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Fluorescence Microscopy Test your prediction skills.

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1 Fluorescence Microscopy Test your prediction skills.

2 Hoechst stain The structure of these stains causes them to slide in between the bases of DNA and fluoresces blue. –What structure of the cell would you predict would be stained?

3 Human cheek cell We’ll come back to the green.

4 Connective tissue cells – fibroblasts We’ll come back to the red and green.

5 Bull sperm The heads of sperm are filled completely with this structure. We’ll come back to the green.

6 DiOC6 associates with lipids and produces a green color What subcellular structures are lipid based?

7 Human cheek cell

8 Ovary cells from Chinese Hamster

9 Oxidation revealer red Concentrated in the organelle that uses oxygen to generate ATP

10 Connective tissue cells - fibroblasts


12 Oxidation revealer green Same characteristics as oxidation revealer red, but a different color fluorescence

13 oxidation revealing green same structure, highly elongated shape Fathead minnow cell

14 The tails of sperm are packed with these structures.

15 acid loving red Accumulates in organelles with an acid pH, useful for breaking down wastes

16 Canine kidney cells We’ll come back to the green, which is a different dye from the one you’ve seen already.

17 BODIPY ceramide (green) Ceramides are molecules taken up and metabolized by the organelle responsible for for transporting lipids and proteins to the cell membrane

18 Canine kidney cells

19 Fibroblast cells

20 Phalloidin green Binds to filamentous actin


22 Phalloidin red Binds to filamentous actin




26 Bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells – the cells lining the interior of the major vessel bringing blood into the lungs. In this picture, the green is a microtubule stain. The red is phalloidin.

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