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Taking Charge of your Career Andrea Danyluk Professor of Computer Science Williams College Carol Shilepsky Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science.

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2 Taking Charge of your Career Andrea Danyluk Professor of Computer Science Williams College Carol Shilepsky Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Wells College

3 Guiding Questions Who are you? Where are you? What do you want to be? What are you willing to do in order to be what you want to be?

4 Who am I? 1990-1994 NYNEX S&T 1994- Williams College –Department Chair –Chair of Committee on Educational Policy –Chair of Faculty Steering Committee –Committee on Appointments and Promotions

5 Where are you? Working toward goals happens in context Watch and listen –Read your environment to learn what you need to do to achieve your goals –Hear what others are trying to communicate to you Probably obvious…

6 What you can learn For promotion to full professor: External letters of support needed? Relative value of research in CS vs CS education? Importance of leadership ability? Sustained excellence in teaching?

7 What do you want to be? Administrator? –What kind? Researcher? –In industry? –At a more research-oriented institution?

8 The administrative track Pursue committee assignments related to your area of interest –Will help you decide whether you’re really interested –Will support your claim of interest –Will put you in touch with those currently holding those positions Demonstrate that you’re organized Let someone know you’re interested in administrative opportunities

9 Example 1: Dean of Students Committees –Academic Standing, Undergraduate Life, Honor and Discipline… Demonstrate interest in student activities and concerns

10 2: Dean of Faculty Committees –Educational Policy, Faculty Steering, Appointments and Promotions Show leadership in your department

11 3: Provost Committees –Appointments and Promotions, Priorities and Resources More generally: –What does X do? –What are her/his areas of responsibility?

12 The CS education track Do you want to be a Dean of CS Education? CS Ed. Publications New curricular initiatives Textbook publication Presentations at SIGCSE Service to the CS Ed. community

13 The research track Establish collaborations with researchers at other institutions –Will keep you “on your toes” –Can provide you with access to good minds, good resources, etc. Grants –Volunteer for review panels Be willing to travel –Make the most of sabbaticals, summers, conference opportunities

14 Volunteerism Provides opportunities to meet people –Name recognition –People to go to for advice Offers a glimpse of the workings of a school/organization/conference… But be careful: can be too much of a good thing

15 What are you willing to do… … to be what you want to be? Delayed gratification –How much are you willing to give up and for how long? Have to pay your dues Is there something that makes you happy on your way to your goal?

16 “yes” or “no” It’s ok to say “no” –No one will hate you; they might even respect you more –Many (most?) opportunities will present themselves again How to decide? –Will this opportunity arise again? –Might I regret my decision?

17 The move to X and back* again X = Administration –Students can be scary –Relationships with colleagues and/or students may have changed X = Industry –Potentially invigorating in the short term –Potentially impossible in the long term * to teaching

18 Pick a goal Even seemingly spontaneous opportunities probably aren’t so spontaneous Your history/experience will affect the opportunities that become available to you Will help inform your decisions when opportunities present themselves Remember that your career goals and your personal goals need to coexist

19 But avoid putting on blinders Be open to some opportunities that are off your track Mixing things up is interesting There are many good ways to live a life Goals are a guide -- not an absolute

20 Carol Shilepsky Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Wells College

21 Brief Bio 1965: BA in Mathematics, Connecticut College for Women 1971: Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, Madison 1974: Assistant Professor at Wells College shared with husband Sandy 1978: Assistant Professor 1981: Associate Professor 1989: Professor Various visiting appointments at Cornell, including NSF VPW

22 Who am I One of the first wave of women "allowed" into math Heritage: Milepost decisions –Post Ph.D: continue mathematics research? –Later: stay with math or move to CS? –Even later: how much administration? (photo credit http:/ _Wiener)

23 Where am I: Wells College Liberal arts, ~600 students, single-sex until 2005, Aurora,NY Criteria for promotion –Excellence in teaching –Excellence in research or community service –Satisfactory in the other The facts of life, first year at Wells –Invited to speak at the AMS national meeting ($300 towards expenses) –Invited to speak at an international meeting in Finland (declined) –Received desk copy of Hillier and Lieberman's Operations Research

24 Consequences Collaboration with Cornell School of OR and IE (1978-82) –Work with Jack Muckstadt and Dave Heath in Inventory Theory, primarily for USAF –NSF Visiting Professorship for Women 1990-91 Consulting for Digicomp Research, Ithaca, NY (1982-present) –Stumbled into it because they needed a mathematician to analyze program verification environments (thanks to Anil Nerode) –Software I helped build is on helicopters in Iraq –Systems I helped build monitor airspace at a number of AF bases –Safety analysis I directed helps ensure a cruise missile targeted for Baghdad doesn't hit Tel Aviv Developing Computer Science at Wells (1982-present) –Resources: experience at Digicomp, Cornell colloquia and classes, Wells' willingness to let me develop courses

25 Administration Wells model: shared governance per a strong Faculty Manual Junior faculty involved in major committees Implications: a lot of work, a lot of responsibility Along the way –Presidential Search Committee third year at Wells –All major committees –Advisory Committee often –Currently Chair of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Good preparation if one wants to move to administration Can distract from teaching and research Corporate administration (Digicomp Research) –Proposal writing and administration –Personnel management –Currently on Board of Directors

26 How To Reconcile Who and Where Institutional goals usually take precedence over individuals The least successful/happy new faculty don't get it –Great teaching at Cornell is not enough –Great research at Wells is not enough Evolution works better than revolution –I wasn't going to get enough travel $$ or time to remain a research mathematician –I could find opportunities that fit better with Wells A career is a long time There are more opportunities than you have time for Tenure is a nice base

27 Discussion Where and who are you? Where do you want to be? What choices do you need to make now for benefits later? What opportunities do you have? What obstacles? Who can help?

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