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Involving Learners at Wirral Metropolitan College.

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1 Involving Learners at Wirral Metropolitan College

2 Mobile Learning Support Involving Learners in Selecting Resources

3 Question… How many ways can a mobile phone be used to support learning? Mobile Learning Support

4 The Mobile Learning Network (MoLeNET) is a unique collaborative approach to introducing and supporting mobile learning in education and training via supported shared cost mobile learning projects. The MoLeNET initiative has funded and supported 104 projects involving approximately 40,000 learners and over 7,000 staff, in the 3 years 2007/08, 2008/09 and 2009/10. LSN Molenet

5 1.What impact do mobile technologies have on the achievement and progression of learners with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities or who are NEET who are enrolled on employment training programmes? 2.How can mobile learning technologies personalise employment training programmes for learners with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities? LSN Molenet 2008/09 – Employmobility

6 5 Control Groups in following areas: 1.Supported Entry Level - all learners have complex learning difficulties 2.FLT Sport 1 st Dip Sport 3.WFD Skills for Life – NHS 4.Wirral Jobs – Supported employment programme for LDD learners 5.Gateway to Employment Who?

7 Extension of wireless network Netbooks Audacity Webcam Photostory MP3 What? m-learning devices 1

8 Nintendo DS and software Busbi digital video camera Electronic voting system Portable Smartboards Learners’ mobile phones What? m-learning devices 2

9 Increase in participation Increase in achievement Increase in learner confidence More personalised learning and support Model for embedding mobile learning into person centred planning Increased staff confidence Outcomes 1

10 Learners are more aware of their own equipment - for example, mobile phones – and are becoming increasingly aware that different devices offer very different tools that can support their needs and promote inclusive active learning! Learners involved in selecting support resources Greater opportunities for independent learning Outcomes 2

11 Case Studies The Apprentice Deaf mobility Nintendo Numeracy Mobile Catering

12 A model of accessible m-learning Accessible content – does it support me? Accessible interface – can I work it? Cultural capital – do I value it? Accessible task – does it engage me? Source: Upwardly mobile, LSN

13 Person Centred PlanSkills for Independent Living/Supported Employment Mobile Learning 1.Who am I? What is important to me? How do I learn best? What support might I need? Do people: Know how I learn best and how this will be supported when I move into different settings such as Independent Living, work placements? Give me opportunities to tell others about what I am interested in and what is important to me so they can match my skills and interests with the kind of life I want or the kind of work I would like to try?  M learning assessment model  Link to learning style o Visual to Busbi video, photographs, sat nav o Auditory to mp3, sat nav o Kinaesthetic to Nintendo DS, netbook  Visual CV  This is me cooking clips  This is me working clips Model for embedding mobile learning into person centred planning

14 Person Centred PlanSkills for Independent Living/Supported Employment Mobile Learning 2. What do I want to do?What kind of life do I want? Where do I want to live? Who with and where? What kind of job do I want? What am I good at What am I interested in? How can I be helped to set my goals and get a life or a job? Mobile multi media evidence Photographs Video clips Sound clips Google maps 3. How am I going to get there? How can you best match my skills and interests when you develop a learning/training programme that from the start will focus on the importance of my transition into independent living or work? Use mobile learning to find out more about homes, lifestyles, work places, support workers, accessibility of venues, buildings, places of interest, transport

15 Person Centred PlanSkills for Independent Living/Supported Employment Mobile Learning 4. How am I doing?Do I need to revise my goals? What is working well on my course/work placement? What do I need more help with in the home/workplace setting that can be supported by learning in the classroom?  Use mobile learning o to show what can I now do for myself o to show what work skills I am developing o to decide if I need more help within the home/workplace setting o to decide how mobile technology can support me.

16 Person Centred Plan Skills for Independent Living/Supported Employment Mobile Learning 5. What next?Do I know how I will be supported to make the transition to independent living or work and what ongoing support will I need? Am I consulted about the support I need to make the jump from college to an independent life or job? Who will work with me to work out what ongoing support I will need? Will others take seriously what I want for my life or work when finding me opportunities? Will information about my success and achievements be passed on to my carer,key worker or employer?  Use Skype via the netbooks to facilitate transition to independent living, work, college  Use mobile learning and evidence to facilitate what next discussions and plans  Identify how and what mobile technology can support my progression and independence

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