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Achieving a four star site at Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council Anne Jones, Web Officer hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc.

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1 Achieving a four star site at Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council Anne Jones, Web Officer hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

2 About us Hinckley & Bosworth in Leicestershire, East Midlands Borough Council Approximately 400 staff Web officer, in Communications Work closely with Customer Services (under same senior manager) hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

3 Staff Run/ coordinate the website Have access to a developer in IT 10 content editors across the council Three content approvers hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

4 New CMS - 2010 Jadu provides our CMS All content manually migrated Task-oriented approach from the beginning hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

5 Home page locked down Specific areas of content e.g. Top tasks Home page adverts My Hinckley & Bosworth hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

6 Home page: areas of content Home page adverts - limited spaces for a limited time: has to be what is interesting for customers, the public Some areas of content populated automatically – can’t be manually changed Four small picture adverts for frequently visited pages – service areas keen to keep these links Nowhere to just add a link hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

7 Top tasks What are our top tasks? Look at: Phone enquiries; and how often in a year Face-to-face, ‘reception’ enquiries Web analytics to see what customers are looking for frequently Popular phone and face-to-face enquiries and can I find this information/do this transaction on our website? hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

8 Top tasks aren’t static Reviewed every six months Tasks aren’t necessarily static hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

9 Top tasks – home page Available from the home page hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

10 Top tasks – top menu And from a link in top menu in all pages: hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

11 Example of a top task Pay council tax is a top task hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

12 ‘Mini’ tasks: What might the user want to do next? What else might I need to do/ find out if I were the customer? Included in landing pages Mini tasks likely to change more frequently Limit number of mini tasks – up to seven hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

13 Example of mini tasks for paying council tax Give customers different options ‘Straight to paying council tax online’ ‘Pay council tax by direct debit’ The more popular the task, the higher up the list hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

14 ‘Mini’ tasks – change more frequently For example, recent County Council elections ‘Find out about the County Council election 2013’ hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

15 Test the task Pretend you don’t know how it works Work with content editor Test the customer journey and get others to test – could you pay your council tax using our site? Use feedback from customers to improve and fine-tune Feedback from customers very useful for fine-tuning mini tasks. hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

16 Labelling tasks Sometimes a phrase: ‘View current planning applications near to you’ Sometimes individual words: ‘Benefits calculator’ What fits; as specific as it needs to be, at a given time hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

17 Design of mini tasks: buttons One task or two in a page – individual buttons Icons for specific actions, for example: Pencil - apply Question mark – help Padlock - pay hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

18 Design of mini tasks: task supplement For several mini tasks Consistent position in page Not static – currently considering how to improve design, position in page hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

19 Listen to feedback Use all feedback to make changes to our tasks, for example: Emails from customers Take up campaign Tweaked frequently hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

20 Finding tasks Search engine optimised for top tasks For example, ‘pay council tax’ returns the top task ‘how to pay council tax’ Top tasks are in the A to Z For example, ‘Council tax – pay’ Link to top tasks available in all pages – visitors won’t necessarily land on the home page hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

21 Mobile Work in progress Task approach throughout Top tasks – not identical to main site: e.g. car parks Shorter labels: ‘Leisure centres’, ‘council jobs’ Moving to a responsive design hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

22 Contact details: hinckandbos_bc hinckandbosbc

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