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Tonalin ® CLA FDIN Seminar Food & Ingredients for Weight Management June 28, 2007 Juergen Gierke.

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1 Tonalin ® CLA FDIN Seminar Food & Ingredients for Weight Management June 28, 2007 Juergen Gierke

2 The metabolic syndrome : generation XXL Source :The Economist

3 Agenda Properties and origin of Tonalin CLA Clinical studies, efficacy and mode of action Technical hurdles to solve Product forms and Applications Market Products and Concepts Successful launch and PLM

4 What is CLA ? In 1978, Drs. Michael Pariza and Mark Cook of the University of Wisconsin discovered CLA as a beneficial substance extracted from beef with anti-carcinogenic properties. Rats fed CLA had significantly less abdominal fat than those on an identical diet and exercise program, apart from the CLA. This observation spawned hundreds of lab and animal studies, and numerous human clinical studies CLA is a naturally-occurring fatty acid found in meat and dairy fats. Ruminant animals have a special digestive system that converts linoleic acid into CLA. CLA formed from linoleic acid in the rumen

5 Origin and Production of Tonalin CLA Tonalin CLA is prepared from safflower oil, which has the highest concentration of linoleic acid Low temperature processes guarantee the unique high quality The product is distilled several times to remove all impurities ensuring a 100% lipid ingredient which is very low in contaminants Scientific name: Carthamus tinctorius L. COMPOSAE

6 Product Purity of Tonalin CLA Comprised of a 50:50 mixture of the two bioactive isomers: cis-9, trans-11 and trans-10, cis-12 High concentration (80%+) of natural CLA Patent: CLA composition, low undesirable, non-naturally occurring isomers <1% of non-naturally occurring isomers

7 Biological Active CLA Isomers trans-10, cis-12 cis-9, trans-11

8 Stomach Small Intestine Dietary Fat (TG, FFA) Pancreatic Lipase TG  FFA Chylomicron TG Adipocyte TG LPL TG CPT  -oxidation Energy Muscle Cell Mitochondria FFA CLA Effects of CLA

9 Tonalin ® CLA summarized mode-of-action CLA helps reduce body fat Decreasing the amount of fat stored after eating (decreases LPL) Increasing the rate of fat burning in the mitochondria (CPT and ß-oxidation) Decreasing the total number of fat cells (apoptosis)  assumed Reducing proliferation and differentiation of preadipocytes to mature adipocytes CLA helps maintain lean body mass and protects muscle tissue from tear-down Decreasing markers of muscle protein breakdown Reducing the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines Improving insulin-stimulated glucose transport (energy supply) into muscle

10 Tonalin® CLA - The CLA with consistent clinical evidence for body composition 14 clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals 3 more papers in preparation (or submitted for publication) In European, American and Asian populations All studies show consistent results: Reduction of body fat mass (3-9%) & maintenance of lean body mass In lean, overweight and obese subjects Supplementation periods 3-24 months Well tolerated (no severe adverse events) Improved feeling of satiety & of general mood

11 Tonalin CLA reduces body fat in healthy exercising adults (Thom et al., 2001) Objective Determine the efficacy and tolerability of daily CLA intake in healthy exercising humans Design –20 healthy humans (M/F); BMI < 25kg/m 2 –Randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled (hydrogel) –Standardized physical exercise for 90 minutes three times/week –1.8 g CLA/day or placebo –12 weeks Results –Body fat was  by 20 % in the CLA group vs. placebo (from 22 % to 17.5 % body fat) –Reduction in body weight 1.9 kg n.s. (near infrared)

12 CLA shows dramatic effects when combined with exercise * * * * p<0.01 CLA vs. placebo

13 Long-term study Tonalin® CLA – a Cognis milestone (Gaullier et al & 2005) Objective Determine long-term safety and efficacy of CLA supplementation on BFM and LBM in overweight adults Design Year One –180 (M/F); 25

14 CLA reduces body fat by up to 9 % and prevents yo-yo effect Months

15 Key messages of the Gaullier study Tonalin CLA is well tolerated and is safe over a period of 24 months supplementation No more adverse events than in placebo group No changes of blood profile outside clinical tolerance levels 1 year supplementation with Tonalin CLA reduces body fat mass by 9%, compared to placebo Continuous supplementation with CLA for one more year keeps body fat off “The study confirms that CLA decreases body fat mass in overweight humans, and may help maintain initial reductions in BFM and weight in the long term.” JM Gaullier (principal investigator)

16 Tonalin CLA prevents holiday weight gain (“ Schoeller-Study”, 2006) * p<0.05 CLA (n = 22) vs. placebo (safflower, n = 18) * New

17 Key messages of the Schoeller study Six months of Tonalin CLA significantly decreased fat mass and body weight. Subjects on Tonalin CLA lost body weight while those on placebo gained weight Subjects on Tonalin CLA have significant less weight gain due to holiday season (Christmas) compared to placebo group Subjects on Tonalin saved protein and burned more fat compared to placebo Resting metabolic rate increased significantly in the CLA group  CLA may help prevent weight gain due to holiday season and with regular aging process

