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OFF WE GO 1 Unit 1 Meeting New People 1 2 3 4 5 6.

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3 Unit 1 Meeting New People

4 1 2 3 4 5 6

5 Describing People tall {t7l} thin {q6n} long hair straight hair short {]7rt} chubby {`t]9b6} short hair curly hair

6 Country America {4`m5r6k4} England {`6;gl4nd} Canada {`k1n4d4} Japan {d.4`p1n}

7 A. Listen to the three short conversations, and number the pictures 1 to 3. 2 3 1

8 Conversation 1 Jerry: Hello, I’m Jerry. Nice to meet you. Ken: Hello, I’m Ken. Nice to meet you, too. Conversation 2 Melody: Hi, I’m Melody. What’s your name? Mike: My name is Mike. Melody: Where are you from, Mike? Mike: I’m from Canada. Melody: Nice to meet you, Mike. Mike: Nice to meet you, too.

9 Conversation 3 Kate: Betty, who’s that tall boy? Betty: He’s my friend Alex. Kate: Wow, he has curly hair and blue eyes. Where is he from? Kate: He’s from England.


11 1. American [ 4`m5r6k4n ] n. Rick is from America. He’s American. 2. the States phr. I love fast food from the States. Language Notes Conversation

12 C. Listen and circle the correct answers. Conversation a. The States b. Japan c. Canada 1. Where is Jessica from?

13 C. Listen and circle the correct answers. Conversation a. Tim b. Yuki c. Jessica 2. Who is a little fat?

14 C. Listen and circle the correct answers. Conversation a. Tim and Yuki b. Yuki and Taki c. Jessica and Tim 3. Who looks the same?

15 C. Listen and circle the correct answers. Conversation a. Just Tim b. Just Jessica c. Both Tim and Jessica 4. Who is from America?

16 C. Listen and circle the correct answers. Conversation a. Yuki b. Taki c. Jessica 5. Who has blue eyes?

17 C. Listen and circle the correct answers. Conversation a. Jessica b. Yuki c. Tim 6. Who likes salad?

18 C. Listen and circle the correct answers. Conversation a. Long b. Straight c. Long and straight 7. What is Jessica’s hair like?

19 C. Listen and circle the correct answers. Conversation a. They are thin. b. They are chubby. c. They are short. 8. What do Yuki and Taki think about Americans?

20 生活一點靈 Personal Characteristics beautiful 美麗的(似: lovely 美麗的 pretty 漂亮的) cute 可愛的 fat 肥胖的 overweight 過重的 plump 豐滿的、胖嘟嘟的 skinny 極瘦的 slim 苗條的、纖細的 handsome 英俊的 nice-looking 漂亮的(反: ugly 醜陋的)

21 Grammar

22 Exercise: Circle the correct answers. 1. He ( are / is ) tall. 2. Phil and Lil ( isn’t / aren’t ) chubby. 3. ( Are / Is ) you short? 4. She ( am / is ) thin. 5. David ( is / are ) from England. 6. ( We’re / We’s ) from America.

23 Exercise: Change the following sentences into questions. Example No, I’m not Jane. → Are you Jane? 1. Yes, he’s short. 2. She’s from England. 3. Yes, we’re from Taiwan. Is he short? Where is she from? Are you from Taiwan?

24 Grammar

25 Grammar

26 Exercise: Write the words below in the correct blank. Iam __________ He / Sheis We / You / Theyare I / We / You / They have __________ He / Shehas tall chubby shortthin blue eyesbrown eyes short hairlong hair curly hairstraight hair

27 Exercise: Complete the conversation below. Then practice with a partner. A: What ________ your friend, John, look like? B: Well, ________ ________ thin and he ________ short hair and blue eyes. A: Really? Does he ________ curly hair? B: Yes, he ________. A: ________ he tall? B: No, ________ ________. He’s short, but he’s handsome. A: Too bad! I like tall boys! does heishas have does Is heisn’t

28 Reading

29 Greetings change from __________ to culture. Here are a few from around the world: China and Taiwan People usually give each other a little _________ to say hello. The United States Men and women __________ hands the first time they meet.  culture nod shake

30 Reading France French people kiss each other once on each __________ to say both hello and goodbye. Tibet In Tibet, __________ your tongue __________ at someone is actually __________. It shows you have no __________ __________. If you do that in some other cultures, though, you won’t find friends easily. cheek out polite sticking thoughtsevil

