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COSCDA Annual Conference Commonwealth of Virginia Presentation September 2012.

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1 COSCDA Annual Conference Commonwealth of Virginia Presentation September 2012

2 MISSION OF RUSH HOMES Rush Homes is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides affordable and accessible rental housing opportunities to people with disabilities and low incomes in the greater Lynchburg, Virginia area.

3 Lynchburg Virginia Pop. Approx. 76,000

4 Rush Lifetime Homes Initially founded in the mid 90’s as the Mabel Rush Housing Foundation as a result of the need for Mabel Rush and other parents of intellectually disabled children to find housing options outside institutional settings


6 Facts and Features 24 rental units for persons with permanent mental or physical disabilities – 16 one bedroom; 8 two bedroom 50% @ 60%; 50% @ 40% median Accepts Housing Choice Vouchers Fully accessible design Washer/Dryer in each unit Energy efficient appliances

7 Facts and Features Earthcraft certified to provide energy and water savings, improved indoor air quality and reduced maintenance and utility costs Serviced by paratransit and convenient to regular bus line Located minutes from downtown shopping, eateries, public services and a community market

8 Funding Sources  TOTAL DEV COSTS - $4.463 million  HOME $500,000 - Virginia Affordable and Special Needs Housing (CHDO setaside) $196,710 City of Lynchburg  VHDA $3.100,046 - Low Income Housing Tax Credits $75,000 VHDA Flex Loan funds $592,046 tax credit assistance Program

9 Partners  Tax Credit Syndicator: Virginia Community Development Corp.  Architect: Community Design Studio  Engineer: Nixon and Associates  General Contractor: C.L. Lewis  Construction Manager: A.S. Maddox

10 18 month construction start to occupancy 100% occupied at opening Rush Homes has a waiting list of over 350 families with mobility and self care issues who need affordable housing.

11 Future Plans Armstrong Place – Conversion of a former elementary school and additional construction of total of 28 units for persons with disabilities – HOME funding offer of $700,000

12 Nancy Palmer Housing Programs Manager VA Dept of Housing and Community Development 7 ½ minute video on Rush Homes

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