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DNA on the Witness Stand

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1 DNA on the Witness Stand
Adam DeMarsico Mike Valotta Tj Novak

2 Are physical differences caused by genetic differences
Are physical differences caused by genetic differences? What “kind” of person offer this proof? Yes, identical twins offer the clearest proof of this.

3 Why do DNA fingerprints only profile a little bit of DNA, instead of the whole three billion-base-pair sequence? Because the scientists who look at the DNA fingerprints aren’t gong to look at the whole Billion-Base-Pair Sequence. They pick out certain important parts and compare the DNA with that.

4 Are all DNA profiles “good evidence” in court?
No, some DNA profiles are too messy and unreadable so the evidence gets thrown out.

5 If you wanted to get DNA sample from someone that would be adequate for profiling, how difficult would it be? It would be pretty easy I think. There are probably thousands of people/scientists who are adequate fro profiling.

6 What is mitochondrial DNA
What is mitochondrial DNA? Is it inherited the same way nuclear DNA is inherited? What information about family tress can you get from mitochondrial DNA? Mitochondrial DNA is DNA that is in the Mitochondria. It is only inherited by the mother. You can follow the DNA up your mothers family tree, and throughout the family tree to find distant relatives.

7 Name some uses of DNA profiling
DNA profiling can be used to exonerate a suspect. Find a suspect, maternity testing, along with other things.

8 Do you want your DNA in a databank?
I would want to be on a database so that I could easily be exonerated from a crime I didn't commit.

9 THE END!!!

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