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Society in the Roaring Twenties

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1 Society in the Roaring Twenties
Theme 1: A disillusioned America turned away from idealism and reform after World War I and toward isolationism in foreign affairs, domestic social conservatism and the pleasures of prosperity. Theme 2: New technologies, mass-marketing techniques, and new forms of entertainment fostered rapid cultural change along with a focus on consumer goods. But the accompanying changes in moral values and uncertainty about the future produced cultural anxiety as well as sharp intellectual critiques of American life.

2 I. Politics (Socialism v. Anti-Socialists)
New Socialist Ideas Bolshevik Revolution sparked paranoia in US Labor’s Unrest Wall Street bombing Anti-socialists campaign (“Red Scare”) A. Mitchell Palmer 5,000 arrests in 1920 Labor’s “closed shop” denounced Loyalty Oaths Sacco and Vanzetti, 1921 Palmer Raid on headquarters of IWW, 1920

3 II. Race (nativism v multiculturalism)
KKK-reaction against modernity and diversity Rise of KKK in midwest and “bible belt” Birth of a Nation, 1915 Demise of KKK a. David Stephenson, 1925 1921 Emergency Quota Act (3% in words) 1924 Immigration Act (2% in words) All immigrant groups restricted Popular Pluralism plants seed of multiculturalism Old Immigration building on Angel Island.

4 III. Economy (regulated v. unregulated)
Economic Boom Transition to peacetime economy Andrew Mellon lowered taxes New Industries light metals, synthetics, movies, consumer electronics, radio, construction, advertising, auto Stock Market Loans and “Buying on Margin” Scientific Management F. Taylor Henry Ford

5 IV. Lifestyle (traditional v liberal)
Moral Values Scopes Trial, 1925 Prohibition, 1919 Sexual Revolution Transportation Communication Entertainment Hollywood Jazz and Flappers Harlem Renaissance Literature and Art Flourished F. S. Fitzgerald- This Side of Paradise & G. Gatsby E. Hemingway- The Sun Also Rises & Farewell to Arms Sinclair Lewis- Main Street & Babbitt William Faulkner- Sound and Fury & As I Lay Dying Poets: Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, ee cummings Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright Economic “Joyride” for investors Falling Water and Marin Civic Center- designed by Frank L. Wright

6 Vocabulary Syndicalism: A theory or movement that advocates bringing all economic and political power into the hands of labor unions by means of strikes. (p. 729) Bible Belt: The region of the American South, extending roughly from North Carolina west of Oklahoma and Texas, where Protestant Fundamentalism and belief in literal interpretation of the Bible have traditionally been strongest. (p. 730) Provincial: Narrow and limited; isolated from cosmopolitan influences. (p. 730) Racketeer: A person who obtains money illegally by fraud, bootleggin, gambling, or threats of violence. ( ) Credit: In business, the arrangement of purchasing goods and services immediately but making the payment at a later date. (739) Installment Plan: A credit system by which goods already acquired are paid for in a series of payments at specified intervals” (741) Magnate: An influential person in a large-scale enterprise. (screen magnates, ) Repression: In psychology, the forcing of instincts or ideas painful to the conscious mind into the unconscious, where they continue to exercise influence. (Viennese physicians, 746) Charismatic: Concerning the personal magnetism or appeal of a leader for his or her follower. (Marcus Garvey, 748) Functionalism: The theory that a plan or design should be derived from practical purpose. (architecture, 750) Surtax: A special tax, usually involving a raised rate on an already existing tax. (Congress abolished, 752).

7 Putting Things In Order (use the information from chapter 31 to answer these questions)
1.The trial of a Tennessee high school biology teacher symbolizes a national conflict over values of religion and science 2.Fear of the Bolshevik revolution sparks a crusade against radicals and communist in America 3.A modest man becomes a national hero by accomplishing the feat of aviation 4.Two Italian immigrants are convicted of murder and robbery, provoking charges of prejudice against the judge and jury

8 Putting Things In Order Answers
B.1 C.4 D.2

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