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Cell Lab.

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1 Cell Lab

2 Title: Cell Lab Purpose:
1. To review cell structures and their functions. 2. To compare eukaryotic & prokaryotic cells. 3. To observe the specialization of cell structure & function that occurs in multicellular organisms.

3 Pre-Lab: Drawings Draw an animal cell and label the following organelles. Nucleus, Smooth ER, Rough ER, Golgi, Mitocondria, Cell Membrane, Ribosomes, Vesicle, Cytoskeleton, Lysosome Draw a plant cell and label the following organelles. Nucleus, cell wall, cell membrane, central vacuole, chloroplast, golgi, ER, mitochondria Draw a prokaryotic cell and label the following organelles. Cilia, flagella, DNA, capsid

4 Questions 1. What is the difference between prokaryotic & eukaryotic cells? 2. What cellular organelles are only found in plant cells? 3. Where in the cell is DNA stored in eukaryotic cells? 4. What organelle provides the cell with energy? 5. What organelle in plants is responsible for converting solar energy to chemical energy (photosynthesis)?

5 Lab Part I. Cells of the Kingdom Animalia
Part II. Cells of the Kingdom Plantae Part III. Cells of the Kingdom Monera

6 Analysis: Cell Type Pro. Or Euk. Size rank Cell Shape (Draw)
Producer or Consumer Plant, Animal, Bacteria Uni or Multi Cheek Elodea Bacteria

7 1. Compare the shape of the cheek cells to the elodea cells.
2. Describe the movement of the chloroplasts in the Elodea. 3. What cell parts are found in the Elodea that are not present in the cheek cells? 4. Compare the bacteria cells to the cheek and Elodea cells in terms of size and organelles present. 5. What special job are Elodea cells built for? What organelle is present that undergoes this process?

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