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Young At Any Age Laura McClendon, BS, MPT, CNHP Owner Of Healthy By Nature.

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1 Young At Any Age Laura McClendon, BS, MPT, CNHP Owner Of Healthy By Nature

2 Increased Longevity Longer life expectancies Modern medicine Availability of food Average age: 78 in US 81 in Pacific islands 67 worldwide Longer life span = more age related illness GOOD NEWS: only 25 to 30% of physical aging is due to your genes. THE REST IS UP TO YOU!

3 Four Things That Cause 90% of All Illness LifestyleEnvironmentStressGenetics JAMA (2002;287:177)

4 “New”Genetic Discoveries An epi-genome sits on top of a gene. Much larger in size, known as a “marker” Epi or marker, tells the gene itself to turn “on or off” We can control how genes are expressed!

5 Mitochondria Krebs Cycle Metabolism of Amino acids Fatty acids Steroids Generates ATP = ENERGY Old mitochondria = more production of free radicals & LESS ENERGY Free radicals damage DNA = ArthritisWrinklesCataractsCancer

6 Healthy Mitochondria Nutritional support Alpha lipoic acid Potent antioxidant Increases insulin sensitivity Supports the health of nerves and brain cells Dosage: 30-50mg up to 300mg for neuropathy No significant food source available Arginine Increases nitric oxide Increases circulation Keeps blood vessels flexible Dosage for cognitive function: 1.6 grams of L- arginine has been taken by mouth daily for three months. ( Mayo Clinic) Foods: sunflower seeds, shrimp, spinach, turkey, pomegranate

7 Healthy Mitochondria CoQ10 Fat soluble nutrient CardioprotectiveNeuroprotective Required for healthy cellular energy production Dosage: 100-200mg Food sources: Animal hearts, red palm oil and sardines Simvastatin impairs exercise training adaptations J Am Coll Cardiol. 2013 Aug 20;62(8):709-14. doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2013.02.074. Epub 2013 Apr 10.

8 Sleep Sleep is not a Luxury Benefits of sleep: Essential repairs & maintenance Circulates 70% of daily dose of human growth hormone = anti- aging elixir Maintains Energy levels Positive mood Immune function Consequences of sleep deprivation: Increased appetite for carbs Alters blood sugar metabolism Elevated risk: High blood pressure Stroke Research found that depriving mice of sleep led to accumulation of amyloid-beta proteinResearch found that depriving mice of sleep led to accumulation of amyloid-beta protein ( NIH)

9 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep Steer clear of stimulants after 2pm No alcohol before bedtime Exercise in am, not pm Consistent sleep routine Don’t watch TV in bed Cool, dark room Health issues can cause you to wake at certain times in the night. Support that system and you will sleep better! Foods : cherry juice, tuna, walnuts, almonds, cheese and crackers, Nutrients & Herbs Melatonin Valerian Passion flower Hops

10 Boost Your Brain Power Challenge your mind Improves cell to cell communication Move your body Preserves mental sharpness Increases blood flow to the brain Reinforces nerve networks Find a purpose Manage stress Stress hormones damage brain cells! Focus on relaxation Positive coping strategies Stay Connected Social interaction improves mental, emotional and physical health

11 Nutrition for the Brain AntioxidantsBroccoli Brussels sprouts KaleAnthocyaninBlackberriesBlueberriesGrapesQuercetinOnions Cherry tomatoes Apples with skin Folic Acid & B’s Lentils Black eyed peas Oatmeal B6: ( boosts serotonin) Salmon Chicken Pistachio Sweet potato B12 Shellfish Tuna Cottage cheese

12 Nutrition for the Brain Omega 3’s Wild salmon Sardines Rainbow trout Flax seeds WalnutsSeaweedCaffeine 2 cups of coffee- not the whole pot! Foods to avoid: High fat foods with little nutrition and lots of sugar Ice cream Hamburgers Potato chips Donuts

13 Supplements for Brain Health Ginkgo Biloba AnticoagulantAntioxidant Improves concentration, memory and alertness Dosage: 40mg, 3 x day Huperzine Derived from Irish club moss Prevents breakdown of acetylcholine Improves communication between cells Dosage: 50 mcg 2 x day

14 Skin, Hair, and Nails Skin aging Weak collagen and elastin Cellular regeneration decreases Decrease in natural oils Primary causes: Sun damage SmokingDehydrationNails Nails can clue you in on health issues Cracks in nails = adrenals Fungal issues = immune system White spots in nails = zinc Hair Slower growth Lose pigment Follicles stop producing hair Causes: Hormonal shifts Stress Lack of protein Hypothyroid

15 Tips for Skin, Hair, and Nails Herbs Aloe Vera = C & E, silicon, zinc Horsetail = silica = strong nails Hyssops = stimulates circulation Rhododendron root = antioxidantFoods Fortified whole grains SalmonBeefOatmealGreensseaweed Drink water Check your thyroid and eat seaweed or take kelp Don’t abuse your nails and hair Wear sunscreen Don’t smoke Exercise

16 Healthy Bones and Joints Bones Structural framework for body Produce red blood cells Stores necessary minerals Constantly broken down and rebuilt Osteoarthritis (OA) Inflammation Cartilage disintegrates Bone on bone = pain & disability Risk factors for OA Genes Obesity Trauma to joint Wear and tearSymptoms: Deep, dull ache Pain varies Worse with use, better at rest Stiffness after inactivity and 1 st hour in am

17 Solutions for Bones and Joints Tips to keep joints healthy Exercise regularly Resistance training with weights can reduce risk of osteoporosis Avoid sodas Foods Omega 3’s – salmon, flax Antioxidants Vit C = Guava, bell pepper Selenium = brazil nuts Beta carotene = sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin Nutrients & Herbs Calcium Vitamin D3 not D2 Vitamin K2 MSM Glucosamine & chondroitin Alfalfa Yucca Burdock White willow bark for painSpices Ginger Tumeric, curcumin

18 Tips to Stay Young at Any Age Exercise Drink water Eat a diet full of fruits, veggies and grass fed meats and fish Supplement with high quality herbs and vitamins Sleep 6-8 hours a night Reduce stress Stay connected to your friends and family

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