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Stoll 2010 A Culturally Appropriate Gospel Message (Part 2)

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1 Stoll 2010 A Culturally Appropriate Gospel Message (Part 2)

2 The gospel message never changes. We can highlight or present the gospel differently to those from other cultures. Worldview underlies, supports culture. 2 Minute Review

3 The Culture Iceberg Feelings Values Authority RolesBeliefs Concepts of TruthMotivations Worldview Subjective Culture Objective Culture Food Greetings Clothing Eye Contact Initiative Time Consciousness Modified from A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures Patty Lane, IVP, 2002.

4 Muller suggests three results or responses to man’s rebellion in Gen 3: Eyes opened – Guilt – Broken law Afraid – Fear – Broken trust Hid – Shame – Broken relationship We can see these three conditions as building blocks of three main global worldviews.

5 The Bible clearly speaks to all three worldviews An effective presentation of the good news should address the listener’s underlying worldview

6 Part 2 Remember life under the Godfather?

7 If you had just slapped the Godfather in the face, what is your life like after that point? Every aspect of my life would be driven by fear. It would be the lens through which I based all decisions.

8 What might I long for? power/strength; protection/refuge; peace How might I see God? wrathful; vengeful; capricious; unapproachable; other-worldly Fear–based Worldview

9 Appease the boss Seek alliance with other powers Quietly seek peace; go unnoticed Fear–based Strategy

10 Central and South America Africa Islands of the Far East (PNG; Indonesia) First Nations of U.S. Modern Fear–based Cultures

11 Increasing among US youth – Media Modern people with an element of fear-based worldviews may define sin in the garden differently than we might….How? They cut the ties to their protector They broke a trust bond…. (what are the steps to rebuild trust?)

12 1. Reality of the supernatural Spirits, gods, demons, ancestors and ghosts exist All revolves around interaction with this spirit world Everything in life is attributed to the activities of these forces No distinction between natural and supernatural (animistic; primal religions) Hallmarks

13 2. Fear of unseen powers No natural laws of nature, no immutable laws; little based in science So nothing is predictable Open universe where nothing is ruled out Unseen powers co-exist and influence the physical world

14 3. Superstitions Suspicion of outsiders Beliefs that powers may be in people, animals, even in animate objects Attributing personal characteristics to unseen powers (feelings, realms, wills)

15 1. Appease the offended Taboos – rules to protect the unwary Sacrifice / dedications Rituals Controllers of appeasements Witch doctors, shamans, priests Communicate with the spirits Have real power – why? What to do?

16 2. Seek alliances to gain power 3. Live quietly; in harmony with spiritual forces Striving to live in balance or at peace with the forces around me So I don’t bring the wrath of some power down on me

17 1. Power struggles on the mission field 2. Struggles with fear due to past abuse Related Struggles

18 Does the gospel message clearly address a fear-based worldview? How? Could we intentionally include the resurrection? Why? Look at Peter in Acts 2:14-24 Questions

19 Find a verse –addressing fear? –offering power? (Healing?) –offering peace? –offering light in darkness? Possible verses to consider: Acts 13:29-31; 1 Cor 6:14; Rom 6:8-10; 1 Pet 1:3-5; Acts 2:24; 2 Tim 1:7; Rom 8:15; 1 John 4:18; Eph 1:18-20; Rom 1:3,4; 1 Cor 2; 1 Cor 15:3-5; 1 Thess 1:9,10

20 What are appropriate Bible stories to segue to the gospel message? Explain which 2 Bible stories might be best for sharing the gospel to fear-based worldviews. Lepers healed Lazarus Calmed the seas Abraham’s sacrifice Woman touching Jesus’ hem

21 Remember You can’t overestimate the role of prayer! This is where the spiritual battle is most obvious.

22 The information in this presentation is taken from: The Messenger, The Message, The Community by Roland Muller 2006 Publisher: CanBooks; ISBN: 0-9733642-1-1

23 Next Session Detailed look at our guilt-based worldview How the gospel addresses this condition Discuss “best practices” for this worldview

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