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Liceo classico “Gonzaga” Milano

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1 Liceo classico “Gonzaga” Milano
Science course From Prokaryotes to Eukaryotes Teacher Maria Elena Scortecci UTILIZZARE SPAZIO PER INSERIRE FOTO/IMMAGINE DI RIFERIMENTO LEZIONE

2 diafragm and condenser lens
Microscope eye pieces revolver stage focus knob diafragm and condenser lens light source

3 Scientific classification
Prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea) unicellular (cell size 1-10 µm) no nucleus (karyon) and organelles special cell wall single circular cromosome + plasmids aerobic or anaerobic reproduction by fission

4 (amoeboroa, fungi, animalia, plantae)
Scientific classification Eukaryotes (amoeboroa, fungi, animalia, plantae) uni-multicellular (cell size µm) several pairs of chromosomes in a nucleus many organelles only aerobic sexual reproduction 4

5 How to observe cells pipettes blotting paper water
dye (i.e. methylene blue) coverslips microscope slides paddle

6 Eukaryotes animalia (human buccal mucosa)
round cells small blue nucleus cytoplasmic membrane cytoplasm organelles 6

7 Prokaryotes bacteria (lactobacillus) from yoghurt
very small cells: 2 µm long form filaments metabolize lactose produce lactic acid no organelles 7

8 Eukaryotes fungi (saccharomyces cerevisiae) from brewer yeast
oval cells nucleuses dividing cells by budding use glucose to produce energy, breathing oxigen 8

9 Eukaryotes plantae (pelargonium) prismatic cells in mutual contact
stiff typical organelles: chloroplasts, chromoplasts, amyloplasts no dye, because they are naturally stained cells photosynthetic cells: CO2 + H2O  glucose + oxygen 9

10 cyclamen leaves, with stomata and puzzle shape
Eukaryotes plantae cyclamen leaves, with stomata and puzzle shape 10

11 Eukaryotes plantae onion cell 11

12 stomata cells in Setcrasea
Eukaryotes plantae stomata cells in Setcrasea 12

13 Eukaryotes plantae tracheides in fennel 13

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