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Double Helix patterned Stable Water Clusters

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1 Double Helix patterned Stable Water Clusters
Genius Discovery Stable Water Clusters and Applications in Regenerative Therapies Double Helix patterned Stable Water Clusters

2 Speakers Michelle Wong, LAc, MSOM Randy Gerson BS Chemistry
Randy introduces himself & me Michelle Wong LAc MSOM- Michelle is a licensed primary care physician in California, and acupuncturist, and a researcher. Graduated from UCLA with a BS, and then an MS from Dongguk University, Los Angeles. She practices in Los Angeles, and was primary research associate to Dr. Shui Yin Lo, physicist who discovered Stable Water Clusters. Primary Research Associate to Dr. Lo, Licensed Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine Expert, Masters of Science Oriental Medicine UCLA & Dongguk University Alternative Health Care Advocate Consultant to Natural Health organizations Chemistry degree from SDSU Cancer survivor without drugs

3 Stable water clusters (SWC) backed by 19 years of research
Dr Shui Yin Lo, Ph.D.

4 The Discovery of Stable Water Clusters
1996 David Gann and Dr. Shui Yin Lo are researching different catalytic materials for the mining industry. Come across a sample of water that has exceptional properties for preventing the build up of coking material in pipes Extensive testing for purity, viscosity, freezing, etc

5 The Discovery of Stable Water Clusters
Dr. Lo calculates the existence of a nano-size particle based on Debye principles More testing for industrial applications Testing by Dr. Bonavida at UCLA on human blood cells and cytokine activity First International Symposium on Physical, Chemical, and Biological Properties of Stable Water Clusters

6 The Discovery Year 2006 A family member had severe illness, had not responded to conventional medical treatments/therapies, was in hospice, and was given only a few months to live She began drinking a solution of the stable water clusters and went into remission within four months Today she is still free of her illness

7 The Discovery Year 2007 Gann, Lo with Dr. Norman Shealy ran a small clinical trial. 10 healthy subjects Baseline blood drawn Measure TNF-A, IL-1B, IL-6, and IFN-Y (human immune system markers). Preparation of stable water clusters, four times a day for 45 days.  Results were impressive; Significant increases in Interferon-Y (interferons are proteins that trigger the protective defenses of the immune system) Study was unpublished due to small numbers

8 The Discovery Dr. Shealy stated: “The water may produce a significant enhancement of immune function in human beings. Larger studies should be done with perhaps a broader overview of immune function. Dysfunctions of the immune system are major factors in allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancer and even atherosclerosis and diabetes. The implications for immune health are obvious.”

9 The Discovery Year 2009 A large study (immediate effect on the human body) Using infrared imagery Study group 78 volunteers over the age of 45, free of acute disease Baseline infrared image, drank plain distilled water, infrared image The subjects drank preparation of double helix stable water clusters Third infrared image was taken Statistically significant differences were found in all 78

10 SWC Research for Health
Year Seven peer reviewed published medical papers Some examples: Stable Water Clusters-Mediated Molecular Alterations in Human Melanoma Cell Lines B. Bonavida & S. Baritaki. Dept of Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA Oncological Hyperthermia as an Adjuvant Treatment in Advanced Stages of Lung Cancer R. Hilu, F. Martinez-Peñalver, & J. Martinez-Canca Case Study of Autistic Subjects with Stable Water Clusters R. Velasquez, H. Chu, & S.Y. Lo Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy: Alternative Approaches to Disease Resolution A. Jimenez & S. Chakravarty

11 “Double Helix” stable water clusters are not...
We believe they exist in nature… just in very dilute amounts Bottled Machine altered Man altered

12 Proposed 4th stage of water
3 known phases of water Proposed 4th stage of water Vapor Liquid Solid Temperature changes these known water molecules

13 Water tends towards clusters
Ideal tetragron configuration, hydrogen bonding, creating quantum coherence

14 Non-existent in our daily drinking water
Why Structured Water? Water is the universal solvent Water is an excellent conductor of energy Our biochemistry needs water In living organisms, that water is STRUCTURED Water is fundemental – Its not tap water, not ionized or alkaline water, or oxygenized. It’s a fundemental discovery , a Water is the #1 detoxifer & anti-oxidant But in reality, all the cells in the body need water, and as do cellular components such as proteins, enzymes, etc. That is 99% of your body. And its not the kind of water you drink. In living organisms, that water is STRUCTURED. Water is an excellent conductor of energy. The dipole nature forms chains along fascial plains of the connective tissue. Non-existent in our daily drinking water

