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IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction: Adjunct Workshop Dr. Kristi Roberson-Scott Fall 2009 Semester.

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1 IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction: Adjunct Workshop Dr. Kristi Roberson-Scott Fall 2009 Semester

2 5/3/2015 2 IDEA is an acronym for.. Individual Development and Educational Assessment IDEA system Should be able to use IDEA for ID = Individual Development Should be able to use IDEA for EA= Educational Assessment

3 5/3/2015 3 IDEA: What you should know about the student ratings –Workshop How to complete the FIF How to interpret the reports How to use IDEA reports to improve teaching effectiveness How to use IDEA resources to improve teaching Student ratings are data that must be interpreted

4 IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction- Forms Faculty Information Form Student Survey Diagnostic Form

5 IDEA: FIF Faculty Information Form

6 5/3/2015 6 Faculty Information Form One FIF per class being evaluated Course Information IDEA Department Codes Extended list: 12 Learning Objectives Course Description Items Best answered toward end of semester

7 5/3/2015 7 FIF: Selecting Objectives 3-5 as “Essential” or “Important” Is it a significant part of the course? Do you do something specific to help students accomplish the objective? Does the student’s progress on the objective influence his or her grade? In general, progress ratings are negatively related to the number of objectives chosen. Research Note 3

8 5/3/2015 8 Relevant Objectives Basic Cognitive Items 1, 2 Applications of Learning Items 3, 4 Expressiveness Items 6, 8

9 5/3/2015 9 Relevant Objectives Intellectual Development 7, 10, 11 Lifelong Learning 9, 12 Team skills 5

10 5/3/2015 10 Best Practices Multi-section courses Curriculum committee review Prerequisite-subsequent courses Incorporate into course syllabus

11 5/3/2015 11 Best Practices Discuss meaning of objectives with students Early in semester Inform that will be asked to rate their own progress on objectives Reflect on their understanding of course purpose and how parts of course fit the 12 objectives Discuss differences in perception of objectives’ meaning

12 Student Survey Diagnostic Form

13 5/3/2015 13 Student Survey: Diagnostic Form Teaching Methods: Items 1-20 Learning Objectives: Items 21-32 Student and Course Student Characteristics: Items 36-39, 43 Course Management/Content: Items 33-35 Global Summary: Items 40-42 Experimental Items: Items 44-47 Extra Questions: Items 48-67 Comments

14 5/3/2015 14 False False Assumptions Effective instructors effectively employ all 20 teaching methods. The 20 teaching methods items are used to make an overall judgment about teaching effectiveness. Students should make significant progress on all 12 learning objectives

15 5/3/2015 15 Using Extra Questions 20 Extra Questions available May be used to address questions at various levels: Institution Department Course Or all three

16 5/3/2015 16 The IDEA Report Diagnostic Form Report What were students’ perceptions of the course and their learning? What might I do to improve my teaching?

17 5/3/2015 17 Improving Teaching Effectiveness POD-IDEA Center Notes POD-IDEA Center Learning Notes IDEA Papers IDEA Seminars

18 5/3/2015 18 Teaching & Student Learning Improvement By using the recommendations afforded by the IDEA analysis, individual faculty will be able to formulate changes in their pedagogical methods and course structure that have tangible results in next semester’s scores.

19 5/3/2015 19 IDEA Training Workshops or Consultations Dates to be determined for this semester and publicized via email Full-time faculty on the Faculty Evaluation Committee could assist ask your academic dean for a list of names. Individual training consultations available upon request Email: Phone: 354-3000 ext. 4259

20 5/3/2015 20 IDEA Resources Institutional Effectiveness & Research Office & Website IDEA Online IDEA Papers POD-IDEA Center Notes

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