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Words for Production 10. task [ t8sk ] n. [C] a piece of especially hard work to be done 工作,任務 The task assigned to these soldiers was to destroy the.

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2 Words for Production 10. task [ t8sk ] n. [C] a piece of especially hard work to be done 工作,任務 The task assigned to these soldiers was to destroy the bridge before the sunrise.

3 Words for Production 11. irrational [ I`r8S1nL ] adj. not using reason 不理性的 My grandmother had never traveled abroad because she had an irrational fear of flying. 詞類變化

4 rational [ `r8S1nL ] adj. 理性的 A rational mother always knows how and when to help her children when they meet with failure, instead of just blaming them. * meet with = encounter 遭遇

5 Words for Production 12. tick [ tIk ] vi. to make a regularly repeated short sound ( 鐘錶等 ) 滴答作響 A rescue team was searching for Mrs. White’s son in the mountains. However, as the clock ticked on, the worried mother felt more and more desperate. * rescue team 救難隊 * search for = look for * on : continuously

6 Words for Production 13. furthermore [ `f3D2&mor ] adv. besides 而且,此外 The house is too small, and furthermore, it is too far from the town. * furthermore = besides 而且 ; 此外

7 Words for Production 14. diligently [ `dIl1dZ1ntlI ] adv. not negligently; with industry 勤勉 地,勤奮地 Instead of complaining, Mr. Smith worked diligently to support his big family. 詞類變化 * support one’s family 養家

8 diligent [ `dIl1dZ1nt ] adj. 勤勉的,勤奮的 Helen has become a diligent student ever since she decided to study abroad.

9 diligence [ `dIl1dZ1ns ] n. [U] 勤勉,勤奮 Ms. Lin was soon promoted to manager because of her diligence in the job.

10 Words for Production 15. rather [ `r8D2 ] adv. more truly 更恰當地說、更正確地說 He came home very late last night, or rather, very early this morning.

11 Words for Production 16. bottom [ `bAt1m ] n. [C] the lowest part of something 底部 After the cat gave birth to four kittens, Jill put some cloth in the bottom of a box for them to sleep on. * give birth to : bear 生育

12 Words for Production 17. pit [ pIt ] n. [C] a very large hole 坑洞 The little girl fell into a pit, and her little friends were trying to get her out with a rope.

13 Words for Production 18. thus [ D^s ] adv. in this way 如此 Mother Teresa was enthusiastic about helping those who were in need and thus won worldwide respect. * thus = in this way * those people they who … 凡是 … 的人 he one *in need = in adversity 在患難中 A friend in need is a friend indeed. (proverb) 患難見真情.

14 Words for Production 19. interrupt [ &Int1`r^pt ] vt. to cause to stop 中斷,打斷 I was interrupted by a call when watching the soccer game on TV, so I missed a critical part. 詞類變化

15 interruption [ &Int1`r^pS1n ] n. [U][C] 中斷,打斷 Due to lack of rainfall, the interruption of water service caused great inconvenience last summer. * due to = owing to = because of = on account of 因為 ; 由於

16 Words for Production 20. grasp [ Gr8sp ] vt. to completely understand something; to take or keep a firm hold of something, especially with hands 領 會;抓住 * take hold of = grasp Next

17 Words for Production 20. grasp When I was new to the US, I could not grasp what people were saying to me. The policeman grasped the thief by the wrist and would not let go of him. 詞類變化 * 動作 + 受詞 + 介系詞 + the + 身體部位 The boy hit his younger brother on the head. The angry student slapped his classmate across the cheek. * let go of = release 放開

18 grasp [ Gr8sp ] n. [C] (sing. only) 領會;緊握 After the teacher’s explanation, I had a good grasp of what causes an earthquake. Climbing down a ladder, Leo kept a tight grasp on the rail for fear that he might fall down to the ground. * for fear that S might V 唯恐

19 Words for Production 21. concept [ `kAnsEpt ] n. [C] a general idea, thought, or understanding of something 概念, 觀念 Reading these essays on the rise and fall of a company, you can get the concept of management.

20 Words for Production 22. organization [ &OrG1n1`zeS1n ] n. [U][C] the act of arranging things effectively; a group of people with a special purpose, such as a club or business 組織;團體 Next

21 Words for Production 22. organization Several plans have been delayed because of poor organization. This has caused tremendous losses to the company. Susan works for a volunteer organization helping homeless people. 詞類變化

22 organize [ `OrG1n&aIz ] vt. 組織 The mothers living in the community have organized themselves to protect the safety of their children.

23 Words for Production 23. promptness [ `prAmptnIs ] n. [U] quickness 迅速,即時,不拖延 Modern communication is characterized by promptness. 詞類變化 * promptness = quickness

24 prompt [ prAmpt ] adj. 迅速的,即時的,不拖延的 The paramedics in the emergency room have to take prompt care of the patients. * emergency room 急診室

25 Words for Production 24. otherwise [ `^D2&waIz ] adv. if not 要不然,否則 Fasten your windows before a typhoon. Otherwise, they may be damaged by the strong wind. * otherwise = if not

26 Words for Production 25. doom [ dum ] vt. to cause, experience, or suffer something unavoidable and unpleasant, such as death or destruction 注定 … 的命運,命定 Humans are doomed to death even if medical science has made remarkable advances. 詞類變化 * be doomed to 註定 * even if = even though 即使 * make advances 進步

27 doom [ dum ] n. [C] 毀滅,死亡 According to the predictions of some scientists, the earth may meet its doom because of the rise in temperature. 根據 * according to + N According to the newspapers, the contact with the victim was hopeless. * According as + clause The students move into the higher class according as they pass or fail the examination.

28 4. spurt [ sp3t ] n. [C] a sudden, brief period of (intense emotion) ( 強烈感情的 ) 爆發 Words for Recognition

29 9. get down to to finally begin to do something 開始 認真做 … It was almost midnight before Dick got down to his term paper, and he found himself panicking. Idioms and Phrases * term paper 學期報告

30 10. take on to develop a new quality or appearance 帶有 … 性質,呈現 When the girl received her first month’s pay, her face took on a happy expression. Idioms and Phrases

31 11. catch up on to spend time doing something that one has not much time to do 事後補 做 … Last week, I took four days off; now, I have lots of work to catch up on. Idioms and Phrases * take … off … 休假

32 12. (be) on top of (to be) in complete control of a matter or a situation 完全掌握 The manager worked diligently to be on top of everything. Idioms and Phrases

33 13. in the present in the period of time that is happening now 目前,當下 You should live in the present, not in the past, so stop thinking about what you have lost. Idioms and Phrases

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