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Jesse Jackson : The last one Standing?. Early Years/Education Basic Information – Is there anything that stands out? Can you create an essential question?

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1 Jesse Jackson : The last one Standing?

2 Early Years/Education Basic Information – Is there anything that stands out? Can you create an essential question? Jesse Jackson, Sr. was born in Greenville, South Carolina on October 8, 1941. In 1959 he was accepted to the University of Illinois on a football scholarship, but a year later he transferred to North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. Questions that I would ask myself? The above is too basic Jesse was born in the South during WWII, how did this event affect his family? What types of discrimination did he face growing up under the oppressive system of Jim Crow? Most families have family secrets – were there any secrets in Jesse’s family? After asking myself these questions, I researched more. I did not limit myself to 2 articles, I sifted through several to find the information that I wanted.

3 What did I find out? Jesse Louis Jackson was born on October 18, 1941, in Greenville, South Carolina, a city beset with the problems of racial segregation. From birth, Jackson faced his own personal brand of discrimination. As a young girl his mother, Helen Burns, became pregnant by her married next-door neighbor, Noah Robinson. The young boy was shunned and taunted by his neighbors and school classmates for being "a nobody who had no daddy." Instead of letting this adversity defeat him, Jackson developed his exceptional drive and understanding of those who are oppressed. His mother eventually married and became a successful hairdresser while his stepfather, a postal employee, adopted Jackson in 1957. With helpful advice from his maternal grandmother and his own desire to succeed, Jackson overcame his numerous childhood insecurities, finishing tenth in his high school class, even though he was actively involved in sports. His academic and athletic background earned Jackson a football scholarship at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Jackson, eager to get away from the Southern racial climate, traveled north only to find both open and covert discrimination at the university and in other parts of the city.

4 How might I use the information? Do I keep everything or delete? Did I find something else more interesting? The information in the previous slide, I would simply tell the class. I would not include the paragraph in my presentation. As I started narrowing down the presentation, I realized that it wasn’t that important to discuss WWII’s impact on the Jackson clan. I found more information on South Carolina and WWII, therefore I dismissed this information. As I am reading, I’m thinking about some of the controversy surrounding Jesse’s career. We are aware of his infidelities. So, I was thinking back to his childhood and his mother – is this an example of the apple not falling far from the tree? I would not introduce this information until later when I make connections to his childhood. So, this information is filed for now.

5 I Am Somebody I am somebody. I am somebody. I am a child of God. I may not be educated but I am somebody. I may not have any money but I am somebody. I may not eat steak every day but I am somebody. I may not look the way you look but I am somebody. – Prayer during the Poor People's Campaign march in Washington, DC (21 May 1968)

6 Never Neglect Me If my mind can conceive it, if my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it because I am somebody! Respect me! Protect me! Never neglect me! I am somebody! My mind is a pearl! I can learn anything in the world! Nobody can save us, from us, for us, but us! I can learn. It is possible. I ought to learn. It is moral. I must learn. It is imperative. Speech at Anderson College in Anderson, Indiana (4 March 1979), quoted inPsychology Through the Eyes of Faith (1987) by David G. Myers and Malcolm A. Jeeves

7 Essential questions and connections When Jesse said I am Somebody and recited the other poem, do you think he was speaking of his trials and tribulations growing up in South Carolina? What part of the poem is for himself? His parents? African- Americans? Others? Explain your reasoning Based on part 1 of this presentation, what have you learned about Jesse Jackson’s life? This is the handout that I would give to the students during my presentation. Each presenter must have a handout for the class and you must give feedback.

8 Other pertinent information that I would include My presentation covers Jesse’s early years. After I inform the class of my intentions/objectives, I would give a brief overview of what others would touch on in order to introduce our presentation. I would present other information regarding his education and racial experiences that I did not incorporate – this is where my talking points occur. Pictures will be included that connect to my portion A quote from his parent(s) and more on their relationships and backlash Closing activity for the class

9 Information from my peers Part II – Activism (1960’s – late 1980’s) SCLC and Dr. King Controversy surrounding the balcony and Dr. King’s death Operation PUSH – meaning and purpose National Rainbow Coalition 1996 – Merging – Rainbow/PUSH Coalition 1984 – run for the U.S. presidency 1988 – second run for the U.S. presidency Introduce vocabulary (at least 1 term – it could be as simple as coalition – for some )

10 Later Years (1990 – present)

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