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Des Moines University Beta Chapter Las Vegas September 29th, 2013.

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1 Des Moines University Beta Chapter Las Vegas September 29th, 2013

2 2013-2014 Executive Board Officers: President: Amber Roehrs Vice President: Jessica Gustavson Treasurer: Braden Jex Secretary: Chad Christensen Community Liaison: Hilary Gerten Faculty Advisor: Dr. Terri Plundo D.O.

3 Two Membership Drives 1) Top 25% of Class – Spring 2013 (19) 2) Top 50% of Class – Fall 2013 Membership is weighted equally on academic ranking and extracurricular activities.

4 Internship/Residency Forum Cancer Conference Specialty Forum

5 Internship & Residency Forum o Held in October/November annually o Panel of Interns and Residents from the Des Moines area (also DMU Alumni) o Typically OB/GYN, Surgery, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Pediatric internship/residencies are represented. o Discussion, Dinner and Q&A concluded the evening.

6 Cancer Conference o The Cancer Conference has been an annual event at DMU for the past 22 years. o A patient panel of cancer survivors are invited to participate and share their story about their battle with cancer, some of whom are still engaged in the battle. o Prior to the panel discussion, a lecture is often given by a physician to discuss the specific type of cancer that the conference is based on. o Committee members are responsible for organizing all aspects of the event, making programs, publicizing the event, and contacting prospective panel members. o This is one of the three biggest events sponsored by SSP

7 Medical Specialties Forum o Annually in April o Specialties included: Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery, Ob/Gyn, Pediatrics, Emergency Med, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Dermatology o Requirements, length of time and work ethic of each specialty were discussed with both 1 st and 2 nd year D.O. Students.

8 Winter Warmth Clothing Drive Adopt-A-School Program Community Medicine o House of Mercy o Senior Health Fair

9 “Winter Warmth” Clothing drive o Clothing collection begins mid-November each year throughout campus. o Donations go to St. Mary’s Family Center of Des Moines, Iowa or DMU Homeless Camp Outreach Club o Last year several bags full of clothing and blankets were collected and donated.

10 Adopt-A-School In the fall, second year medical students conduct school physicals for students ranging from pre-school age to high school. Under the direction of a faculty member, students provide physical exams for students looking to participate in sporting events. In the spring, members of the committee go to an elementary school to give a presentation on various topics, including tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.

11 Senior Health Fair: committee organized students to help with senior registration the morning of the event House of Mercy - We have recently begun a program to offer community service and educational resources to the House of Mercy Women’s Shelter and Resource Center.

12 Noontime Case Studies Betty Chu Award Kelly Wifler Fund Class Gift Peer Tutor Groups

13 Fall Semester: Members of the committee presented a case-study on SLE-related endocarditis Spring Semester: Surgical resident from a local hospital presented several surgical case-studies

14 Fund-raising Committee o White Coat Ceremony Flower Sales Awards Committee

15 Class of 2007: 47 Class of 2008: 56 Class of 2009: 51 Class of 2010: 50 Class of 2011: 51 Class of 2012: 50 Class of 2013: 49 Class of 2014: 51 Class of 2015: 52 Class of 2016: Pending

16 Initiation Dinner and Ceremony Palmer’s Deli October 18, 2005

17 Questions? Palmer’s Deli October 18, 2005

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