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Americans Struggle with Postwar Issues

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1 Americans Struggle with Postwar Issues
Objective… Summarize the reaction in the U.S. to the perceived threat of communism

2 Post WW I American Fears…
Nativism… Isolationism… Communism… Anarchists… Radicals

3 The Russian Revolution Why do the Russian people revolt?...
Peace Land Bread

4 The Russian Revolution
Why are Americans threatened by the Russian Revolution?

5 Leader of the Russian Revolution Vladimir Lenin…
In 1919 Lenin calls for a world revolution.

6 Article Review… The Palmer Raids Target Immigrants,

7 BEFORE READING Identify several elements within American society that threaten the American way of life and American democracy?

8 The article thesis… The Palmer raids, fueled by antiradical and anti-immigrant sentiments, were the most spectacular anti-civil rights excesses of the Red Scare of 1919–1920.

9 A)- Why did America develop a fear of foreigners and foreign influence?

10 "It was an era of lawless and disorderly defense of law and order, of unconstitutional defense of the Constitution, of suspicion and civil conflict--in avery literal sense, a reign of terror," …according to historian Frederick Allen B), C)- What actions taken during this time period support the above statement?

11 D), E), F)- What was the source of conflict between northern whites and African Americans emigrating from the south?

12 G)- According to the Ku Klux Klan, what behaviors compromised the goal “100% Americanism”?

13 H)- Why was trade unionism considered un-American?

14 I)-M)- Identify & explain several of the long term trends (social, political or other) set in motion by the period of time known as the Red Scare.

15 AFTER READING The Red Scare and the subsequent Palmer Raids were justified as an attempt to rid American society of political forces threatening American democracy and the American way of life. Upon closer examination the Red Scare and the Palmer Raids reveal deeper issues and hidden motives related to the actions taken during this time period. What are the deeper issues and hidden motives related to the actions taken during this time period?

16 1919: The Red Scare Communists take over in Russia & threaten world revolution… Communist Party forms in U.S. Government & business leaders bombed. Americans panic

17 Attorney General Palmer’s home in Washington D.C. was bombed…

18 The Wall Street Bombing of 1920

19 Attorney General Palmer’s home in Washington D.C. was bombed…
“…one in a series of coordinated attacks that day on judges, politicians, law enforcement officials, and others in eight cities nationwide. About a month earlier, radicals had also mailed bombs to the mayor of Seattle and a U.S. Senator, blowing the hands off the senator’s domestic worker. The next day, a postal worker in New York City intercepted 16 more packages addressed to political and business leaders, including John D. Rockefeller.”

20 Attorney General Mitchell Palmer…
“…revolution was sweeping over every American institution of law and order…eating its way into the homes of the American workman, its sharp tongues of revolutionary heat…licking the altars of the churches leaping into the belfry of the schools bell, crawling into the sacred corners of American homes… burning up the foundations of society.”

21 1919: The Red Scare The Palmer Raids or Red Raids
Goal: Hunt down suspected Communists, socialists & anarchists - 6,300 arrested - 850 deported …U.S.S. Buford

22 USS Buford - “The Soviet Ark”

23 The results of raid…

24 What violations of civil liberties are associated with the Palmer Raids?

25 Legacy of the Red Scare Constitutional rights violated
Innocent people deported Fuels nativism & intolerance Fuels anti-unionism The abuse of government power

26 Identify… - The symbolism being used… - The meaning being conveyed… - The relationship to the Red Scare…








34 The Red Scare Trade Unionism Immigrants Palmer Raids
History is a story and your group is going to tell a factually based story about a fearful time in America. Step 1: 3 Groups of 9… Count off by 3 Step 2: Use the terms below to create a factual summary. Ideally the summary should demonstrate an interconnecting relationship of the terms. Determine the best order of the terms to tell the story.. Step 3: Each person is responsible for explaining one term and relating the term to the story. The Red Scare Trade Unionism Immigrants Palmer Raids 100% Americanism Mitchell Palmer African Americans Ku Klux Klan Radicals/ Communists

35 The Jazz Age The Roaring Twenties
The Twenties The Jazz Age The Roaring Twenties

36 Postwar Prosperity and Its Price
Objective… Describe how the U.S. economy changed in the 1920s and the effects these changes had on American life.

37 Cause and Effect… A cause is something that makes something else happen. Out of two events, it is the event that happens first. To determine the cause, ask the question "Why did it happen?" An effect is what happens as a result of the cause. Of two related events, it’s the one that happens second or last.  To determine the effect, ask the question "What happened?"

38 1) The Second Industrial Revolution
Observation: A Second Industrial Revolution transforms the American economy. The cause? The effect? What are the new consumer products of the 1920s?

39 Key Industries

40 2) The Modern Corporation
Observation: The organization of American industry changes. The cause? The effect?

41 Organized labor declines in power.
3) Welfare Capitalism Observation: Organized labor declines in power. The cause? The effect?

42 The automobile becomes affordable for all Americans.
4) The Auto Age Observation: The automobile becomes affordable for all Americans. The cause? The effect?

43 The Auto Age: Henry Ford
The effects on American life… 1913: 1.2 M…1929: 26.5 M 1929: 4.8 M new cars 1 in 5 Americans on the road The Auto Age: Henry Ford

44 The Ford Assembly Line 1925 Ford Model T

45 The Auto Age The ripple effect of the auto industry on other industries & on the economy?... Early gas stations…

46 The Auto Age Summarize the effects of the auto age had on American culture.

47 The American city experienced both vertical and horizontal growth.
5) Cities & suburbs Observation: The American city experienced both vertical and horizontal growth. The cause? The effect?

48 6) Exceptions: Agriculture, Ailing Industries
Observation: The agricultural community did not share in the overall prosperity of the 1920s. The cause? The effect?

49 Immigration Act of 1921: established a three-percent quota system based on the number of foreign-born persons per nationality already living in America at the time of the 1910 census. In 1924, Congress further restricted immigration with passage of the Johnson-Reed Act, also known as the Immigration Act of 1924: This act established the 1890 census as the new quota baseline. A. PA Poem (American Protective Association) Come ye sons of Uncle Sam, Come join the gallant band, Come unite with us to fight our country's foe. For our God is with the right, We will conquer by His might, And the slick and wily Jesuit must go. Noble men are in our ranks -- We are not a band of cranks -- We are not a lot of bigots or of fools. But, ye Roman Catholic hordes, We will buckle on our swords, If you dare to meddle with our public schools

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