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SPRING 2014 CANCER AND MITOSIS CASE STUDY. BIOLOGY OBJECTIVES 1.2.2 Outline the cell cycle: Growth 1, Synthesis, Growth 2, Mitosis, and Cytokinesis Recognize.

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2 BIOLOGY OBJECTIVES 1.2.2 Outline the cell cycle: Growth 1, Synthesis, Growth 2, Mitosis, and Cytokinesis Recognize that mitosis is apart of ASEXUAL reproduction and meiosis is a part of sexual reproduction Organize diagrams of mitotic phases and describe what is occurring throughout the process. Compare mitosis to meiosis Understand that tumors (and cancer) result in an error in mitosis

3 ERROR IN MITOSIS Tumors result as an error in Mitosis. Cells divide continually without stopping. This results in a tumor. Tumors are simply a cluster of cells. Tumors can be malignant (cancerous) or benign {PRONOUNCED ‘BEE-nine’} (non-cancerous) Cells are supposed to die. This is called apoptosis. If cells fail to die, tumors form.

4 WARNING : The following slides contain graphic images of people suffering from various cancers. Not all tumors are malignant Please exhibit respect, maturity, and empathy when viewing these images.

5 EXAMPLES OF TUMORS Keep in mind that your entire body is made of cells. A tumor is a cluster of cells that have abnormal growth. A tumor can form ANYWHERE

6 EXAMPLES OF TUMORS Various Facial tumors of the nose, mouth, and eye Cell Theory Review: ALL LIVING THINGS are made of Cells! A tumor can form ANYWHERE ! TUMORS = CELLS GONE WRONG!


8 INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE ASSIGNMENT This assignment is completed INDIVIDUALLY This assignment will also count towards your FINAL PORTFOLIO PROJECT. So SAVE THIS!!! It is your responsibility to remain on task, and turn this assignment in ON TIME. Each day that it is late, 10 points will be deducted. This is a research project, and you must site ALL SOURCES in a reference page. It must be completed electronically, and submitted in Edmodo by April 7, 2014

9 ASSIGNMENT: PART I ESSENTIAL VOCABULARY Cell Cycle Interphase Mitosis Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Cytokinesis Tumor Cancer Malignant Abnormal Metastasis Sister chromatids Centriole Spindle Parent cell Daughter cell Apoptosis In your presentation : Define the following terms in complete sentences

10 ASSIGNMENT: PART II “THE CELL CYCLE” 1.Define all parts of the Cell Cycle. 2.Locate pictures for EACH phase of the cell cycle 3.Explain why apoptosis is important. 4.Explain how tumors form as a result in Mitosis

11 ASSIGNMENT: PART III (MEDICAL ARTICLE ANALYSIS) You must choose one (1) of the following articles, and provide a detailed (1 page) summary, written in your own words! Article #1: division-and-cancer-14046590 division-and-cancer-14046590 Article #2: /cancer.html /cancer.html Article #3: es/33788.aspx es/33788.aspx

12 ASSIGNMENT IV: CANCER RESEARCH 1.Research one of the following types of cancer: ovarian, prostate, throat, cervical, tongue cancer, cheek cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, nasal cavity, salivary gland cancer and breast cancer. 2.Research symptoms. 3.Provide treatment information. 4.Provide prevention and early detection methods (if applicable). 5.Provide your rationale (reason) for why you chose to research this type of cancer. 6.Photos must be included in your presentation

13 ASSIGNMENT V: CASE STUDY AND PATIENT TREATMENT 1. Read through the mock medical charts of each patient. 2.Research the possible modes of treatment (next slide), and decide which is best for each of the patients. 3.Consider medical costs, insurance, and health risks. 4. What are the side effects of your chosen treatment ? 5.Reviewing #1-4, tell how you would treat EACH patient.

14 SOME POSSIBLE TREATMENT OPTIONS 1. Surgery: to remove the tumor 2. Chemotherapy: use of medicine or drugs to treat cancer. “Chem” means chemical. 3. Radiation: much like x-rays. This is a painless procedure that uses rays to kill the abnormal cell’s DNA. This could also kill normal cells. 4. Homeopathic (natural) remedies: some say these methods don’t CURE cancer, but TREAT the symptoms: change in diet, exercise, cutting carbs, certain vitamins 5. Stem cell treatment: after cancerous cells (and some normal cells) are destroyed using chemo and radiation, doctors use stem cells to repair ANY damaged cells.

15 FYI: STAGES OF CANCER Stagesymptoms Stage 0 Carcinoma in situ. Meaning, the most basic form of cancer. Cancer that has remained in its primary region. Ex. A breast cancer tumor that is in situ has remained in the breast tissue. Stages 1-3Increase in tumor size. Tumors starting to spread beyond the organ from which it developed. Stage 4 Most severe. Cancer has metastasized (spread) to other parts of the body. This is the most aggressive stage of cancer.

16 PATIENT #1 Name: Carson Jones Male, 56 Cancer type: Prostate Stage: 2 Profession : Pediatrician. Graduate of Wake Forest, UNC-CH. Family: one wife, 3 adult daughters, 2 grandchildren. Additional info: Previously had surgery to remove the tumor. The tumor came back the following year.

17 PATIENT #2 Name: Joe Berry Male, age 81 Cancer type: Lung Cancer Stage: 4 Profession : retired Family: wife, 5 adult children, 10 grand children Additional info : Patient has undergone 2 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation with minimal success.

18 PATIENT #3 Name: Maria Valdez-Aguilar Cancer type: Ovarian Stage : 3 Profession: Family: husband (Deceased. Fatally wounded in Iraq). One son. Unable to have more children due to the location of her tumor. Additional info: Patient was advised to have a hysterectomy (removal of uterus and ovaries) to remove the source of cancer. Patient refused. Now the cancer has begun to spread to her bladder.

19 WHAT EXACTLY DO I TURN IN? Assignment I: Essential Vocabulary (all terms defined) Assignment II: All parts of the cell cycle defined (IPMATC), which pictures of each phase Assignment III: Medical Journal Article Analysis (1- page summary written in your own words) Assignment IV: Cancer Research Assignment V: Patient Analysis & Treatment Reference Page: all sources listed

20 HELPFUL LINKS y/radiation y/radiation 8/03/natural-cancer-treatment.aspx 8/03/natural-cancer-treatment.aspx on/staging on/staging ancer/.cfm?coSiteNavigation_allTopic=1 ancer/.cfm?coSiteNavigation_allTopic=1 ects/treatmenttypes/bonemarrowandperipheralbloodst emcelltransplant/stem-cell-transplant-types-of-transplant ects/treatmenttypes/bonemarrowandperipheralbloodst emcelltransplant/stem-cell-transplant-types-of-transplant

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