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Landmarks of the Face and Oral Cavity

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1 Landmarks of the Face and Oral Cavity

2 Landmarks of the Face Nostril Ala of the Nose
Openings to the nasal cavity Lined w/ mucosa Cilia Nasal hair Ala of the Nose Wing of the nose outer edge of nostril

3 Landmarks of the Face Philtrum V-shaped depression Labial Comissures
Below the nose Above the upper lip. Midline Labial Comissures corners of mouth Herpetic lesions often found here Labial Commissure Labio-mental groove

4 Lips Lips Labial Tubercle Covered w/ skin on outside, mucosa inside
Vermillion Zone reddish portion Lip stick goes here Vermillion Boarder Edge of the lips Lip liner goes here Labial Tubercle Tip of the upper lip Protrusive tissue

5 Ears Lobule aka ‘lobe’ Helix Tragus Fatty tissue that hangs down.
Outer edge of the ear Tragus Cartilage Covers ear canal opening Ala-tragus plane

6 Facial Grooves Naso-labial groove Labio-mental groove Groove from
AKA sulcus Groove from ala of the nose to corners of mouth Labio-mental groove Groove between the lip and chin

7 Landmarks of the Oral Cavity
Oral Vestibule aka Labial vestibule Buccal vestibule Pocket inside mouth where cheek meets gingiva Located on Max. and Man. ‘Chew’ is placed here Vestibular Fornix Deepest part of the vestibule

8 Oral mucosa Mucosa Labial mucosa Buccal mucosa
Tissue that lines inner surface of lips & cheeks Labial mucosa-lines the lips Fordyce’s spots found in labial mucosa (small yellowish glands) Buccal mucosa-lines the cheeks Stensen’s duct is located on buccal mucosa Labial mucosa Buccal mucosa

9 Landmarks of the Oral Cavity
Gingiva AKA gums Firmly attached Dense, fibrous tissue withstands chewing pressure Pink Stippled

10 Frena / Frenum Frena Raised lines of mucosal tissue
Frenum (singular) Raised lines of mucosal tissue Extends from vestibule to labial & buccal mucosa Attaches tongue to floor of the mouth

11 Landmarks of the Oral Cavity
Palate AKA roof of the mouth 2 sections: Hard & Soft Palate Hard Palate-Anterior portion Palatine rugae Ridges on roof of mouth Palatine raphe Seam down center of palate Soft Palate-Posterior portion Uvula is projection – extends off back of soft palate

12 Exostosis Bony growth Torus palantinus Projects from a bony surface.
Anywhere in the body Torus - singular Tori - plural Oral cavity Torus palantinus Aka palatal tori

13 Mandibular Tori Torus Mandibularis (excess bone under tongue, AKA tori) Uni-lateral One side Bi-lateral Both sides Buccal Towards the cheek

14 Landmarks of the Oral Cavity
Tongue Glossus muscle Glossitis Inflammation of the tongue Papilla (taste buds) on dorsal side Filiform papillae (hair like projections) Fungiform papillae (strawberry effect) Median sulcus divides tongue in half

15 Salivary Glands Secrete saliva Three Pairs of Salivary Glands
aid in digestion process Three Pairs of Salivary Glands Parotid Largest Secretes saliva via the Stensen’s duct Located by #2 & 15

16 Salivary Glands Sub-Mandibular Sub-Lingual Size of walnut
Secretes saliva via the Wharton’s duct Located in area of #24 & 25 Sub-Lingual Smallest gland Secretes saliva from under the tongue Many ducts Like a ‘soaker’ hose

17 Saliva 5 major functions of Saliva Aids in digestion Helps swallowing
Enzyme (salivary amylase) Helps swallowing Lubrication Provides moisture to mouth (washes off teeth) Provides fluoride to teeth Breaks down carbohydrates

18 Conclusion Knowing and understanding landmarks of the oral cavity is very important. Understanding word parts will make it easier to learn landmarks. Materials, techniques and instructions will be related to landmarks. Any questions??

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