18 Meta analysis confirms: Tonalin CLA is effective (Whigham et al. 2007) The majority of studies included (15) have been conducted with Tonalin CLA (12) Fat loss is linear within first 6 months Average fat loss is calculated as… -50 g BFM per week (at 3.4 g CLA/d) Respectively -90 g BFM per week if compared to placebo

19 Technical hurdles to solve Homogenous distributionby double homogenisation or by side-stream feeding Analytical hurdlesmethod development for CLA isomers Sensorya) by taste-masking b) by encapsulation c) further refining Stabilitythermal stability pH stability storage stability sensorical stability

20 Stability in Milk Processing

21 Tonalin ® CLA Product Range Cognis offers Tonalin ® CLA in the most complete formulation range available, in free fatty acid, triglyceride and powdered formulations. * mainly food supplements ProductDescription Tonalin ® FFA 80*80% CLA Free fatty acids Tonalin SG … T FFA*Soft gel capsules 500, 750, 1000mg Tonalin ® TG 80Triglyceride oil based on 80% CLA Tonalin ® 60 WDPWater dispersible CLA triglyceride Tonalin ® 40 WDP*Water dispersible CLA triglyceride Tonalin ® 35 WDPWater dispersible CLA triglyceride

22 Tonalin ® CLA Products-Applications Instant Powder Applications ProductProperties Tonalin ® 60 WDP For pH neutral applications, highest active content Tonalin ® 40 WDP Less recommended, due to specific acidic taste of carrier, pH stable Tonalin ® 35 WDP Ideal product with good free flowing properties, pH stable

23 Tonalin ® CLA Products-Applications Food Applications ProductProperties Tonalin ® TG 80 All applications, not recommended for coating applications - cereals Tonalin ® 60 WDP All applications, not ideal for high shear mixing Tonalin ® 40 WDP Less recommended due to specific acidic taste of carrier Tonalin ® 35 WDP All applications except for oil based products

24 Tonalin ® CLA Products-Applications Beverage Applications ProductProperties Tonalin ® TG 80 Needs efficient homogenization, oil absorbs flavour Tonalin ® 60 WDP Only for pH neutral applications, due to milk protein carrier Tonalin ® 40 WDP Less recommended due to specific acidic taste of carrier Tonalin ® 35 WDPAll applications

25 Market Products with CLA Food ProductsMilks, yogurts, biscuits SupplementsSoft and hard shell capsules, tablets, sachets and others In-BetweenNutrition bars, instant beverages, Categoriesbeverage-like products, confectionery-type products (soft chews)

26 Food Products with CLA Source: Innova Food and Beverage Worldwide New Products Database, ProductDairy BrandNATURLinea CompanyAsturiana RegionSpain

27 Food Products with CLA Source: Innova Food and Beverage Worldwide New Products Database, ProductYoghurt drink BrandLipowell CompanyElsdorfer RegionGermany

28 Food Products with CLA Source: Innova Food and Beverage Worldwide New Products Database, ProductMilk BrandLa Serenisima CompanyMastellone Hnos. S.A. RegionArgentina IngredientsCLA, calcium concentrate, vitamins A and D

29 Food Products with CLA Source: Innova Food and Beverage Worldwide New Products Database, ProductBiscuits Brandnova forma CompanyVirginas S.A. RegionSpain

30 Food (Supplement) Products with CLA Source: Innova Food and Beverage Worldwide New Products Database, ProductNutrition bar / Instant beverage BrandMyoplex Plus Deluxe CompanyEAS (Ross Products) RegionUK/USA and other

31 The First Functional Food Products Branded with Tonalin ® CLA The Company - Central Lechera Asturiana Skimmed milk (0.75% Tonalin ® CLA) Products (launched in April/2004) No. 1 Spanish dairy company Orange juice with milk (0.75% Tonalin ® CLA) Yoghurt & drink yoghurt (1.87% Tonalin ® CLA)

32 NaturLínea Health Claims Recommended Daily Intake 1 glass of milk / juice (250 ml) 1 yoghurt (100 grams) / drink yoghurt (100 grams) Claims Helps reduce body fat Effects of Tonalin ® CLA clinically proven = 1.5 grams

33 NaturLínea Product Positioning Body shaping Wellness Natural source products Mass Marketing-TV spots Health Marketing "Entra con NaturLínea en la nueva era del bienestar natural"

34 NaturLínea The NaturLínea Formula + Exercise Healthy diet+ Reduction of body fat=

35 The Consumer of “NaturLínea con Tonalin“ Characteristics:  41 years in average: 18 – 25 years: 9.7 % 26 – 40 years: 40.9 % 41 – 65 years: 46.6 % > 65 years: 2.3 %  Women (83 %)  Weight 68 kg  Referred BMI: < 25: 52 % → normal weight 25 – 30: 35 % → overweight > 30: 13 % → obese Target group

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