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Employer Relationships Effective Interventions and Development of Long-Term Employer Relationships.

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1 Employer Relationships Effective Interventions and Development of Long-Term Employer Relationships

2 Basic Concepts Know your own unique community. Listen to the needs of your businesses. Explore avenues to build partnerships and collaborative relationships within your one- stop system and with business groups. Business buys talent and potential value for their organizations, not service programs. Make it easy for business to access talent that is a match for their needs.

3 Collaborate with Core Groups Business Services Team at the One-Stop Center. > Form a collaborative one-stop team for outreach to business community. > Focus on building relationships with business rather than selling programs. > Conduct informal needs assessment of business needs.

4 Business Services Team Job Training Agency (JTA) – WIA Maryland Job Service – Wagner Peyser Community College Customized Training Program with JTA Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) Disability Navigator Way Station, Inc.

5 Business Leadership Network Make a connection with your local Business Leadership Network and DORS. Development of Needs Assessment. Program development for job seekers with disabilities, led by BLN members. BLN has further connections with Society for Human Resource Management and other professional colleagues.

6 Chamber of Commerce In collaboration with the One-Stop Business Team, meet with the President of your local Chamber. Explore Chamber initiatives within the community and Department of Labor. Listen for ways to collaborate in order to help with recruitment and training needs.

7 Ideas Host a Chamber of Commerce Business Card Exchange. Explore ways to co-host an event or project with the Chamber (job fairs, needs assessments). Articles in Chamber newsletter, website resources, educational forums. Attend Chamber events and programs.

8 Outreach Visits Conduct in collaboration with Business Services One-Stop Team. Be strategic in who you are targeting rather than randomly approaching. Know your purpose of why you are visiting. State how you heard about the company and why you are interested in visiting. Research the organization before you go. Find out who else from your one-stop system has worked with them.

9 More on Outreach Visits Ask questions. Listen. Make notes. Help to provide solutions and access to resources. Insure follow up and action if proposed.

10 Lead in Questions What is your company most proud of? How does the work get done? What challenges do you face in recruiting or retaining your workforce? What are your most difficult to fill positions? What positions have the highest retention and which have the highest turnover? What skill sets are required for these positions? What educational level?

11 More Questions What method of recruitment has been most successful for you? Do you have any questions/concerns pertaining to the employment of persons with disabilities and/or a need for disability related resources? How might I be of assistance to you?

12 Follow Up Send a thank you note after your visit. Follow up with any action you indicated you would take in the time frame you stated. Communicate this interaction with your Business Services One-Stop Team.

13 Resources Qualified candidates who can articulate their worth and value to an organization. Training Disability resources for businesses (supports, accommodations, return on investments, etc.)

14 Questions? Contact Anne Scholl-Fiedler, Business Liaison for MD Workforce Promise, at 301-694-2188 or e-mail Anne Rea, Director of Resource Management & Community Employment, Way Station, 301- 662-0099, Ext. 1240. Jack McGrath, Program Manager/MD Workforce Promise, 301-662-0099, Ext. 4520.

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