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Health Dimensions “ The Human Side of Health Care” Genesee Valley BOCES.

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1 Health Dimensions “ The Human Side of Health Care” Genesee Valley BOCES

2 Welcome to Health Dimensions This CD will help you explore the Health Dimensions program The photos included are actual students performing some of the skills required for Health Dimensions Photos are also included showing other disciplines from Genesee Valley BOCES

3 Health Dimensions I and II “a two year program” HDI –Students learn the “Human Side” of Health Care –Personal care skills –106 hours of “hands on” care at local facilities providing care to “real clients”! Eligible for the New York State Certified Nurse Aide exam

4 Health Dimensions I and II “a two year program” HDII –Students continue with the “Human Side” of Health Care 80+ hours of clinical internships! –Specialized Training –Certifications include CPR; First Aid; AED; Reporting and Detecting Child Abuse; Geriatrics

5 Health Dimensions Students and Cosmetology Students “wheelchair safety”

6 Teddy Bear Clinic June 4, 2003 Health Dimensions Health Dimensions Students interact with Pediatric clients

7 Students learn to relax clients with back rubs

8 All “Hands On” care is practiced in the BOCES Health Careers Lab To allow students to gain self confidence before contact with a client

9 Health Dimensions I Students learn to complete vital signs Blood Pressure Pulse RespirationsTemperature

10 Health Dimensions students Assist with Activities of Daily Living Bathing Feeding Dressing Oral Care Shaving A M B U L A T I O N

11 Health Dimensions Students Spend one to three days per week, 80 to 106 clinical hours per year, October through May, at the following clinical internship sites

12 Local Hospitals UMMC BATAVIA Veterans Administration Medical Center

13 Medical Offices

14 Imaging Sites

15 Phlebotomy Drawing Stations Students learn to perform Venipuncture and Microcapillary blood collection

16 Local Nursing Homes Genesee County Nursing Home Batavia Nursing Home New York State Veterans Home

17 Students will: View an Actual Surgery Practice Suturing Simulate a Knee Replacement Perform an Active Role in a Simulated Surgery

18 Students will perform electrocardiogram monitoring of the heart

19 Students work with Geriatric Clients Pet Therapy (goat) Pot belly pig & Clara Picnic Time Dancing cheek to cheek

20 Students Learn to Respond to Emergencies

21 credit for 3 rd year Science Students in Health Dimensions can receive credit for 3 rd year Science by attending the Health Dimensions program!

22 Job Opportunities are exploding for graduates of Health Dimensions Currently the need for Certified Nurse Aides and entry level, personal care positions, exceeds the supply of trained persons

23 Graduates of Health Dimensions I will have the ability and skill to work as: –Personal Care Aide –Nursing Assistant –Transport Aide –Occupational Therapy Aide –Unit Aide –Home Health Aide –and other positions within the health care field.

24 Graduates of Health Dimensions II will have additional skills to work as: –Phlebotomy Aide –Electrocardiogram Aide –Geriatric Aide –Medical Office Aide –Unit Aide –Personal Care Technicians –These are only a few of the health care opportunities for students who complete 2 years in Health Dimensions

25 College Studies Health Dimensions Students can choose to receive 3 college credit hours for completion of HED 205 “Responding to Emergencies” and 3 college credit hours for PSY 101 “Introduction to Psychology” from Genesee Community College while enrolled in Health Dimensions II

26 Articulation Agreement Finger Lakes Community College will grant students who complete Health Dimensions I, and acquire their New York State CNA, 2 college credits when entering the Nursing Program at Finger Lakes Community College

27 Adult LPN Program Successful completion of 2 years in Health Dimensions may lead to a $100 Scholarship for the GVBOCES Adult Education Licensed Practical Nurse program! Call Mrs. Shelby for details!

28 Questions?

29 Call BOCES today

30 Call BOCES today to schedule a visit to explore Health Dimensions (585) 344-7711

31 Would you like more information? Call Bonny Shelby, RN Health Dimensions Instructor at GVBOCES (585) 344-7711

32 “Thank you” to the “Health Dimensions” students, past and present. This program would not be complete without you! Kristen Brianna Shaunta Nichol Keila Sara Shanda Ashley Jackie Shellie Theresa Melanie Stacy Jessica Missy Jennifer Nikki Sarah Marquita Melissa Joan Shameeka Betsy Emily Trina Andrea Missy Nicole Jay De Almond Angela Marcy Casey Melissa

33 A special thank you to Adam Bailey, Andy Shelby, and Thom Shelby for the background music, an original song, “HM 2” written and performed by N/A Le Roy, New York

34 Production and Editing Mrs. B. Shelby, RN Health Dimensions, Instructor Mrs. L. Mazza Computer Information Systems, Instructor CIS student Thank you for assisting with the production and editing of this CD

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