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November Strategy of the Month Paired Reading (Partner Reading)

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2 November Strategy of the Month Paired Reading (Partner Reading)

3  _reading?theme=print _reading?theme=print   

4 What Do Skilled Readers Do When They Read? Make Connections Visualize Predict & Infer Ask Questions & wonder Evaluate & Judge the text Monitor & Clarify Summarize Synthesize Evaluate

5 What is Paired Reading?

6 Why Use Paired Reading?

7 When Should I Use Paired Reading? During READING

8 How To Utilize the Paired Reading Strategy  Define/Explain/Describe the strategy or concept  Cite your instructional objective  Provide instructional materials  Describe the sequence of steps involved in the process  Anticipatory set  Modeling of the instructional procedure  Guided practice activity

9 Anticipatory Set Establish a motivation to learn Model both a non example and an example of fluent reading Reinforce the purpose of the strategy and how it will help them as readers


11 Modeling of Instructional Practice

12 Guided Practice Activity

13 Independent Practice

14 How to Pair Students Pair students either by same reading ability or by high level readers with low level readers.

15 How Might I Differentiate This Strategy? Differentiate Reading Materials Encourage Rereading passages Allow students to choose high interest materials for paired reading Allow students to read from different texts during the reading activity. Have one partner occasionally ask comprehension questions. Adjust partners as students improve so students have opportunity to be in the “modeling” role.

16 What Are the Benefits of Paired Reading?

17 Watch an Example 4&feature=related&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1& safe=active


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