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Jan/Feb 2012 Survey Results Summary Academics & Programming (78 responses)

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1 Jan/Feb 2012 Survey Results Summary Academics & Programming (78 responses)

2 Preferences if need to Decrease Programming  Many comments expressed that people don’t want to decrease anything!  Based on this…maybe we should only look at top 1 or 2 responses  Explorations would be first preference to decrease  Science, Spanish and IB Principles had fewest (less than half) mentions

3 Academic Challenge  Most parents feel current curriculum is challenging enough (61%)  However, a significant minority (35%) feel more challenge is needed

4 Ideal Level of Academic Rigor  For those with opinion (70%), most feel Swigert is now Avg or Above Avg in Stapleton  In future, most (84% of those with an opinion) want to see a higher level of rigor…about evenly split between Above Avg. in Stapleton, Best in Stapleton and Best in Denver Don’t Know Most in Denver Most in Stapleton Above Avg. in Stapleton Avg. in Stapleton Avg. in DPS Below Avg. in DPS

5 Satisfaction w/Current Level of Emphasis  Most subjects perceived to be “about right”, with none getting too much emphasis  Two subjects noted by over 30% as not having enough emphasis: Science (44%) and Spanish (37%)

6 Preferences if able to Increase Programming  Overall response rate: Science, Math and Spanish were top 3  Looking at 1 st /2 nd choice (highest priorities): Math (31 mentions), Science (24), Spanish (22), IB (18), Reading (18), were mentioned most…with steep drop-off after that

7 Preferences if need to Decrease Programming  Many comments expressed that people don’t want to decrease anything!  Based on this…maybe we should only look at top 1 or 2 responses  Explorations would be first preference to decrease  Science, Spanish and IB Principles had fewest (less than half) mentions

8 Takeaways/Ideas/Discussion  Is this a call to clarify standards and/or implement higher standards?  What steps could be taken to “challenge” students more --- more paras, smaller classes, longer days, longer year, more homework, other???  More science – what is done now, what is plan by grade-level, what curriculum is used, what curriculum alternatives are available, is science “specials” teacher an option?  More math – isn’t Singapore math “world class” curriculum? Maybe this is about challenging the advanced kids better via math groups, advanced work, other??  More Spanish – can/should Spanish # of days or time of class be increased at all, or older grades? Other ideas??  Overall….what can be done with little or no incremental cost???

9 Open Responses – Academic Rigor COMMENT Don't know exactly what this question is asking. I don't Want my children to be in a rigorous school. Please allow more space for comments in these surveys. This question doesn't really make sense. Does "ave for Stapleton" mean it is higher than DPS? Regardless, we should focus on a challenging environment based on the fundamentals of math, reading and writing. I want it to be challenging, but I also want my kiddos to have a childhood and not have hours of homework every night after being in school all day. I would love to hear more about the pros and cons of homework. There are a lot of high achieving kids in this neighborhood;academic standards need to be high. I do not think that a longer school day translates to highter academic standards. Kids who master something quickly need to be allowed to move on. It would be great to have A more vigorous academic ECE curriculum for kids that have mastered mist of the kindergarten curriculum like those already reading and doing masochism math computations. Students should be allowed to work at their own pace rather than working on one assignment at a time and "coloring" or other busy work while waiting for the rest of the class to finish. Most important factor is strong insturction and leadership that supports/encourages strong instruction/differentiated in the classroom. I'm glad school is challenging for my child, it makes him stretch. I'd like SMIS to be the best school in Denver. I believe in the 5 min of homework per grade level. Kids have so much going on in their lives that I believe they should do the majority of learning at school and have a bit of reinforcement at home. Would like to see kindergarten emulate an Advanced Kindergarten curriculum. I have no problem with my children being challenged above and beyond expectations. I am willing to help my child excel by being an active participant in her education and getting tutors, etc to assist in her success. Not sure why we are comparing to Stapleton schools since we are all part of Denver. Just want to receive the A rating. I'm torn about this issue. My kids are struggling, barely able to keep up. I want them to do well and feel successful. Yet, they're going to need special help in order to do so. The ECE curriculum fails to challenge students who have been in a learning environment previously. We would like to see the teachers plan for and conduct additional lessons with those who need more challenge. I wish explorations was more academic. Teachers are doing great! I was happy to see my child challenged right amount and grow in academics greatly in the past few months. Fairly disappointing. Singapore math ( which I haven't seen one piece). Second graders spelling words like hat, such or bird.Really words like bird. I see no work in the classroom showing any IB curriculum. Just a bunch of printouts for homework.

10 Open Responses – Academic Rigor COMMENT I would like to see more progress reports completed by the teacher and students. I don't feel as though our child is being pushed or incentivized to explore further beyond the school work once it is completed. Many of the exercises that come home are similar to ones that were completed in Kindergarten. It would be nice if Swigert could challenge some of the highest achieving neighborhood children, as they don't currently have a Stapleton option. Homework in grade 2 - esp math and writing - seems basic. ECE student learning more letters, but b/c student is at top of learning curve, not sure how much attention teachers give to develop those skills. Kelly Leonard is an incredible Kindergarten teacher and should be regarded as an huge asset to SMIS! I have two kids other than my son who is in her class and must have her for my other two! She is excellent at what she does. We need to have a plan for differentiating students. You have many bright and GT students here that need to be accommodated just like any other student. Need to ensure that all kids are being academically challenged based upon their individual abilities We have seen the teacher to an excellent job of challenging our child to perform to her level. Strongly encourage that to continue. Child 1 is in 2nd Child 2 is in K Child 3 is in ece4 My child is advanced in some areas (math/read.), but not all (writing). Today my child expressed that ‘I am bored in math and I never know what to write at writing time”. Ideally, my child could advance faster in math and go with the flow in writing. My son knew most of what he learned this year when he was 3. Consider placing students according to ability not in a heterogeneous classroom. What do we need to do to get more para assistance ? I think the teachers seem a bit overwhelmed. Especially in the upper grades. I have been disappointed by the challenge that my child have received thus far. We have expressed our desires for adding more rigor and challenge and have not seen much response to the request. It seems as if the standards are average at best. Class size is to big for kindergarten I would like to stress the importance of differentiation for all children. My child is not talented and gifted and just needs to be in a classroom that enforces best practices. Importance of play and socialization (still want) but child hasn't developed much academically. More communication about what does happen;how support at home (how to teach pre-reading skills, math, etc). Spanish and computer class. ECE-3 daughter is beyond what we thought she would be at; what she's learned is amazing. Our K son is also already beyond the DPS standards, however as parents who feel they understand their kids, we feel that our son could be pushed even more. Even though the transition into SIS has been difficult for our second grader, we are thrilled that he is being challenged and is now stepping up his game to meet and exceed the expectations that are set for the students.

