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2 High Impact Technical Coaching Gary Palmer’s Philosophy: To make batting easy by learning to hit between mid-on and mid-off to the highest technical standards possible.  Teach a more natural way to bat.  Viv Richards Technique is the key.  Talent can be molded and taught.

3 How to make batting easier Know what perfection looks like. Have the technical menu of how to coach and achieve it. Have a system of drills to develop perfect technique and service it.

4 What is perfect technique? What constitutes a perfect technique? Consistently hitting the ball out of the middle of the bat. Consistently hitting the ball towards the correct target area. Consistently maintaining Alignment, Balance and Completion of Shot. ( The A,B,C’S of Batting) Being in control over where you want to hit the ball.

5 What’s the system to discover perfect technique? The 4 angles. Why? Because you can only play the 4 angles effectively with an effective technique. What’s the technique. Front on or Side on? Which works best is the one to chose.

6 What is the 4 angles ? A systematic sequence of angles on a bowling machine, that progressively develops and challenges the A,B,C’S of batting.  ALIGNMENT  BALANCE  COMPLETION OF SHOT The 4 angles acts as a great fault identification system.

7 What stages to access the A,B,C’S 1. Set up & Back swing 2. Leaning in to step forward or back 3.Contact with the ball. 4.Finished position of shot.

8 Measuring Kit for the: A B C’s ALIGNMENT - ( Horizontal Lines ) Aligning the Bat path and body to target area, using straight line BALANCE - Tram lines to vertically measure balance i.e. Alignment of Head, Hands & Feet ( Vertical Lines) COMPLETION OF SHOT. Diamond Shape made by arms, from backswing to full completion of Shot. ( Diamond = area with in arms.)

9 Identifying the A B C’s Alignment Horizontal Lines Balance Vertical Lines Completion – Diamond Shape

10 Front-On or Side-On? Batting is more front-on than side-on, unless driving through the covers! Front shoulder more open in stance helps you achieve good Alignment and Balance. Both eyes level and pointing up the wicket. Centre of Balance towards the stumps at the bowlers end.

11 More front on when playing straight. Front Foot Driving in the V Driving off the front foot is a more front-on, than side-on skill, unless driving through the covers! Laces, hips and knees, pointing up the wicket prior to hitting the ball. On-drive

12 Sir Viv Richards is the Key! Best batting technique ever! Viv more open than most Open makes it easier to player the turning and swing ball. Open makes improvisation low risk and more effective. Open keeps your head wicket to wicket giving you good balance and alignment.

13 Key coaching technique? On –Drive set position Learn the on-drive first. To play a good on-drive you have to be well Balanced and Aligned. Practice all shots from set position for on-drive. On-drive set position leads to good balance and alignment for straight and off-drives.

14 Balance & Alignment To achieve alignment and balance when driving off the front foot in the v, you must do the following: Laces pointing down wicket. Knees pointing down the wicket. Hips pointing down the wicket. Shoulders more open. ( Left shoulder at mid on right at mid off, head at stumps ) Head in good balanced position

15 One size fits all when it comes to the basics of batting technique. Any player, from the beginner to the test player, who regularly hits the ball well well down the ground in the v, will do the following: More open shoulder position throughout shot. Feet, Knees, Laces and hips pointing down the wicket prior to, during and after hitting the ball. In addition, players who are good against the swinging and turning deliveries will also do the above.

16 The 4 Angles System Challenges: Alignment Balance Completion of shot

17 Repitition of Perfect Technique. Improve Batters Skill Level Challenge Technique Set High Technical Standards Consistency Against The 4 angles. Game Plans.Understand Self- Coach. Good Coaching’s About Outcome

18 Challenge the player Give feedback Set clear guidelines Encourage the player Sessions Improving a Batter’s Skill

19 The Player has improved – Goal Achieved! Batting has become easier. Player knows how they have done it. How do we measure the improvement? Achieve what in a session?

20 Confidence Grows Less Risky Batting becomes Easier Improved Performance Is the Batter Improving?

21 The 4 Angles System is the ultimate way to challenge the A,B,C of Batting Technique! Over & Round wicket. In-swing & Out- swing. Master all angles and swing type. Most effective grooving system to develop and access Technique?

22 What Creates Perfect Shot? The Ball must be hit in the middle of the bat. The Ball must go towards the Correct Target Area. Alignment – Balance & Completion of Shot should be maintained. Player has control over where they want to hit the ball.

23 Proof of good effective technical coaching. With the correct technical input and the 4 angles system all coaches should be able to get their players to bat effectively against all angles and swing types when driving off the font foot in the v. They should all achieve good Alignment, Balance and Completion of shot.

24 Good coaching is about outcome. What is the aim of a specialist batting session? To improve a batter’s skill level: To constantly improve technique To enhance consistency of technique. To progressively challenge technique To enhance their basic game plan knowledge. To constantly set the highest standards of technique. Players clearly understand the correct techniques of the basics and how to service them. Most Importantly, to improve performance.

25 What are the different Techniques? What are the Drills to Construct and Enhance Technique? How do the 4 Angles Construct and Assess Batting Technique? Practical in the Hall Aim - Proving that ‘more open’, is more effective!

26 PALMER BATTING LAB Do you now have clarity about technique ?


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