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Fallacies in Making a Case

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1 Fallacies in Making a Case
Five Fallacies of Relevance & Two Fallacies of Inadequate Evidence Four Fallacies of Illegitimate Assumption

2 After death experiences are a reality
After death experiences are a reality. Despite years of attempts at debunking, no one has ever been able to show that reports from beyond the grave are all due to error, deception, or simply wishful thinking.

3 I’ve been feeding this slot machine for 20 minutes, and the person before me pumped in $200 with no payout. I’m due a hit any minute.

4 Nobody wants to say so in public, but we all know that immigrants don’t have as strong a commitment to this country as those of us who were born here.

5 The Dallas group held a rain dance at the Turtle Creek fountain Sunday night, and the group leader, Debra Denton, claimed it got results. “It rained, didn’t it?” she asked.

6 Dr. R.J. Palmer, one of New York’s leading oral surgeons, has pointed out that evolution theory requires us to say that a species of reptile changed into a birdlike creature, so the whole absurd theory is mistaken. Dr. Palmer’s scientific assessment shows why it is that no reasonable person can be an evolutionist.

7 You don’t have to be of noble birth to appreciate Cutty Sark Scotch Whiskey. All that is required is noble taste.

8 Americans reject gun control
Americans reject gun control. A 2003 survey conducted at the National Hunting Association revealed that 71% of the 50 people interviewed are opposed to legal regulation, including the restriction of assault rifles.

9 We decided, in the absence of any reason to the contrary, that we would eliminate recess as part of the school day.

10 Fallacies of Illegitimate Assumption

11 Are women still discouraged from excelling in sports by a lack of financial or emotional support?

12 Once we adopt a policy of failing to enforce laws prohibiting littering, loitering, and panhandling, we might as well give up on enforcing the laws on assault, rape, and murder.

13 Adultery cannot be justified
Adultery cannot be justified. The reason it can’t is simply that it is never acceptable for a married person to have sex with someone who is not his or her spouse.

14 When can I make up the exam I missed?

15 We can achieve peace in the Middle East either by negotiations or by war. Negotiations have led nowhere, so what is there left to do but send in troops?

16 If we recognize Cuba diplomatically, then we will have to grant the same status to every country run by an anti-American dictator.

17 The reason you can’t trust Roth is that he’s a liar, a fraud, and a deliberate deceiver.

18 Senator Anson voted against the proposed constitutional amendment prohibiting burning the America flag as a form of protest. A legislator must either support the amendment or support flag burners. Senator Anson has made his choice, and next November the voters will make theirs.

19 Why do the Democrats always want to raise taxes?

20 Fallacies of Criticism & Response
Five Fallacies of Criticism & Two Fallacies of Defense Commonly committed either in criticizing a supported claim or in responding to criticisms Most frequently a dialogue exchange in the context of a challenge and response

21 Jimmy Carter: The survival of the world depends on ending the cycle of nuclear arms development. That’s why it’s crucial for us to join with other nuclear states and sign the SALT II Treaty. Ronald Reagan: Jimmy Carter says we should sign the SALT II Treaty because nobody will like us if we don’t.

22 If you can’t come up with something besides the feminist cliché that our ad demeans women, I don’t see any reason to answer you.

23 Gloria Grag’s views on fighting terrorism are wrong
Gloria Grag’s views on fighting terrorism are wrong. Is she an intelligence expert? No. Someone with police experience? No. I tell you what she is, she’s a commercial baker. That’s right, a cookie maker!

24 So I don’t want to see gays in public office, but you’ve got no room to object. You don’t want to see women get elected.

25 John: Nowadays, female actresses are nothing more than eye candy.
Erica: What about Hillary Swank. She’s beautiful, but she’s also has a lot of talent. John: Exactly! Hollywood wants us to think they’re talented, but it’s just to justify putting glamorous women in movies.

26 Senator Clemens says we should spend less on giving tax rebates to the rich and more on improving education. But this is just the same tired liberal cliché we’ve heard before—nothing worth taking seriously.

27 The president of Enron is as bankrupt morally as his company is financially.

28 You’ve never had a taste of beer, because beer can’t be tasted in a sip.

29 Croatian Lumberjack A Croatian lumberjack developed a sudden interest in knitting and housework after receiving a woman's kidney in a transplant.  "They never warned me about the side effects," says Stjepan Lizacic, 56.  "My wife is the only one who is pleased."  His wife, Radmila, concedes she is enjoying the newfound help around the house.  "I only hope," she says," he doesn't start looking at other men.

30 Arizona Ticket A pregnant Arizona motorist has failed to convince a judge that carrying an unborn child entitled her to drive in the car pool lane.  Candace Dickinson argued in court that when she was stopped for using a lane reserved for cars with two or more occupants, she was counting her fetus as a passenger.  Citing "common sense," Judge Dennis Freeman let her $367 fine stand.  Sgt. Dave Norton, the officer who issued the ticket, said that Dickinson's logic "would require officers to carry guns, radios, and pregnancy testers, and I don't think we want to go there."

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