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Teknik Kendaraan Ringan Dasar Kompetensi Kejuruan

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1 Teknik Kendaraan Ringan Dasar Kompetensi Kejuruan
MEASURING TOOLS Teknik Kendaraan Ringan Semester 1nd Class X Dasar Kompetensi Kejuruan SK-KD 6TH


3 Divider Dividers are used to scribe circles and arcs, divide lines and circles. The most common type used in engineering is spring divider. Dividers must have sharp and fine points, with equal lengths and should be adjusted as indicated Teknologi dan Rekayasa

4 Vernier Caliper The vernier caliper consists of a fixed jaw and a frame or beam along which is engraved and accurately graduated scale. A sliding jaw fitted with a vernier scale can be moved along the frame. Use the clamping screws to fix it close to the required setting. Then the sliding jaw may be finely adjusted along the frame by means of a knurled thumb screw. When you have finished using the vernier, it must be wiped clean, oiled with a suitable protective oil and stored in a protective box Teknologi dan Rekayasa

5 Vernier Scale The main scale is graduated into millimeters, with each tenth millimeter being numbered. The vernier scale is made 49 millimeters long and divided into 50 equal parts. The length of each division is therefore one fiftieth of the total length of 49 millimeters. 1/50 of 49mm = 0.98 of a millimeter Teknologi dan Rekayasa

Vernier calipers are held and adjusted as shown in Figure Look along rather than at the line. Move into a position where the light strikes from the back of the vernier scale at about the same angles as your line of sight. The advantage of vernier calipers is that they may be read from zero up to the length of the main scale, often 250 millimeters or more. They may also have provision for taking depth readings. Teknologi dan Rekayasa

7 Self-help Questions Try these vernier readings; the answers are given below Teknologi dan Rekayasa

8 Micrometer Micrometers are measuring instruments that enable accurate measurements to be taken. The principal parts of a micrometers are: Frame Anvil Spindle and Thread Sleeve or Barrel Thimble Teknologi dan Rekayasa

9 TYPES OF MICROMETER Outside Micrometer Inside Micrometer
Depth Micrometer Teknologi dan Rekayasa

10 Reading the Micrometer
The sleeve goes from 0 to 0. The last 0 could have a 10 there. It represents a movement of 1 inch (1.000) Each large number is equal to = .100, 2= .200, 5= .500 etc. The Lines in between the numbers represent .025 thousands of and you would count them up .025, .050, .075, .100 Teknologi dan Rekayasa

11 Reading the Micrometer
The Thimble on the side of the sleeve moves as you rotate it. Each mark is = to Each time it moves one full turn it travels a distance of .025. Teknologi dan Rekayasa

12 Reading the Micrometer
To read you must take each section and add it together for example, The last large Number is 5 so we have .500 we have one line past the 5 so we have .025 and the thimble is turned to the 7 so we have .007 add it together and we have .532 Teknologi dan Rekayasa

13 Reading the Micrometer
The last large Number is 1 so we have .100 we have 1 line past the 1 so we have .025 and the thimble is turned to the 13 so we have .013 add it together and we have .138 Teknologi dan Rekayasa

14 Reading the Micrometer
Teknologi dan Rekayasa

15 Micrometer SETTING Teknologi dan Rekayasa

16 Feeler gauge feeler gauge Use to measuring ………………………..
Teknologi dan Rekayasa

17 DIAL TEST INDICATOR Teknologi dan Rekayasa

18 dial test indicator reading
Teknologi dan Rekayasa

19 cylinder bore gauge How to adjust the cylinder bore gauge
Use to. To measure cyli diameter Correctness of this measuring instrument until 0,01 mm This measuring instrument can only be calibrated applies Outside Micrmeter How to adjust the cylinder bore gauge Set Out side micrometer as according to measurement standard Turn the lock clam Install the rod into out side micrometer Adjust long dial at zero setting Teknologi dan Rekayasa

20 Measuresment Standard
Determines rod length Selected rod = measuring standard + ( 0,5 ~ 1,0 mm ) Teknologi dan Rekayasa

21 cylinder bore gauge To get correct measurement result hence shaking down bar cylinder bore so getting smallest measurement.. Upper measurement is taken 10 – 12 mm from surface to block cylinder measurement at underside thinks 10 – 12 mm from under block cylinder Measurement done at 3 overhead position, middle & under Read taken at farthermost minute hand moved towards right Teknologi dan Rekayasa

22 cylinder bore gauge CARA MEMBACA DIAL
Jika jarum panjang bergerak searah jarum jam, maka besarnya nilai hasil pengukuran adalah = standar pengukuran -- berapa kolom yang ditunjuk jarum panjang Jika jarum panjang bergerak berlawanan arah jarum jam, nilai pengukuran = standar pengukuran + berapa kolom yang ditunjuk jarum panjang Teknologi dan Rekayasa

23 Bibliography: Goodheart- Willcox Grainger KD Tools Toyota Technician
Teknologi dan Rekayasa

24 Presented by Aloysius Sudibyo SMK Negeri 1 Magelang
Thanks very much Presented by Aloysius Sudibyo SMK Negeri 1 Magelang

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