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Author: Patrick Skene Catling By: Bria Hemphill

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1 Author: Patrick Skene Catling By: Bria Hemphill
The Chocolate Touch Author: Patrick Skene Catling By: Bria Hemphill

2 Climax Falling Action Rising Action Resolution Exposition

3 Exposition John Midas- John Midas loves candy, especially chocolate. He eats too many sweets. He doesn’t eat any food, only candy. Mr. and Mrs. Midas- John’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Midas. They are concerned that he is eating too much chocolate and it will make him sick. Time: During the school year Place: The suburbs, with green lawns and big shade trees. Conflict: Everything John eats or drinks turns into chocolate.

4 Rising Action John finds a coin on the ground with his initials on it. John is going towards his friend’s house when he takes a different direction and goes into a candy store that he has never seen before. Once John is inside the store he trades his coin for a big box of candy. When he opens the box at home, he’s surprised and disappointed because there is only one piece of chocolate in the box. After he eats the chocolate from the box, everything he puts in his mouth (food and drink)turns into chocolate. He is happy that everything tastes so good. While John is preparing to take a test, he starts to nibble nervously on the end of his pencil. The pencil starts to spread (with chocolate) and all of a sudden it’s a chocolate pencil! He is unable to write and makes a big mess on his paper. At lunch John ordered healthy food he never used to like. He tries to not let the food touch his lips so that it doesn’t turn into chocolate, but when he swallows the food it too turns to chocolate. In music class John’s trumpet turns to chocolate and he can’t perform his solo. He was embarrassed and became flustered. It seemed like everybody was being mean and turning against him. He was starting to hate chocolate.

5 Climax John goes to Dr. Cranium because of what’s happening with the chocolate. Dr. Cranium gives John his own special compound: Dr. Craniums Elixir. When John drinks it, the elixir turns to chocolate! He goes back home to tell his mother. She starts crying so he gives her a kiss on the cheek, and she turns into a chocolate statue!

6 Falling Action After John turns his mother into a statue, he gets really upset and runs to the candy shop. Luckily, the shop is still there. He tells the candy store owner his problems about the “chocolate touch.” The shop keeper tells him that the coin that John found was only seen by greedy people. He begs the shop keeper to bring his mother back to life. The shop keeper tells him he has to make a choice. Would John rather have no more “chocolate touch” or his mother come back to life? John wanted to bring his mother back to life.

7 Resolution John is sorry for being greedy. The shop keeper understands and tells John to go home. He runs through the door and finds his mother alive! Everything now will taste like it is supposed to. He no longer has the “chocolate touch!”

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