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CDAA International Career Conference, Cairns 2011

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2 CDAA International Career Conference, Cairns 2011
Three tools to capture clients’ strengths with Dr Ann Villiers, Mental Nutritionist

3 Mental Nutrition 3

4 Your gift: identifying a person’s strengths

5 Mental Nutrition 5

6 Signs of a strength You feel successful, have some ability in it
Drawn to the activity It feels easy, learned it quickly After, may be physically tried but not psychologically drained Feel fulfilled, powerful, restored Buckingham 2007

7 A strength requires certain natural talent combined with
skills and knowledge

8 Mental Nutrition 8

9 3 tools for identifying strengths:
Buckingham – Strengths Statements Seligman – Signature Strengths Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship – Reflected Best Self

10 Buckingham – Strengths Statements 3 step process: Capture Clarify

11 Capture: What you do when feeling: powerful, confident, on fire …
e.g. ‘I loved it when I was learning something new about communication.’

12 Capture: What you do when feeling: drained, bored, forced …
e.g. ‘I hated it when I was chasing up invoice payments.’

13 Clarify: Change tense from past to present. ‘I feel strong when …’

14 Clarify: Identify which aspects are critical. Ask 4 questions:
Does it matter why I do this activity? Does it matter who I do this activity with/to/for? Does it matter when I am doing this activity? Does it mater what this activity is about?

15 Strength Statement: I feel strong when …
I learn something new, from someone I respect, that I can use, about communicating with people.

16 Confirm: Strengths test: 12 items, rank 1-5 E.g.
I often find myself volunteering for this type of activity. I pick up this type of activity quickly. I always look forward to doing this type of activity. 53+ = strength, 46- = not a strength

17 Mental Nutrition 17

18 Seligman - Signature Strengths
Rank orders 24 character strengths, grouped under 6 virtues Top 5 = Signature Strengths Characteristics: Trait, psychological characteristic Valued in its own right Onlookers elevated, inspired Valued in almost every culture

19 What is a strength: Sense of ownership – This is real for me
Feeling of excitement while displaying it Sense of yearning to find ways to use it Invigoration rather than exhaustion

20 My Signature Strengths:
Industry, diligence and perseverance Love of learning Curiosity and interest in the world Hope, optimism, future-mindedness Fairness, equity, justice

21 Mental Nutrition 21

22 Reflected Best Self Unearths how you are experienced at your best
Not the best self, your best self Highlights your presence and impact on others Not an abstract catalogue of strengths – provides a number of stories about you at your best

23 Ask 5-7 significant others – friends, family, co-workers, people who know you well – to share written feedback describing you at your best. Specific examples No negative comments

24 Reflected Best Self portrait
When I’m at my best I …

25 Mental Nutrition 25

26 Issues to consider when
using these tools Issue 1: People’s resistance Can feel self-centred

27 We are works in progress
Issue 2: Strengths are not static RBS is not a static portrait We continue to evolve Strengths Statements change as talents manifest themselves differently over time We are works in progress

28 Issue 3: Not an invitation to ignore weaknesses
Weakness = activity that makes you feel weak Manage around weaknesses Need to identify behaviours, personality traits that might interfere with performance

29 Issue 4: Intuitive thinkers may find analysis and review frustrating
These tools involve thought, mindfulness, noticing, reflecting. The language of strengths and weaknesses is mainly an emotional one. ‘I love this …’, ‘I can’t stand this …’

30 Issue 5: Walk our talk Do we know our strengths? Are we comfortable talking about our strengths? Are we building a life around our strengths?

31 Issue 6: Build a life around strengths
How can this knowledge be used to enhance the quality of my work and life? How might I incorporate my best self into my current job, relationships, and future career plans?

32 Making the most of what strengthens you
2 ideas - Buckingham Create a Strong Week Plan Push towards 2 strengths-specific activities, away from 2 weaknesses

33 2. Putting strengths to work
Identify how and where each strength helps in current role. Find missed opportunities to leverage strengths in current role. Learn new skills and techniques to sharpen each strength. Build your job toward each strength.

34 Mental Nutrition 34

35 What do you need to do to build your life around your strengths?
‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

36 Mental Nutrition 36

37 Your gift: identifying a person’s strengths

38 ‘Don’t get to your grave with your song unsung.’ Cavett Robert

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