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Pediatric Neurology Therapeutics Suzanne Goh, M.D. 415-317-4514.

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1 Pediatric Neurology Therapeutics Suzanne Goh, M.D. 415-317-4514

2 OVERVIEW When should I refer a child to a pediatric neurologist? 1Unusual movements or “spells” 2When thinking about meds for problem behaviors 3Complex cases

3 When to refer… 1Unusual movements or “spells” o Seizures o Tics o Other movement disorder …how are these different from stereotypies?

4 Medications for problem behaviors 1Combinations of meds at low doses sometimes work better than single meds at high doses 2Challenges with long-term use (side effects, lose efficacy over time, higher and higher doses needed, tapering off) 1Potential alternatives to meds (supplements, acupuncture, neurofeedback, etc.) *supplements may be needed during psychopharm therapy to counteract med toxicities (e.g. carnitine) 2Trying relationship-based behavior programs in addition to ABA-based

5 Complex Cases Multiple neurological symptoms o Intellectual disability o Epilepsy o Low tone, incoordination, weakness o Headaches o Vision and hearing problems o Movement disorder, tics, etc. Multi-system dysfunction Minimal improvement with behavioral and educational intervention

6 The more severe and complex the phenotype, the more likely a causative mutation can be found. Complex Cases

7 Researchers identified a form of autism (with epilepsy and intellectual disability) that is likely treatable with dietary amino acid supplementation.

8 80% of children with autism had blood tests showing mitochondrial dysfunction mitochondria

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