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Kendriya vidyalaya sawai madhopur subject:- english

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1 Kendriya vidyalaya sawai madhopur subject:- english
Submitted to:- Mr. Sanjay Sharma Submitted by:-AYUSHI JAIN Class:- XI Commerce Roll No. :- 5 Kendriya vidyalaya sawai madhopur subject:- english

2 Writer:- Masti Venkatesha Iyengar
RANGA’s MARRIAGE Writer:- Masti Venkatesha Iyengar

3 INTRODUCTION:- Ranga’s homecoming to hosahalli village from Bangalore was a great event for the villagers. Everyone wanted to see an english educated youngman. The narrator made up his mind to get Ranga married to Ratna, a pretty niece of Rama Rao. He arranged their meeting and with the help of the village astrologer facilitated their marriage.

4 The Hosahalli Village The narrator, Shyama of the story, belongs to Hosahalli village in the erstwhile Mysore state in South India. He narrates a story that happened ten years ago. In those days there were not many people in the village who knew English. Nor did they bring in english words while talking in Kannada. Even words like ‘change’ were not very current among people. The village accountant was the first one who had enough courage to send his son Ranga to Bangalore for study.


6 Ranga’s Homecoming Ranga’s homecoming was a great event in the village. People rushed to see him. Attracted by the crowd, the narrator too went there. Ranga came out with a smile. He still wore a “janewara” the scared thread over his chest. Women felt satisfied that he Had not lost his caste. Ranga did a ‘namaskara’ respectfully. The narrator blessed him that he might get married soon. Ranga bent low to touch his feet.

7 No plan for marriage The narrator asked rangappa when he planned to get married. Ranga replied that he had no plan of getting married in near future. he believed in marrying only when one got physically and mentally matured. He would marry a girl who was mature. Otherwise , he would remain a bachelor. He didn’t believe in arranged marriages. The narrator was distressed that the boy he thought would make a husband had decided to remain a bachelor

8 Rama rao’s niece Ratna Ratna was Rama Rao’s niece . She was a preety girl of eleven. She had come to stay with her uncle. She was from a big town and knew how to play the veena and harmonium. She also had a sweet voice. The narrator thought that Ranga was just the boy for her. She was the most suitable bride for him.


10 Ranga sees and hears ratna
The narrator was a frequent visitor to Rama rao’s place. The girl was quite free with him . It was Friday . The narrator asked ratna to sit ratna to sit in the room. She was wearing a grand saree. He sent for Ranga . Ranga stopped at the threshold. He didn’t want to the singing to stop. But he was curious to see the singer.

The process of choosing a girl was going on. The narrator asked Ranga to accompany him to see Shastri. They would find out if Guru and Shani were favourable for him or not . Ranga accompanied him without any protest. Shastri turned to Ranga and asked what he could do for him. The narrator asked Shastri to tell them what was worrying Ranga.

12 The narrator tutored shastri
Everything went according to the plan. Shastri was well tutored he did as he was asked to do by the narrator. He asked shastri if there was any chance of their negotiations bearing fruit with rama rao’s niece ratna definitely, replied shastri . There was some happiness on ranga’s face. On the way they passed on rama rao’s house.


Time flew on wings. Rangappa and ratna got married. One day Ranga came to invite the narrator for dinner. It was the birthday of Ranga’s son Shayma . He was at three . The narrator went there for dinner. Ranga’s son Shyama rushed to him. He put his arms round his legs. The narrator kissed him on his cheek. He placed a ring on his tiny little finger.

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