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Information Services and Systems Getting Published… copyright considerations Caroline Rauter This work is licensed under the Creative.

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1 Information Services and Systems Getting Published… copyright considerations Caroline Rauter This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution- Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

2 Information Services and Systems JISC/BL Survey 2012 Postgraduate Copyright Misconceptions s/reports/2012/researchers-of- tomorrow

3 Information Services and Systems The Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988 What rights does it give? Moral rights which are non-transferable Economic rights which can be sold or transferred to another party e.g. a journal publisher The rights holder is the only person who can permit copying or adaptation of work, unless allowed under fair dealing, criticism or review

4 Information Services and Systems Literary works, Artistic works, Musical works, Dramatic works, Typographical arrangements Sound recordings, DVDs, Video, Broadcasts of TV and Radio Images, Film Web content, Web sites, Computer software, Databases, OERs What does copyright law protect? Ideas, concepts, discoveries Intangible forms of expression Facts Phrases, slogans, names What is not protected ?

5 Information Services and Systems Original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works Lasts until 70 years after the death of the author (including orphan works) Sound recordings Life of author plus 70 years Typographical arrangements in a publication 25 years Computer generated material, broadcasts Lasts 50 years Copyright is automatic

6 Information Services and Systems So you want to get published? Are you planning to publish elements of your thesis as a book... articles... digital or print... ? There are different levels of copyright risk Permission to include in a thesis is not permission to include in another publication – Why? Check what you are allowed to do with third party materials and orphan works

7 Information Services and Systems Research Copyright Original research copyright Intellectual property (IP) is a “protectable product of intellectual endeavour” IPR Management is important for you and the University

8 Information Services and Systems Develop good copyright habits Do... Assume copyright applies unless told otherwise Check for rights & re-use policies every time Always attribute the source – including words, concepts, ideas, images... Don’t... Assume web material is copyright free

9 Information Services and Systems Also consider … Funders may own some rights within your work Does your work contain sensitive information? Are there restrictions from your conditions of funding on what can be shared? Commercial, ethical or otherwise confidential?

10 Information Services and Systems What is “third party” copyright material? It is anything in which someone else may have vested rights of ownership includes: – Long extracts of text – Images, illustrations, figures & tables – Maps & charts – All photos & images – Anything of your own that has been previously published Third Party Copyright Licensing is often an option...

11 Information Services and Systems Third Party material – what is allowed? Research publications : Journals and Books You can incorporate limited amounts of third-party materials for criticism and review purposes Fully cited and referenced – be meticulous In general: ask permission to re-use material

12 Information Services and Systems How do I seek permission? Seeking permission: Identify the rights holder Formally request permission to include item Be specific about what you want to do with their content Keep records of all correspondence Repeat request after 6 weeks if you haven’t heard anything Leave plenty of time to get all permissions

13 Information Services and Systems What might I expect if I want to use... Significant extracts from journal articles Attribution and permission required from Publisher 6-8 weeks is not unusual for a response Picture found on a commercial website Attribution and permission required from company They may request a fee Adapted images from multiple sources Attribution and permission required for each image from Rights Holders They may request a fee Public records material & Crown Copyright material UK Open Government Licence removes most barriers for re-using public sector information Check terms and conditions

14 Information Services and Systems How do I find copyright-cleared images? Use specialised collections created for educational use Use free photo collections like flickrCCBluemountains, Stock.xchng, Wikimedia Commons, JISC Media Hub, FreeFoto, MorgueFile, Pixabay... See our Copyright Toolkit Copyright Toolkit Images & Media section

15 Information Services and Systems Managing Risk Don’t forget that you are responsible for ensuring copyright compliance in everything you do so… What if rights holders don’t respond ? Remove any items without explicit permission This is the only no risk strategy Submit with items included Must have a documented record of attempts to contact rights holder Will need to keep records for some years This is a higher risk strategy

16 Information Services and Systems Web 2.0, Social Media & Copyright Do you love to share? There is a new and exciting interactive world out there but… complex objects = complex rights... feed alerts, twitter, forums, collaborative academic networks, blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, data and text mining... Proceed with caution – there is not much copyright case law Remember - Shared content sites may not give accurate re-use rights

17 Information Services and Systems Scenario I want to upload a PDF of my research article to Research Gate “ResearchGate argues that profiles on their site count as 'personal websites’. This strategy allows ResearchGate to accomplish what they could not otherwise accomplish without a large, rapid lawsuit: they are creating a repository of free scientific publications...”

18 Information Services and Systems Do you consider copyright in your own work? Publications - Copyright Transfer Agreements As a student you own your own intellectual property but will you give away your author rights to your publisher? Have you read the Swansea IP Policy that governs content created if you are employed by the University?

19 Information Services and Systems Retaining Authors Copyright Modifying a copyright transfer agreement Check the journal copyright and OA funding rules on Sherpa RoMEO and Sherpa Juliet

20 Information Services and Systems Author Resources Toolkits & Author Resources From the Toolkit & Resources Tab: Link to JISC SURF Copyright Toolkit, SHERPA RoMEO & SHERPA Juliet, SPARC (Resources for Authors), JISC Image tutorial and many more.

21 Information Services and Systems Copyright Toolkit in Blackboard

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