15 What is “Double Helix” patterned Stable Water Clusters (SWC)
DNA Helix Structure

16 Why double helix shaped stable water clusters?
Discovered with an atomic force microscope 4th stage of water (between liquid and solid) A solid phase of water highly polar, stable at room temperature & normal pressure (Lo, Gann) SWCs in the form of double helix have applications for health Discovery – like penicillin, accidental, but profound implications Gilbert Ling – Most of the water in the cell is structured water, not like water we normally drink

17 Double helix stable water clusters – optimal arrangement for pure water molecules
Stable water clusters are often seen as rods – which are dipoles of water lined up like a string of pearls. Calculations suggests electromagnetic potential when two rods are intertwined to create the double helix shape, a preferred state. Approsimately 10 x9 number of water molecules. In experiments by Lo in 1998 reveal that stable water clusters were generating and electric field. Therefore the hypothesis that ball-like structure of the water molecules are dipoles. As dipoles have positive and negative ends, but have no net charge, and can generate an electric field. The properties of the stable water clusters published by Lo and Lo suggest this state of matter, with its pliability, and limited viscosity is a gel-like substance between a liquid and a solid. This can be thought of as a 4th state of water, independent of temperature.

18 Double helix shaped stable water cluster under atomic force microscope
With access to atomic force microscope ( last 15 years) scientists are finally able to see almost at the level of the atom. This form of water may actually be soft matter - gel like, and flexible. Thus, it could also be viewed as a 4th stage of water ( between a liquid and a solid). The double helix shape suggests 2 rods forming a more solid state configuration…could this suggest the origins of DNA? 5 μm

19 SWCs are polar and tend towards dipole to dipole alignment
My mentor, Dr. Lo believes the nature of double helix shaped SWC are highly polar – that is positively charged on one end, negatively charged on the other. Thus, they have a tendancy towards alignment in the organism – which is already highly ordered system of molecular reactions – from the point of view of physics. These “chains” of SWC, when stimulated by acupuncture needles, heat, sound, or light - electric fields or electromagnetic waves are generated. also help align the meridians, hence directing the flow of bloodflow, and allowing the cells to return to repair, and return the tissue and organs back to health. I think of this like a highway. If one car runs out of oil and stops in the road, then the flow of vehicles slow, and tempers flare, and there can be a tendancy for more accidents– like LA traffic! SCW help build detours, and restores the physical and biochemical functioning of the cells and biochemical cycles. Doctors we work with believe the water enhances the methylation cycles, and nitric oxide cycles, which help the cells deal with oxidative stress. Because the water is so fundamental, it works quickly, and safely.

20 Magnetic Resonance Imaging, SHG, and infrared imaging dependent on water alignment in the organism
MRI depends on the high concentration of water in body tissues, as water is the main source of the 1H nuclei that align with or against the applied magnetic field. Differences of water protons’ relaxation times and spin density underlie the spatial and contrast resolution of MRI images. Since the invention of MRI in the early 1970’s [6], studies have validated its usefulness in distinguishing tumor cells from non-tumor cells, with water appearing less structured in tumor cells (Del Guidice)

21 SHG – Second Harmonic Generation images of Collagen dependent on superconductivity of water in collagen fibers Collagen fibers conduct electricity, and that this is due to the water associated with the fibers (Ho)

22 Stable Water Clusters align to create the acupuncture meridian system
These waves travel through the merdian to various organs that resonate with similar water clusters in that organ”. In my experience – stimulating (or sedating) the merdian Increases blood flow, regulates inflamation, and brings the organ back into balance. This is the essence of self-healing and the philosophy of many complementary healing modalities. Collegan fibers made up bundles of nanotubules of water

