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Agenda 12/2/13 White board review EVERY student needs a white board.

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1 Agenda 12/2/13 White board review EVERY student needs a white board

2 6. muscles use stored ____ for energy
ADP Ca⁺⁺ ATP All of the above

3 9. The contraction of all skeletal muscle cells is due to the movement of?
Thick filaments Endomysium Mitochondria Thin filaments

4 10. This letter represents
10. This letter represents? Be able to label this diagram, not on answer key

5 11. The letters point to? Be able to label this diagram, not on answer key

6 12. The plasma membrane of skeletal muscle cells is called ________
Sarcomere Sarcolemma T-tubule Neuromuscular junction

7 13. Muscle tissue has the ability to shorten when adequately stimulated, a characteristic known as __________. Contractility excitability Elasticity Extensibility

8 14. The heads of the myosin Myofilaments are called __________ when they link the thick and thin filaments together during skeletal muscle contraction. Cross bridges Creatine phosphate A band I band

9 Neuromuscular junction Motor end plate Axon terminal Synaptic cleft
15. gap between the motor neuron and the muscle fiber it supplies at the neuromuscular junction is called the __________. Neuromuscular junction Motor end plate Axon terminal Synaptic cleft

10 18. Voluntary muscle tissue is;
A) smooth muscle B) skeletal muscle C) dense regular D) cardiac muscle E) dense irregular

11 19. Endomysium covers: A) fascicles of muscle cells
B) an entire muscle C) an individual muscle cell D) myofibrils E) smooth muscle only

12 21. Which of the following is NOT a function of the muscular system:
A) production of movement B) maintenance of posture C) stabilization of joints D) generation of heat E) Hematopoiesis

13 22. A Sarcomere is: A) the nonfunctional unit of skeletal muscle
B) the contractile unit between two Z discs C) the area between two intercalated discs D) the wavy lines on the cell, as seen in a microscope E) a compartment in a Myofilaments

14 23. Which one of the following is composed of myosin protein:
A) thick filaments B) thin filaments C) all Myofilaments D) Z discs E) light bands

15 24. An elaborate and specialized network of membranes in skeletal muscle cells that function in calcium storage is the: A) sarcolemma B) mitochondria C) intermediate filament network D) myofibrillar network E) Sarcoplasmic reticulum

16 25. During skeletal muscle contraction, myosin heads attach to active sites of:
A) myosin filaments B) actin filaments C) Z discs D) thick filaments E) the H zone

17 26. Neurotransmitters are released upon stimulation from a nerve impulse by the:
A) myofibrils B) motor unit C) thick filaments D) axon terminals of the motor neuron E) sarcolemma of the muscle cell

18 28. Which of the following can actually shorten during a muscle contraction:
A) myosin filaments B) A bands C) actin filaments D) Sarcomere

19 29. Place these structures of the skeletal muscle in order from largest to smallest:
1. fascicle 2. Myofilaments 3. muscle fiber (cell) 4. myofibril 5. Sarcomere

20 1, 3, 4, 5, 2

21 32. Why are calcium ions necessary for skeletal muscle contraction:
A) calcium increases the action potential transmitted along the sarcolemma B) calcium releases the inhibition on Z discs C) calcium triggers the binding of myosin to actin D) calcium causes ATP binding to actin E) calcium binds to regulatory proteins on the myosin filaments, changing both their shape and their position on the thick filaments

22 33. Acetylcholine is A) an ion pump on the postsynaptic membrane B) a source of energy for muscle contraction C) a component of thick Myofilaments D) an oxygen-binding protein E) a neurotransmitter that stimulates skeletal muscle

23 34. Which of these events must occur first to trigger the skeletal muscle to generate an action potential and contract: A) sodium ions rush into the cell B) acetylcholine (ACh) causes temporary permeability to sodium C) diffusion of potassium ions out of the cell D) operation of the sodium-potassium pump E) acetylcholinesterase (AchE) breaks down acetylcholine (ACh)

24 Answers C D B A E E B D 1,3,4,5,2 C

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