11 Open Responses – Programming COMMENT This survey is very limiting. Especially last question. Don't decrease anything. We need more information. Math, reading, writing and science should be the primary focus. Other subjects are fine, but only secondary focus/financing/etc. NO decrease needed, I only filled in number 7 because the computer made me! I think it is imperative the IB continues into middle school and would determine our choice for a middle school We are very pleased with our childrens' experience thus far. But I really don't have an answer for #7 so I really fudged it. :) I would like to see the definition of gifted to be broadened (maybe the top ten percent?) and incorporate gifted services in all the classrooms. Very impressed with the program. Chuck's fantastic and Kelly Leonard's a great teacher for our son who loves school every day, is challenged and is learning! Also #7 was req. so I answered it, but I don't really want anything deemphasized. Unfortunately, I had to answer question 7. However I don't think an of these areas should be reduced. It might I've been nice to have an alternate option. The day is divided up too finely. More time is spent getting the kids to pack up from one activity and move onto another. All specials should be grouped together like art is for one hour-long session. I tried not to answer question #7. I don't want to decrease an emphasis on any subject. They are all important. I just randomly selected for this question. We don't really want to see anything decreased, but the survey won't submit without me including something. Keep doing a grest job! Don't know what explorations is. I have been satisfied with the programming in ece 4 at this point. My dUghter is functioning at where she should be by the end of the year now. I am eager to see her progress by the end of the year. "Experimental" year at the cost of an education. Tried public school because of SMIS- leaving public school for that same reason. I'm actually pretty happy with the programming, except I'd like to see more science. I really wish the kids had more recess time. I know academic rigor is important, but things are out of balance when 1st graders only have (1) 30- min recess and sometimes (1) 15-min snack recess. Kids should get the recommended 1 hr/day of exercise. It is difficult to comment on increasing or decreasing programming, as I believe the ECE curriculum is very different from that of the other grades. #6 and # 7 are hard to answer since I think these subjects should be included in order to help young leaners to have balance education. They are learning various subjects to find out what their passions would be. It is disturbing to see second grade teachers emphasis their political view If you are going to educate them on carter then educate them on Reagan. No Christmas acknowledge but a full blown packet of Kwanzaa. Come on...that's ridiculous

12 Open Responses – Programming COMMENT I would like to see SMIS, lean more towards using technologies for class material and homework. My sense is that there is a very good balance in the curriculum. I feel that we are very fortunate to have PE, music, art AND language, as part of the regular curriculum every week! Question 7 is nearly impossible to answer... Apply more more rigor and screening to explorations. Pokemon?Seriously? We can do better than this. Question 3 assumes that Stapleton Schools are higher than the rest of DPS. Not true. There are several even or better hard to answer what decreases should be as all are equally important. I'd like to see more differentiation--either by using the paras to take small groups, or by multiple classes at the same grade level breaking up students into groups according to ability. More tiered lessons would be great too. Span teacher doesn't challenge 2nd grader, who already knows basics. I haven't seen Sp. homework that demonstrates writing or reading at level appropriate to child. IB principles intertwined into art and maybe even into explorations. Always having an idea about global perspectives. Don't think they should decrease focus in anyone the above areas, but had to answer. Need to make sure that all kids are being academically challenged, especially in core courses such as reading, writing and math For the most part we are very happy with the programming at Swigert. We would just like to see our younger students challanged a little more. We are not really seeing the IB principles trickle down into the lower grades. Difficult questions! Everything is important. I reluctantly picked the ‘decrease’ choices, since I had to pick something. Some things (music) are easier to supplement at home than science. The Swigert curriculum is good and most kids are challenged. We are very happy with the current kindergarten curriculum. We however do not have any other public school experiences so are not sure where Swigert measures up. Please please please continue specials and he amount of artand music gym etc that the kids have!!! It is so so important and sometimes is the main thing that can get a kiddo through school. Also, I am finding too much political opinions being shared in the classroom and can also be seen by the collateral being hung. I wish a survey would be sent out about needs of all children not just academically advanced. Question 7 forces answers; I just had to put down something for 2nd - 4th. Today's email made us wonder about the gifted and talented "status" within DPS - how is GT determined, assessed, etc? Just basic information would be helpful. W/DPSs late Aug start, Swigert should create summer prg 4 1st grade+, 3-4 weeks n Aug. It could b voluntary tuition based w/ tuition adj by income. I'll pay $300/kid/wk 4 camps.Rather pay Swigert, should hv longer school yr like middle We are loving SIS and are so happy to be a part of this new adventure in learning. Thanks you.

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