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Dr. Mark Andersen Associate Dean, Honors College Office of National Scholarships Info on website: Distinguished International.

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1 Dr. Mark Andersen Associate Dean, Honors College Office of National Scholarships Info on website: Distinguished International Scholarships for Graduate Study

2 Office of National Scholarships Location: Conroy Honors Center, room 204 Website: Telephone: (575) 646-2051 E-mail: I serve two functions for current students and recent graduates:  Help support your efforts to find and compete for national scholarships for graduate and undergraduate study.  Coordinate the campus nomination and/or evaluation process for national scholarships requiring such.

3 National Competitions with application at start of senior year:  Rhodes Scholarship  Marshall Scholarship  Mitchell Scholarship  Gates-Cambridge Scholarship

4 Marshall Scholarship  Rising seniors or Graduate Students apply; US citizens  Sponsored by British government, founded in 1953 “to commemorate the humane ideals of the Marshall Plan and… express the continuing gratitude of the British people to their American counterparts.”  Funds up to 40 two-year scholarships to gain graduate degree at a UK institution, including 8 new one-year scholarships  See website for complete list of institutions:  Campus Deadline: Early September

5 Marshall Scholarship, cont’d  Scholarship types  Traditional two-year scholarship, with possibility of renewal for third year, OR two 1-year programs  1 year scholarship (NEW for 2010)  Also many partnership scholarships Application includes personal statement, proposal for study, and essay on reason for wanting to live in the UK Academic performance and future academic potential are most important selection criteria; 3.5 GPA needed to be competitive Marshall arranges admission to UK institution based on winners’ applications Application online (ready in May) Campus deadline Monday, September 12, 2012, by 5pm Campus nomination process; nominees proceed to national competition

6 Rhodes Scholarship  Seniors or Graduate Students apply  Funds two to three years of study at the University of Oxford  Eligibility:  US citizens and citizens of the British commonwealth  Age limit: applicants must be between ages of 18 and 23  Oldest international scholarship, founded by Cecil Rhodes in 1902  32 Rhodes Scholars chosen each year from 50 states  GREAT platform for careers in politics, academia, business  Campus Deadline: Early September

7 Rhodes Scholarship, cont’d  Personal statement includes study proposal  Possible renewal for third year, by application  Information on Rhodes available online at  Information on Oxford programs available online at Application online in pdf (ready soon) Campus nomination process; nominees proceed to national competition

8 Mitchell Scholarship  Seniors and graduate students between ages of 18 and 30 apply in fall  One year of postgraduate study in Ireland, including Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland  12 awarded each year  Application online at  Campus deadline Monday, September 29, 2012, by 5pm

9 Gates-Cambridge Scholarship  Funds graduate study at the University of Cambridge  Similar to Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships, but competition global  Funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  Looking to educate leaders to help solve “global problems related to health, equity, technology, and learning”  Application online at  Campus deadline: Early October (national deadline not yet posted)  Recommended that all Rhodes and Marshall applicants apply!!!

10 Also the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship… Supports students who wish to spend 3 months to one academic year studying overseas in a country that has a Rotary Club. Provides travel, living expenses, and educational expenses in exchange for occasional talks the student is expected to give to the Rotary Club in the country he or she is visiting. Applicants must work through their home-town Rotary Club. If your town does not have a club, or if it does not support these scholarships, a neighboring community might. I cannot assist you directly, but I am glad to review your application materials with you before you send them. The deadlines are determined by the local club, but usually fall in the spring of the junior year for a student planning to travel right after graduation. Information online at hips/Pages/ridefault.aspx hips/Pages/ridefault.aspx

11 National Competitions, application later in senior year: National Science Foundation graduate fellowships in social and natural sciences Howard Hughes Medical Institute fellowships in the biomedical sciences Soros Scholarship for new Americans James Madison Scholarship for future teachers of American history or government Carnegie Endowment for International Peace junior fellowship Many others in specific geographic or academic areas…. Javits Fellowship in the humanities, arts, or social sciences

12 How do I participate in these competitions? Contact me at or schedule a visit with me in the Office of National Scholarships to discuss your plans and start your application Work with me in drafting your application Complete your application by the campus deadline, if there is one Remain in contact with me to get feedback Interview, if applicable Revise your application and submit by the national deadline Await invitation to a regional or finalist interview

13 How can first-year students prepare to be competitive? Develop your curiosity about the world around you. Identify your passions and pursue them energetically. Get involved in campus activities, prepare for leadership opportunities Develop your expository writing skills so you will be able to express your plans and goals in proposals. Practice the art of conversation with your professors and friends. Learn how to express an opinion and how to listen. Take Honors courses and get to know faculty in your discipline

14 How can sophomores prepare to be competitive? Concentrate on academic achievement in your chosen major discipline(s) and other academic programs Pursue extracurricular and summer activities that develop your skills and talents, both academic and leadership Cultivate professional relationships with faculty members who can provide mentorship and research opportunities (and letters) Explore possibilities for Study Abroad Stay in touch with the Office of National Scholarships

15 How can juniors prepare to be competitive? Continue to engage in your studies. If studying abroad, use the chance to explore possible independent study options. Take challenging courses in your major Continue to develop mentoring relationships with faculty, particularly in upper-division courses Seek out leadership opportunities in those organizations that matter the most to you; pursue opportunities to serve in the wider community as well, even initiating a process to solve a problem that you have identified. Consider specific fellowships that intrigue you and learn about their requirements.

16 What to do now... Sign in so I will know of your interest Read up on these scholarships online Keep an eye on the Crimson listserv and on our website for future opportunities and workshops If you are a rising senior:  Ask for letters of recommendation before faculty leave for the summer!  Make an appointment to meet with me in the Office of National Scholarships as soon as possible  Begin developing your application over the summer, bring me drafts

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