31 Reading New Zealand When meeting a Maori from New Zealand, touch your nose against his or her nose with your eyes closed. It’s not easy, but this is how Maori people __________ one another. Remember that different people have their own greetings. Keep an open mind and you’ll have lots of interesting experiences. Bon voyage! greet

32 Useful Sentences in Greeting 問句答句 初次見面 How do you do? Nice to meet you.Nice to meet you, too. 已熟識 How are you?Fine, thank you. How are you doing? = How’s it going? Pretty good. How about yourself? Not too bad. How about you? Nothing much / Nothing special. How is everything going?Great. / Not bad. / Fine. 再次見面 Nice to see you again.You, too. (為 Nice to see you again, too. 的省略說法。) 這樣說、那樣說

33 這樣說、那樣說 I haven’t seen you for a long time. = It’s been a long time. What a small world! It is such a surprise to see you here. I haven’t heard from you in a long time. I hardly recognized you! = You look so different now! How is your family? I heard that you are doing well. You are just the same as before. You look well. = You look great. How come you look so thin now? (如果要問對方是不是胖了可以說 are you gaining weight , 相反的,減肥的說法就是 lose weight 。)

34 Reading 1. culture {`k9lt]/} n. He loves working abroad and meeting people from different cultures. 2. nod {n3d} n. The doorman gave me a friendly nod. 3. shake {]ek} v. My father shook the neighbor’s hand warmly. Language Notes

35 Reading 4. cheek {t]ik} n. I always kiss Mom on the cheek before going to bed. 5. stick out... phr. Tracy made a face and stuck her tongue out. 6. polite {p4`la6t} adj. It’s not polite to talk with your mouth full. Language Notes

36 Reading Language Notes 7. evil {`ivy} adj. The woman was punished for her evil acts. 8. thought {q7t} n. I’ve just had a thought—it might be quicker to go by taxi. 9. greet {grit} v. My neighbor greeted me with a smile.

37 1. What part of the body is NOT used in the greetings discussed in the article? a. The mouth b. The feet c. The nose C. Circle the correct answers. Reading

38 2. In which country is the greeting the same whether you’re meeting someone or leaving them? a. France b. Tibet c. New Zealand C. Circle the correct answers. Reading

39 3. Which people don’t look at each other when saying hello? a. Taiwanese b. French c. Maori C. Circle the correct answers. Reading

40 4. In which of the following countries do people NOT touch when greeting? a. Taiwan b. France c. New Zealand C. Circle the correct answers. Reading

41 5. Why do people in Tibet stick out their tongues when greeting? a. To show they’re not thinking bad things b. To show they don’t like other people c. To show they are not eating anything C. Circle the correct answers. Reading

42 Which form of greeting do you think is the best? Which greeting would you prefer to avoid? Why? What do you think would happen if a Maori person were to greet someone from Tibet? How about if a French person greeted a Chinese person? D. Reading

43 Writing A. Fill in the blanks. Sarah: I don’t know that person. I should go over and ___________________. (Walking over) Excuse me. ___________________. Gary: Hello, Sarah. I’m Gary. ___________________. Sarah: Nice to meet you, too. (Later) Sarah: ___________________? I’m Sarah. Tony: How do you do, Sarah? I’m Anthony, but ______________________. Sarah: Hi, Tony. Let’s go and meet some other people. D introduce myself A I’m Sarah C Nice to meet you E How do you do B you can call me Tony

44 Writing B. Change the affirmative sentences into negative sentences. 1.I’m Judy. 2.My brother has curly hair. 3.Diana is from Japan. 4.They have green eyes. 5.We are short and thin. I’m not Judy. My brother doesn’t have curly hair. Diana isn’t from Japan. They don’t have green eyes. We’re not short and thin. / We aren’t short and thin.

45 Writing C. Change the following sentences into interrogative sentences. 1.My name is Kenny. 2.No, they aren’t Kim and Pete. 3.Gina is from Canada. 4.Sam is tall. He has blue eyes. 5.Their names are Amy and Tim. What is your name? Are they Kim and Pete? Where is Gina from? What does Sam look like? What are their names?

46 Extension Learning


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