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Our week on Blumine =) What it means to a sustainable world.

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1 Our week on Blumine =) What it means to a sustainable world

2 We came to Blumine to help conserve and restore the natural beauty of the island. This has been an amazing experience for us as youth. We have more of a wider knowledge now than we did before about the island, wildlife, sustainability, and why it is all so important for us to do this. We are really grateful that we got the opportunity to come here.

3 Parts of the Blumine program that are relevant to the wider world?

4 Conservation work Conservation work is relevant to the wider world because every little thing we do helps keep us, wildlife, and plants alive.

5 The blumine program teaches us teamwork and valuable life lessons that we can take back to our communities and teach them about what we can do in our own homes to help the environment.

6 The parts that are not relevant to the wider world are the close friendships we form on our trip to Blumine Island. The bonds we form with each other we will remember for the rest of our lives. Even if we lose contact they will always be the ones that we shared this amazing experience with.

7 Where might I use what I have gained from this experience to influence others in some area of my life.

8 We can share what we have gained from our experiences with people in our own homes, our schools and our community and everyone and anyone we come in contact with.

9 Everyone should get the opportunity to learn about the environment around us and how we can help protect it so the resources are there for us and the generations to come.

10 It would be good if everyone got the opportunity to experience the Blumine island trip! But yeah that’s not realistic so we can at least do the next best thing and bring the knowledge that we have developed over this trip to others who haven’t had this amazing opportunity =)

11 If we had two minutes, to talk to the worlds leaders, we would say…

12 Put less money and time into building new irrelevant things, and more into saving our planet!!!

13 We need to do something about saving our planet before its to late. Every thing we do now will make the world a happy happy place! =D

14 This Island has helped me to bond with other people and help me with confidence in myself. I felt shy and scared when I came to Blumine Island. I have learnt a lot about birds and tree insects. It has been a really nice week thanks to yous. Wonita

15 Our little thoughts Emma- There are no words to describe this adventure Kassandra- We with the help of us. Translation by Isi coz Kassandra makes no sense =)… We are helping ourselves by doing this! Isabelle- I wish I had more time to help out more on Blumine! I have learnt so much and met some really awesome people. This island is mint =D

16 Even with the cold the heat the tree stumps the uncomfortable sleeps…. Etc (we could go on forever) It’s totally worth it!! Bye, Adios, Ciao, Peace out bro… Kakitiano! Noooo idea if that’s spelt right…but yeah tata =) Oh and thankyou so much!

17 By: Isi, Emma, Wonita & Kassandra

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