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Intro to Frog Dissection

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1 Intro to Frog Dissection
Miss Colabelli

2 Directional Terms Anterior (ventral) = front Posterior (dorsal) = back
Superior (cranial) = Upper Inferior (caudal) = Lower Medial = midline Medial

3 Directional Terms Lateral = away from midline
Intermediate = between medial and lateral Proximal = point of origin Distal = away from origin Superficial = external/surface Deep = internal/beneath surface

4 Regional Terms Cephalic = head Frontal = forehead Orbital = eye
Nasal = nose Buccal = Cheek Occipital = base of skull

5 Regional Terms Thoracic = chest cavity Sternal = breast bone
Axillary = armpit Brachial = arm

6 Regional Terms Carpal = wrist Digital = fingers/toes
Vertebral = spinal

7 Body Planes Midsagittal – separates into equal right and left portions
Midline of the body Parasigittal – separates into unequal right and left portions

8 Body Planes Frontal – parallel to axis that separates body into anterior and posterior Transverse – Separates the body into superior and inferior portions Oblique – separates the body into diagonal portions

9 Body Cavities Dorsal cavity – contains central nervous system
Cranial cavity – brain and spinal cord Ventral cavity – contains respiratory, cardiac, digestive, urinary, and reproductive organs Thoracic cavity – within rib cage, floor is diaphragm (contains lungs and heart) Abdominopelvic cavity – occupies much of lower front torso (contains stomach, liver, spleen, kidneys, most of intestine, urinary bladder, most of reproductive system)

10 Lab Safety During dissection: WEAR GOGGLES AND GLOVES AT ALL TIMES!!
Wear closed toes shoes Hair tied back Clothing is not hanging or loose (bring a t-shirt to throw over clothes) To maintain a clean station, have one person in group be the reader and recorder while the other dissects the frog

11 Cleaning Up Make sure your lab area is cleaned before leaving class
To maintain freshness of your frog, wet a paper towel and wrap the frog in it, place the wrapped frog into a zip lock bag for the next day Rinse off all dissecting tools and DRY THEM Put all tools away and then remove gloves and goggles Wash your hands!

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