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2 What cell structures are found only in plant cells?
Chloroplasts and cell wall What does the chloroplast do? Through photosynthesis it helps plants make their own food/glucose. What does the cell wall do? Protects the cell and provides a rigid shape Which organelle allows things to move in and out of the cell, provides protection and is found in all cells? Cell membrane An analogy of the cell membrane in a classroom is a door or window. The expanding and contracting organelle that stores nutrients, water and wastes are the vacuoles.

3 Brain of the cell/control center of the cell??
Nucleus Analogy of nucleus is _______________ Where is the cells genetic material/heredity material/chromosomes located? Analogy of chromosomes are What gives all cells it’s energy? Mitochondria Analogy of a mitochondria is a______________ Manager, Mayor, Control Center Blue print , map Power Plant, Electric Plant

4 All cells contain two things, what are they?
Cell membrane and cytoplasm What products does cellular respiration begin with? Oxygen and glucose What are the end products of cellular respiration? Carbon dioxide, energy and water Photosynthesis is the process in which ______ energy is converted into food. What is the end product of photosynthesis? Oxygen , Glucose (sugar) light

5 An organelle is to a cell like a _________ is to a tool box
Screwdriver, hammer, An organelle is to a cell like a _________ is to a tool box An organelle is to a cell like a _________ is to my closet What is diffusion? Is the movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration An example of diffusion would be glass of water with __________ in it. Cell respiration takes place in what organelle? mitochondria What is osmosis? The diffusion of water through a cell membrane Clothes, shoes Food coloring

6 The process of releasing energy from food is called ___________________
Even though you find hair in a brush you are still able to grow hair. Why? Your body makes new cells What is true about the above organisms? All organisms are made up of cells Cell respiration

7 What is the primary purpose of mitochondria?
Convert food molecules, glucose, into energy Name the levels of cell organization from simplest to most complex. Cells, tissues, organs, organ system, organism Specialized cells that are similar in structure and function are usually joined together to make _____________ Sex cells, such as egg or sperm reproduce by Meiosis. What group of organisms have prokaryotic cells? Bacteria (um) tissue

8 The cell would be more likely found in what places?
bark, frog, leaf, mushroom All organisms classified in the kingdom Animalia would also be classified in _________________________ Eukaryota/Eukaryotes/Eukaryotic

9 If the movement of molecules require energy it uses _________________
Active transport

10 The basic structure of living things is the _________
Cells The basic structure of living things is the _________ Where does a plant cell get it’s color? chloroplasts What process makes food for plants? photosynthesis What cell structure in a plant cell is responsible for photosynthesis? Bacteria are: The shape of a cell tells you about its ______________ Cells, function

11 What type of cell has chloroplasts, cell wall and are rectangle in shape?
Plant cell

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