23 Water at the interfaces is the key to life – Albert Szent-Gyorgi
Nobel prize winner for discovery of Vitamin C Proposed water in the interfaces (such as cell membranes) is in the excited state, therefore less energy to split water than water at the ground state Therefore a differential in voltage exists at the boundary of interfacial water and bulk water – indeed observed and confirmed in the study of cellular membranes

24 SWCs, EZ water, and redox reactions
Experiments by Gerald Pollack demonstrate EZ water forms on the surface of gels, and is 10x more viscous Inside the cell, EZ forms on the surfaces of membranes and macromolecules envisaged by Szent-Gyorgi This excited water can be characterized as a quantum coherent domain, with a plasma of almost free electrons – creating a “Redox Pile” Collaboration with university lab, demonstrate SWC (double helix) increase the formation of EZ water along hydrophyllic surfaces As we know, it’s the reduction- oxidation , or “redox” reactions, that transfers electrons between organic chemical species – ie ATP (Krebs cycle), & in the facilitation of enzymatic activity Some preliminary studies with Dr. Pollack’s lab to understand the relationship between EZ water- (not currently bottled) and SWC.

25 Stable water clusters and live blood cell analyses

26 Peer reviewed clinical studies

27 In-vitro study suggests SWC induces cell communication & immune fxn
In a blind control study, UCLA Professor Bonavida reports that stable water clusters triggered immune cells in human mononuclear blood cells for proliferation, cytokine secretion and potentiation of antigenic stimulation. Cover Bonavida’s paper in more detail starting here and continue with adding more slides

28 SWC- mediated experiment on human melanoma cell lines by Bonavida at UCLA
In-vitro analysis with two well studied melanoma cell lines A375 and M233 Preparations A & B analyzed by mass spectrometry (diagram of mass spectrometry)

29 SWC- mediated experiment on human melanoma cell lines by Bonavida at UCLA
Significant inhibition of proliferation after 48 hours of A375 by sample B Sensitization to Fas ligand induced apoptosis (with B) Further analysis with RT Profiler PCR assay suggest sample B exerts effects at the genetic level by regulating the transcription of selective genes

30 Clinical uses for stable water clusters supporting oncological therapies
As an inhalant – common for lung cancers Intravenous usage Daily ingestion Dr. Antonio Jimenez of Hope4Cancer Institute, utilizes all 3, combining with his therapies in ILP low dose radiation, sono- photo dynamic therapy, detox, diet, and emotional/ spirtual counseling Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy: Alternative Approaches to Disease Resolution

31 SWC and regenerative therapies in the integrative medical clinic – Dr
SWC and regenerative therapies in the integrative medical clinic – Dr. Hilu Dr. Raymond Hilu, director of 5 medical clinics in Spain, utilizes stable water cluster in conjunction with various treatments Published paper on the Oncological Hyperthermia for the treatment of advanced lung cancer. Case history of three patients with poor response to standard treatment. Given localized as well as whole body hyperthermia treatment as well as an oral protocol with jujube fruit extract to stimulate NK cell production Patients were also given 15 ml/ day (double helix) stable water clusters to improve cell membrane permeability and reduce cytoplasmic hypoxia, thus regulating P52 *Study data from the CDC

32 SWC utilized with Stem Cell treatments
Dr. Hilu also combines (double Helix) stable water clusters in solution with stem cells for better results for beauty treatments Optimizing activity in the cellular membrane, and ultimate efficacy of most treatments by 30% Video clip

33 Stable water clusters physical properties enhance other therapies by 30%
The polar nature of the water encourages better communication with the cell wall, the mitochondria, and the conduction of energy throughout the body. Hence, doctors are finding a 30% improvement when using stable water clusters with a variety of therapy Nutrition Stem cell Homeopathy Laser Physical medicine: acupuncture, chiropractic, etc

34 Stable Water Clusters & Autism study
Dr. Velasquez from Panama – recruited 13 autistic children & their families for long term study 10 boys, 3 girls. No special diets, except one child who was allergic to casein After intake, and the 10 point questionnaire – and initial thermographs were taken Subjects drank 6 oz of the DHW prepared with distilled water Used the 7% DHW cream on the face & neck , another set of thermographs taken (Quantative) Changes in behavior scores were talled,and temperature changes in certain areas of the body were also noted (Qualitatiovie) Dr. interviewed parents to assess behavioral changes over the treatment period

