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NWS Virtual Laboratory

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1 NWS Virtual Laboratory
Connecting People – Enabling innovation Stephan Smith Meteorological Development Lab Office of Science and Technology National Weather Service Main Idea: How to help empower creative people across the country and across many different organizations to work together to carry out R2O for Weather Ready Nation

2 Private Sector and Universities
NWS R2O NWS Operations Private Sector and Universities NWS Field Innovation NOAA and Other Federal R&D R&D Sources R2O Infrastructure Main Idea: The NWS recognizes a number of challenges facing its internal R2O efforts Grass roots innovation takes too long to be integrated enterprise-wide Differences between R&D and operational environments act as an impediment to transition Lack of adequate funding at each stage of transition increases risk and lengthens the schedule The lack of dedicated transition funding makes resourcing R&D portfolio problematic Even if one-time transition funding is available for specific projects O and M sustainment is often not. NWS operational systems are not sufficiently agile to respond to so-called disruptive technology advances and thus cannot easily take advantage of rapid innovation In an era of level or decreasing budget, greater focus is needed on identifying “what can be replaced” versus “what can be just improved” in order to afford an enhancement

3 NWS Virtual Laboratory
The Virtual Laboratory (VLab) is a service and IT framework which enables NWS employees and their partners, including those who are not co-located, to share ideas, collaborate, engage in software development, and conduct applied research. Main Idea: VLab allows NWS to better leverage the innovation and creativity of all our R&D partners

4 Implementation of the VLab:
Reduces the time and cost of transitions of NWS field innovations to enterprise operations, Minimizes redundancy and leverage complementary, yet physically separated, skill sets, Forges scientific and technical solutions based on a broad, diverse consensus, and Promotes an R2O culture based on collaboration and trust Main Idea: In addition to improving R2O efficiency and lowering costs, VLab will result in better solutions

5 Guiding Principles Teamwork Flexibility Responsiveness Accountability
Transparency Teamwork Flexibility Responsiveness Accountability Main Idea: Putting the IT Framework together is the easy part. Living up to the Guiding Principles is much harder. Collaboration is all about people. Historically transparency has been lacking both internally within NOAA and to the broader U.S. Weather Enterprise.

6 Scope VLab is open to all NOAA employees*
The VLab supports both informal collaboration and prototyping as well as formal, structured development The VLab development is targeted to the following operational systems:   Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) Weather and Climate Operational Supercomputing System (WCOSS) NWS Internet Dissemination System (NIDS) *External users can be granted access by request from a NOAA partner

Main Idea: Eye Candy - Innovation Web Portal – Science Sharing/Document Library open for business Open For Business!

8 VLab Services Collaboration Services Development Services Communities
Wiki-Blogs-Forums-WorkFlow Science Sharing You Make the Call Development Services Redmine – Project Management Git /Subversion – Software Repository Gerrit – Code Review Jenkins – Continuous Integration Main Idea: VLab offers common services for a wide spectrum of R&D projects. Lowers costs by offering a sustained enterprise solution for all developers.

9 Services Coming Soon All AWIPS-II Baseline Development
NRAP VLab Adjunct Positions Share Your Expertise Share Your Project aka “Push Your Project” VLab Consultation Services Main Idea: VLab offers common services for a wide spectrum of R&D projects. Lowers costs by offering a sustained enterprise solution for all developers.

10 AWIPS Development Community
AWIPS-II Program Management AWIPS-II Program Developers SEC/ASDT GSD MDL Raytheon Testbeds and Proving Grounds National Centers Virtual Lab Forecast Offices In the backup slides, provided some information on the check point analysis conducted back in 2004, we agreed to focus on Software. More detail in backup slide __ Benefits of AWIPS II Speeds integration of new science into NWS forecast operations Enables NWS to deliver products and services to partners, key decision makers, emergency managers, etc. with flexibility of format. Reduces the software development lifecycle timeline Saves development time - developers can reuse existing services Saves testing time by focusing on changes only Shortens install time and complexity Integrator (Raytheon) External Partners Process Orientation Bottom-Up Top-Down

11 Common Questions When might I consider establishing a VLab community for a collaboration? Why can’t I just collaborate using other tools outside of VLab? Why might I consider establishing a VLab project? How does using VLab help NWS? Main Idea: VLab offers common services for a wide spectrum of R&D projects. Lowers costs by offering a sustained enterprise solution for all developers.

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