined in the Cardholder guide, for each purchase made. Each month the Cardholder receives a monthly statement of activity that includes transactions from the first business day to the last business day of a month. Cardholder prints statement and attaches sequentially, the corresponding documentation for each transaction listed. A clear and concise business purpose must be stated on either the receipt or the monthly statement next to the charge.

37 Internal Procedures (Paper Trail – Continued) Cardholder matches the receipts to their statement for the month, then signs and dates the statement and forwards to their Account Manager for review. Note: When there is a small receipt, please tape it to an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper; this will eliminate the chances of losing the receipt. Account Manager reviews packet for appropriate purchases and documentation and provides signature sign off on the Cardholder statement and sends statement to Tammy LaFreniere or Shelly Palmer at MS1601.

38 Internal Procedures (Paper Trail – Continued) The Business Manager also reviews the Cardholder receipts and monthly statement during their monthly internal audit, and provides signature sign off on the Cardholder statement if the supporting documentation is in compliance. If the documentation is unsatisfactory the Business Manager will work with the Cardholder and/or Account Manager to resolve the identified non-compliance issues. Items that remain unresolved for a period of time greater than 30 days are forwarded to the purchasing card administrator for resolution.

39 Internal Procedures (Paper Trail – Continued) Any failure to comply with these conditions may result in the withdrawal of the privilege of using the purchasing card for all purchases, up to and including termination of employment.

40 Internal Procedures (Electronic Trail) The Cardholder receives both purchasing card daily transactions and monthly statements directly from Banner Finance Production via Outlook. The Account Manager also receives daily transaction notifications and monthly statements of purchasing card activity. The Account Manager can access FAAINVT to query the purchasing card activity. The Account Manager has the ability to change feed dates and accounting distributions via FAAINVT.

41 Internal Procedures (Electronic Trail – Cont’d) If you would like to conduct these transactions, please contact us for training. Otherwise, theses requests should be directed to Business Managers, Tammy LaFreniere – or Shelly Palmer – Tammy LaFreniere and Shelly Palmer have access to FTMCARD where new Cardholders are entered and/or changes are made to existing Cardholders Pcards.

42 Internal Procedures (Audit Trail) KSC Pcard Audit: Goal – to assure that established auditing and approved business practice rules and regulations are followed. Process: All Cardholders and Account Managers are trained on their roles and responsibilities for the Pcard program. Cardholders review their Pcard activity and review monthly statements. Authorized departmental Account Managers reviews Banner monthly statements.

43 Internal Procedures (Audit Trail - Continued) Authorized departmental Account Managers approves & signs off on hardcopy monthly statements of Cardholder. All monthly statements are sent to the KSC Purchasing office by the 10 th of each month. KSC Pcard Business Manager(s) review all monthly Pcard statements. Cardholder and Account Managers are contacted for any/all inquiries about monthly statements. If monthly statements are not resolved within 15 days – letter is sent to Cardholder and Account Manager.

44 Internal Procedures (Audit Trail - Continued) If monthly statements are not resolved within 30 days – 2 nd notice letter is sent to Cardholder, Account Manager and Supervisor If monthly statement is not resolved within 45 days – 3 rd notice letter is sent to Cardholder, Account Manager and Supervisor If monthly statement is not resolved within 60 days – 4 th and final notice is sent to Cardholder, Account Manager and Supervisor with day of Pcard termination.

45 Documentation on the WEB Cardholder Manual: proc/chapter 09/toc 09.html KSC Purchasing Manual: KSC Travel Manual: Contracts:

46 Contact Information If you have any questions or problems, contact your Account Manager and/or the Campus Card Administrator for assistance: Tammy LaFreniere Shelly Palmer Lost or Stolen Card call JP Morgan Chase 1-800-316-6056

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