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2006 INT 2 CLOSE READING Feedback. 2. Identify and briefly explain any example of humour from the first paragraph Unlikely combinations – Aztec & advertising.

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1 2006 INT 2 CLOSE READING Feedback

2 2. Identify and briefly explain any example of humour from the first paragraph Unlikely combinations – Aztec & advertising exec Tongue in cheek tone – “essential part of our life” Contrasts – “muddy brown discovery” and “food of the gods” Exaggeration – “food of the gods”

3 What’s wrong?

4 5. Explain in your own words the two concerns of Professor Tom Saunders (line 15) about people’s chocolate consumption.  People eating more than/ nearly twice as much as they confess / declare (gloss of “admit”) (1)  Larger size / proportions / dimensions of products (gloss of “super-size) (1)Content of chocolate bars (1)

5 What’s wrong?  The two concerns of Professor Tom Saunders are that people are consuming more than they think  People think they’re eating less than they are  There are 9 to 10 calories in a small bit of chocolate but people are having 18 grams of chocolate a day but the makers of chocolate are saying that it is 35 grams. think

6 6. Why is it good news that manufacturers are considering reducing the amount of fatty acids in their products? They are related to (heart) disease OR this is in line with (Government) advice (lifts acceptable) 1 mark It means it will be better for people’s health Most of the energy comes from the trans fats and reducing it will decrease the weight increases when eating chocolate

7 7. Explain fully why “ironically” is a good choice of word at this point in the passage.  3 marks  1. Chocolate is now giving cause for concern  2. When at first it was seen as healthy  3. And this is strange / odd / funny / contradictory

8 8a Look at the advertisement placed by John Cadbury. Comment on the word choice or tone.  Word choice: anachronistic / old fashioned / formal  Tone: formal / polite

9 9. Explain how effective gatekeepers is as an image or metaphor (2 marks)  Gatekeepers is a good metaphor because women want their families to have good health so they eat it themselves and seeing a woman advertising chocolate makes it better (0)  “gatekeepers” suggests that women control who or what comes in or out of the house or that they are standing outside the house like a gatekeeper (1)  The mothers decide what was eaten in the family (0)  Gatekeepers is a good image because it gives the picture of the chocolate being guarded (1)  Gatekeepers is effective as it gives us an image of women being the key advertisers to the advertisement of chocolate, women are the ones keeping it going. (0)

10 To answer on imagery  1. Say what’s being compared to what (women to gatekeepers)  2. Explain the properties of the thing it’s being compared to (explain what a gatekeeper is)  3. Explain what this therefore reveals about the thing being described (explain what this reveals about the mothers)

11 Answer:  The women are being compared with gatekeepers. A gatekeeper is someone who guards the gate and decides what comes in. This suggests the woman has control of what food comes into her home so she makes the decisions on food and chocolate.

12 10a How does the writer’s word choice in the sentence “out went” make clear to the reader the changing role of women in society?  Stoic = someone who puts up with stuff  Meal on the run = something rushed People put up with stuff, food is convenient  “me” – everything’s to do with the one person’s needs  “indulgence” – people enjoy their treats and pleasures

13 Answer:  “On the run” suggests everything’s been rushed and convenient. “Indulgence shows the change to people taking time over themselves and their luxuries.

14 10b How does the structure of this sentence reinforce this idea of change?  Out went the stoic “meal on a run” idea, in came the post-Sixties “Me” sense of indulgence – running through the fields or sitting in a bath eating a flaky chocolate bar.  ANSWER: “Out went... In came” shows a sense of balance because the sentence has contrasting words.

15 11. Explain fully why the word “fantasies” is appropriate to describe the ideas behind the Flake advertisement. 2 marks

16 12. Look at the expression “kicked out.” Suggest two things this implies about the way people in the advertising industry conduct their business.  “Kicked out” suggests that advertisers don’t really care so long as the advertising is working properly.  “Kicked out” suggests people in the advertising industry conduct their ideas quickly and efficiently.  “Kicked out” suggests that they don’t mind changing things.

17 13. There are “different types of chocolate being developed.” Explain in your own words two ways in which these new products would help consumers to think that “it’s OK to eat some chocolate.  They are less fattening / contain fewer nutrients (gloss of “low calorie bars.”)  They are less bulky / chunky (gloss of “lighter” or “monolithic looking.”)  They encourage dividing / splitting (gloss of “shared (among friends”)  They have superior ingredients (gloss of “organic” / “exotic” / “high quality”)

18 What’s wrong?  Chocolate bars like Flyte have less calories than the likes of Mars also kit kubes have been made and can be divided within friends.  By mildly putting across the point that it is still not healthy to eat and by making chocolate that seems better than the higher calorie ones. - Less fattening -can be divided

19 14 “Watch out for the Wagon Wheel.” a) What can you deduce about what the Wagon Wheel was?  It is an example of the “comforting chocolates you remember from your childhood” – answers may refer to composition or historical context.  i.e. It’s comfort food OR it’s something from the past

20 14b “Watch out for the Wagon Wheel.” Give two reasons why this sentence might be an effective advertising slogan. AAlliteration pun - 2 meanings of “Watch out for”/ humour – it’s not really a wheel IIt’s an order SSuggests everything’s going to change

21 Be specific!  It would be effective because it’s short and catchy, so would help you to remember it and it would actually make you look out for it in a shop.  This might be an effective advertising slogan because it’s saying “Watch out” so it’s portraying a delicious treat that’s coming soon and also it’s showing a childhood treat is becoming popular and coming back.  This could be a good slogan because it’s playing on the fact that the wagon wheel is on a method of transport and will zoom past!!

22 KEY THINGS TO REMEMBER  Check the number of marks available  Use bullet points  Check what type of question it is U = give your own words, NOT sentence structure, imagery etc. A = analysis of structure, imagery, word choice, tone E = own opinion BASED ON THE PASSAGE

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