35 Study Subject: 8 yr girl 7 months on 6 oz SWC mixture twice per day SWC cream on specific head, neck and chest areas Initial Score: 56 Follow up score: 28 % Difference: 50% improvement

36 Better behavioral markers
Especially in Attention span/ focus, Language and body movements. Also consistent higher marks for increased ability at school Aspects of behavior that did not change as dramatically were Following directions, Bowel & urine movement, and Digestion/ Eating habits (possibly from toxins) Temperature changes showed heat patterns in the head, chest, and bowel areas of the body, that changed significantly changed temperatures. This initial study can help create a template for further studies in order to establish diagnostic patterns from the thermographs, as well as statistically demonstrate improvements in behavioral and health outcomes. Aim is to have 10,000 case studies.

37 5 months of Double Helix water trx, post vaccine
Jan 2013 Mar 2013 May 2013 Twelve year old normal male was brought in by his mother. After a routine vaccination, he developed extreme fatigue, headaches, short-term memory lapses, and difficulty concentrating. He had problems with balance, dizziness, nausea, and lightheadedness. Previously active in sports, he had to drop out of school to convalesce. After 7 weeks on the Double Helix Water cream, nebulizer & water, the client showed improved energy levels, and ability to concentrate. After 15 weeks, he felt back to normal and was back to school. His energy levels, appetite, and memory increased, and he was able to go back to playing sports again.

38 Long term- on DHW from (11 yrs) to now (15 yrs)
Collier had very low tone of muscle Poor balance, and had to wear a helmut in case of falls Failure to thrive, and small for his age After DHW, he began to physically grow, muscle tone improved dramatically Able to concentrate better at school, able to make better social contact with classmates Mother mention ATEC score ( estimated 40 now 11)

39 Testimonial From the mother of a 22yr male On standard Double Helix Water protocol for 2 years Positive results for long term changes On elevated DHW protocol Positive result for acute conditions

40 Testimonial on post-surgical wound healing

41 References Lo, S.Y. “Anomalous State of Ice”. Modern Physics Letters B 1996 10:19,  Cardarella, John, Jacob Turner, and Shui Yin Lo. "A soft matter state of water and the structures it forms." Forum on Immunopathological Diseases and Therapeutics. Vol. 3. No Begel House Inc., 2012. Lo, Shui-yin. "Meridians in acupuncture and infrared imaging." Medical hypotheses 58.1 (2002): Giudice, E.D.; Spinetti, P.R.; Tedeschi, A. Water Dynamics at the Root of Metamorphosis in Living Organisms. Water 2010, 2, Davidson, R.M.; Lauritzen, A.; Seneff, S. Biological Water Dynamics and Entropy: A Biophysical Origin of Cancer and Other Diseases. Entropy 2013,15, Pollack, Gerald. The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor. Ebner and Sons Publishers, 2014. Lo, SY. The Biophysics Basis for Acupuncture and Health. Dragon Eye Press, 2004.    Bonavida, B., and X. H. Gan. "Induction and regulation of human peripheral blood TH1-TH2 derived cytokines by IE water preparations and synergy with mitogens." Physical, chemical and biological properties of stable water IE clusters, World Scientific, Singapore (1998): Lo, S.Y.; Geng, X.; Gann, D. “Evidence for the existence of stable-water clusters at room temperature and normal pressure”. Physics Letters A, Volume 373, Issue 42, 12 October 2009, Bonavida, B.; Baritaki, S. ”Stable Water Clusters-Mediated Molecular Alterations in Human Melanoma Cell Lines" Forum on Immunopathological Diseases and Therapeutics. Vol. 3. No Begel House Inc., 2013. Jimenez, A., and Subrata, C. ”Seven Key Pronciples of Cancer Therapy: Alternative Approaches to Disease Resolution." Forum on Immunopathological Diseases and Therapeutics. Vol. 3. No Begel House Inc., 2013. Hilu, R.; Martinez-Penalver, F.; Martinez-Canca, J. ” Oncological Hyperthermia as Adjuvant Treatment in Advanced Stages of Lung Cancer" Forum on Immunopathological Diseases and Therapeutics. Vol. 3. No Begel House Inc., 2013.

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