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Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Integumentary System.

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1 Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Integumentary System

2 Dermabrasion Definition  Improves facial scarring Why done  Embarrassment What is done  Freeze skin and sand face using a brush


4 Fat Transplantation Definition  Transfer of fat to face Why done  Correct skin defects (e.g. Wrinkles) What is done  Take fat from a donor site & re-inject into the recipient site


6 Malar Augmentation Definition  Cheek implants Why done  To give a flat face definition What is done  A triangle shaped silicone implant is inserted through a small incision made under the eyes


8 Rhytidectomy Definition  Face-Lift Why done  To fix saggy skin What is done  Incisions are made along the hair-line, loosen skin, tighten skin, & stitch. Cut off excess hanging.


10 Rhinoplasty Definition  Nose job by re-shaping or re-arranging cartilage or bone Why done  Cosmetic to improve look of the nose What is done  Chisel is used to chip away excess cartilage or bone and allows for re-shaping


12 Facial Liposuction Definition  Removal of fat from face Why done  Get rid of double chins, saggy skin, etc. What is done  Small incision is made and fat is sucked out


14 Mentoplasty Definition  Chin augmentation Why done  To alter contours of face, or add size to a receding chin. What is done  Incision made through mouth, chin implant is inserted, stitch patient back up


16 Can you think of any more? Give examples and what they are used for.

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