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Plant and Animal Cells and Solon High School DNA Cilia and Flagella By: Caroline M, Julie M, Eddie O, and Mike M.

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1 Plant and Animal Cells and Solon High School DNA Cilia and Flagella By: Caroline M, Julie M, Eddie O, and Mike M

2 Cell Membrane School Doors

3 Cell Membrane Analogy The function of the cell membrane is to be a barrier for the cell. However, it is also a passage for molecules. The doors of a school are a barrier when locked, separating the inside and outside of the school. When the school doors are unlocked, they are used as a passage for students and teachers to enter the school just as a cell membrane does to a cell.

4 Cell WallSchool Wall

5 Cell Wall Analogy The function of the cell wall is to provide structural support to the cell and prevent over-expansion. The walls of the school are used to support the school and students cannot expand beyond these walls just as a cell wall prevents a cell from expanding too much.

6 CytoplasmStudents

7 Cytoplasm Analogy Cytoplasm maintains the consistency and shape of a cell and are necessary to have a cell function. Students in a high school are like the cytoplasm in a cell because without students, the school has no purpose and cannot function. The students are required in order to continue having a running school; they create the figurative shape of the school, just as the cytoplasm does to the cell.

8 Endoplasmic Reticulum Teachers Endoplasmic Reticulum Analogy

9 Endoplasmic reticulum’s function is to transport protein to the other parts of the cell. If protein is thought of as knowledge, then in a school teachers transport knowledge to the students. Teachers are alike to endoplasmic reticulum because the teachers transport knowledge to students and the endoplasmic reticulum transports protein to other parts of the cell.

10 Ribosome Analogy RibosomesTextbooks

11 Ribosome Analogy The function of ribosomes is to create and assemble protein from amino acids. Knowledge is like protein in a high school, and textbooks give knowledge to the students. There are millions of ribosomes in a cell, and there are hundreds of textbooks in a school. Therefore, a ribosome creating protein is like a textbook giving knowledge to a student.

12 Golgi Bodies Analogy Golgi Bodies Backpacks

13 Golgi Bodies Analogy Golgi bodies protect and package protein in a cell. In a high school, backpacks protect a student’s textbooks and notes (their “knowledge”). Just as the Golgi Bodies do to a cell.

14 Chloroplasts Analogy ChloroplastsSolar Panels

15 Chloroplasts Analogy The job of chloroplasts in a cell is to convert energy from the sun into food for the cell. The solar panels on a school roof can convert solar energy into electricity that the school uses for lights and heat. This is alike to the function of chloroplasts in a cell because both convert solar energy into energy that they can use daily.

16 Mitochondria Analogy MitochondriaTests

17 Mitochondria Analogy The Mitochondria provides the cell with energy the cell needs to move, produce products, and divide. The outer membrane is fairly smooth, while the inner had forming folds. In a High School, the tests give the students the knowledge and the opportunity they need in order to succeed. The students can produce success through tests just as a cell does through the mitochondria.

18 Nucleus Analogy NucleusPrincipal

19 Nucleus Analogy The Nucleus of a cell is known as the “control center”. This part of the cell contains most of the it’s genetic material with DNA molecules and a large variety of proteins. A principal is the boss of a high school. They control everything in the building just as a nucleus controls everything in a cell.

20 Lysosome Analogy LysosomesJanitors

21 Lysosome Analogy Lysosomes digest excess or worn out organelles, food particles, or bacteria and viruses in a cell. A janitor’s job in a high school is to clean up the building from food, to bad germs, to dirt. This is just like Lysosomes that clean out the cell.

22 DNA Analogy DNA Blueprint of School

23 DNA Analogy DNA is nucleic acid in the cells that contains the genetic information used in the development and functioning of all living organisms. DNA is like the blueprint or maps of the schools layout. There are maps and arrows all around the school showing where classes are and the build up of the school, just as DNA shows the living characteristics of the cell.

24 Vacuole Analogy Vacuole Storage Room

25 Vacuole Analogy A vacuole is a large compartment in the cell that stores water as well as nutrients, metabolites, and waste products. A storage room in a school can hold anything from books, to markers, to extra desks. This holds anything important the school needs, just as a vacuole holds things that are the essential for the cell to function.

26 Cilia and Flagella Analogy Loading truck Cilia and Flagella

27 Cilia and Flagella Analogy The Cilia and Flagella are found outside the cell. The cilia moves the fluid or materials around a cell past things around it. The flagella has the function of moving the cell it is attached to. Cilia and Flagella are just like a heavy load truck that can move a building on its own. The truck can carry the building just as cilia and flagella can carry the cell.

28 Bibliography Special thanks to: And Mrs. Zurawski!!

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