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All pictures and data of this presentation are property of TRIS (SAFETY) PTE LTD (Reg. No. 200517036M). Copying/reproduction, hiring or lending of these.

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1 All pictures and data of this presentation are property of TRIS (SAFETY) PTE LTD (Reg. No M). Copying/reproduction, hiring or lending of these media to third parties is not permitted without prior written permission of TRIS (SAFETY) PTE LTD. If used, the presentation including all pictures and data must clearly indicate the origin and must refer to TRIS (SAFETY) PTE LTD. We accept no liability for damage or consequences resultant from application of the statements, protocols and advice herein. This presentation is provided for information only. Users are reminded that this information should be used in conjunction with competent training and assessment and with an adequate duty of care that recognizes that no two sites or work practices are identical. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the information is applied appropriately to a site or work practice. IMPORTANT Potential users of this information are reminded:

2 WARNING In order to ensure optimum safety and performance, you must thoroughly read and understand ALL manufacturer instructions before using this technical equipment. The instructions are not exhaustive and CANNOT substitute for comprehensive instruction by trained and/or otherwise competent person.

3 WARNING Engaging at heights and in confined spaces are dangerous, the consequences of incorrect selection, use and maintenance of this technical equipment could result in damage, serious injury or death. It is critical at all times to ensure that you understand the correct and safe use of this technical equipment; uses it only for the purpose for which it is designed and practices all proper safety procedures.

4 WARNING IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO USE: Check this technical equipment for any damage or malfunction. If there is any doubt about the safe condition of this technical equipment, it should be withdrawn from use and inspected by a competent person.

5 Regulations and Standards Mountaineering Equipment – Pulleys – Safety requirements and test methods EN –This standard specifies safety requirements and test methods for pulleys for use in mountaineering including climbing. Definition –One or more sheaves mounted in a block or a body, which can be used to link a rope (in accordance with EN 892) or an accessory cord (in accordance with EN 564) to a connector (in accordance with prEN 12275) to safeguard a mountaineer, and which reduces the friction while the rope or accessory cord is moving under load.


7 SAR PULLEY The SAR PULLEYS have been designed for rescue and technical access. It comes in two styles, single and double. Both styles have swivel cheek/side plates for ease of fitting to rope. –The double pulley double ended connection of this set is mainly used in systems that are pre rigged or as traveler pulleys along twin line cable-ways and Tyrolean’s. It is specific in its use and therefore should be in a kit that the team members know what is required of it. –The single pulley double ended connection is used in systems along with the double pulley, but it is also used in specialist techniques for lowering lines within Tyrolean-type rescue systems. It can be used for all the same uses as the standard single with a few extra where there is a requirement for the twin connections. Do not use rope of a greater diameter than stated on the pulley or subject the pulley to a load greater than the normal working load.

8 Pulley Parts SAR PULLEY Minimum Breaking Strength: 30kN Rope Diameter: 12mm Spindle Retaining washer Connector hole Single pulley sheath Oil-light bearing Central swivel plate Outer swivel plate Connector hole

9 Specifications SAR PULLEY Material: High Grade ALLOY Strength: 30kN Rope Size: Maximum 12.7mm Sheath size: Ø50mm down to Ø38mm For Double Pulley with Double Ended –Side Plate Size: Height 75mm / Width 50mm –Centre Plate length: 100mm For Single Pulley with Double Ended –Side Plate Size: Height 150mm / Width 50mm / Colour:Standard Anodized Gold, Special’s Black *Approximate

10 Set-up Pulley System (I) MA = 4:1 Step 1. Place the two pulley with the round connector hole (eye) facing each other. Attach the rope (knot) with the steel screw-gate karabiner to the eye of one of the pulley. Step 2. Make two ‘U’ with the rope as shown.

11 Set-up Pulley System (II) MA = 4:1 Step 3. Place the rope into the pulley and closed with the steel screw-gate karabiner. Step 4. Final check to ensure that the pulley rope does not cross over each other.

12 Retrieval System Kit (Manual) To LOWER –use DESCENDER To RAISE –use ASCENDER

13 Rescue in Confined Spaces Industrial Applications

14 Rescue at Heights

15 Other Applications Suggested Systems of Use Note: The Delta maillon has been used within these systems to give an even safe loading, this would not happen using a karabiner and could cause the karabiner to fail.

16 User Guide SAR PULLEY Users should be trained, competent or under the supervision of such a person. It is difficult to estimate the lifespan of the pulley block due to variations in use and care, but in normal usage and with regular cleaning and lubrication it should be in excess of ten years.

17 User Guide SAR PULLEY Inspect for any signs of deterioration in the condition of the metalwork, wear on the pulley block, distortion or cracking of the cheeks. Ensure the pulley and the cheeks revolve freely. If in doubt withdraw from service and seek advice from a competent person or the manufacturer/supplier. Do not alter the pulley in any way. All repair work should be carried out by the manufacturer/supplier or with their authorization. An examination should be carried out at least every 6 months by a competent person. These inspections should be recorded paying particular attention to areas of potentially high wear such as the pulley wheel, shaft and side plates.

18 User Guide SAR PULLEY During use, avoid contact with sharp edges and abrasive or hard surfaces. Select components that are compatible with the pulley. In particular it is important that connectors/karabiners are of a similar radius to that of the cheek aperture on the pulley. Always arrange the connector/pulley/rope system so that the forces involved are in the same plane and would not lead to distortion of any of the system components.

19 User Guide SAR PULLEY Ensue that the usage instructions for other components used in conjunction with this pulley are complied with. Do not use rope of a greater diameter than stated on the pulley or subject the pulley to a load greater than the normal working load.

20 User Guide SAR PULLEY After use, wash with a mild detergent or disinfectant with a mild sterile solution and rinse with water. Dry and store in a clean dry environment away from any corrosive chemicals or substances. Pulley wheel axles may be lubricated with general purpose oil after cleaning. If the pulley comes into contact with any chemical or corrosive substances wash and dry immediately as stated above. If any damage has been caused to the metal destroy the pulley.

21 For More Information, Please Contact: Steven CHIANG Senior Consultant / Safety Specialist In Rope Tactics Mobile: (65) (roaming services)

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