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Research Skills AIH 2020 Dr Janette Martin & Dr Pat Hill 13 Feb 2012.

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1 Research Skills AIH 2020 Dr Janette Martin & Dr Pat Hill 13 Feb 2012

2 Introduction Schedule for day Write any questions on post it notes and stick on board –if not answered today will do so on Unilearn 3 folders on Unilearn - Annotated Bibliography, Proposal, Historiography. Please also check handbook or Unilearn for assignment details and assessment dates. Today’s PowerPoints will go up on Unilearn

3 Task I: How do you analyse a book/article?

4 Annotated bibliographies An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief (100- 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph (i.e. the annotation) The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the quality of the sources cited and the relevance of that source to your research topic. 3 parts: Summary, Evaluation, Reflection

5 Annotated bibliographies Summary What is it about? The author’s purpose, aim or question main argument, central idea, findings or conclusions What sort of text is it? General? Specific?

6 Annotated bibliographies Evaluation What do I think about it? Who is it written for? Particular strengths from your point of view? Any weaknesses or limitations?

7 Annotated bibliographies Reflection How might I use it? Has the text helped you understanding something better?

8 Annotated bibliography Task 1 Read page two What works, what doesn’t?

9 Task 2: your sources Annotate two sources on your research topic following the model given above (Summary, Evaluation and Reflection) Refer also to the Teaching American History guidelines in handout

10 Your research proposal Your research proposal should be referenced like any other piece of academic work The proposal (1000 words) and the annotated bibliography (1000 words) is worth 50 % of your mark for this module For subject specific advice speak to your tutor. For practical advice refer to the documents in Unilearn (module information) or speak to Janette or Pat Your proposals and annotated bibliographies will be marked by your tutor Submission deadline 22 Feb 2012

11 Writing a Research Proposal A statement of intent Not set in stone Explore, investigate, analyse assess, compare … Why is it worthwhile? What contribution will it make? Is it feasible? How will you do it?

12 Getting Started My research question is… Debate centres on the issues of… Researcher A argues … whilst B argues that… My research will use … (primary sources) to explore/argue that … (depending on how much reading you have done and how clear you are)

13 Feedback What did you find hardest? Any questions?

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